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A Palm Reader’s Delight!

Have you ever gone to a palm reader?  I don’t know enough about it but years ago you would see them everywhere, especially in tourist towns.  People pay money for someone with a scarf on their head in a dimly lit room with a few candles and some incense burning to tell you your future by looking at the lines on your hand.

I remember when I was younger, people said that if you had lines on the palm of your hand that formed an M you would get married one day.  I’m pretty sure most everyone can make those lines on your palms create an M.

Palm readers would predict the future of the customer and that person would walk out feeling excited and look for ways to show that prediction was true.   If the prediction was that they were going to have good fortune, they may work harder looking for quick money or play the lottery having full confidence it was their turn for fortune.

If the palm reading showed there was trouble brewing in the future, that person walked away sad and worried and was on the lookout for trouble – maybe even creating an issue out of something small thinking the prediction of the palm reader was their fate.

I’m here to tell you that there is only one palm reading we need to concern ourselves with and that is the palm of the Master’s hand.  Isaiah 49:16 says, “See I have engraved you on the palms of my hands.”  I believe this was a prophecy of what was to come with Jesus’s death.

Thomas was the doubter.  He said he would not believe that Jesus was alive unless he could “see the nail marks in his hands and put [my] finger where the nails were.” (John 20:25)

Thomas refused to believe Jesus was alive unless he had proof himself.  When Jesus appeared to the disciples and told Thomas to “put your finger here; see my hands” and Thomas did so and exclaimed “My Lord and my God!”  (John 20:27-28)

Jesus went on to tell Thomas in verse 29, “Because you have seen me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.”  That’s us!!  We don’t get to be palm readers and physically hold the hand of Jesus and feel those nail scars on his hands.  But we get to put our hand in His hand by trusting fully and having the Holy Spirit with us each day in our soul reminding us that His palms are the only ones worth reading!

Lighter Side of Things.

Last night my husband and I were sitting on the patio watching all of the lightning bugs.  It was like a fireworks display.  There were thousands of lightning bugs.  At every second there were lightning bugs flashing in all areas of the darkness.  As we looked across the field it was beautiful, and amazing at the same time, how many tiny little lights were scattered across the way.

Our world today is so dark.  There is so much hatred, sadness, and evil everywhere.  There is corruption and lies and conniving that I just can’t take it anymore.  I want to do something about it but how do we stop corruption?  How do we stop evil acts and liars?  How do we stop hatred and sadness and murders?

We light up our dark world, that’s how!  We may only be a small light like the tiny yellowish green light that is put off by the lightning bugs but when all Christians work together for the good of the Lord, we can be millions of tiny lights that can light up the darkness.  We can be like all of those lightning bugs last night that no matter where we looked there were little lights popping up everywhere!

I was very down yesterday and I think the Lord used those tiny little yellowish lit bugs to teach me a lesson.  All hope is NOT lost.  When there is darkness, don’t settle for sitting in the dark.  Do something to shine your light and light will always penetrate the darkness.

We must work together to shine our light in this dark world.  Who’s with me?

John 8:12 – Jesus said, “I am the light of the world.  Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness but will have the light of life.”




Silence the Noise

Have you ever noticed how loud the commercials are when you are watching a television show.  You are engulfed in the show and, always at the favorite part, it goes to a commercial.  The commercials are so much louder than the actual show.

I read one time where the advertisers did that on purpose.  There was a way to make the commercial louder so as to get your attention.  It’s annoying!

But that is how I feel the devil works in our lives.  I am focusing on the Lord, serving Him, worshiping Him, praying and then I get distracted by the noise of the world.  I start to do my devotions and my phone dings……it’s a text message and I probably should just check and see who it is.  Someone could need something.

“It’s my friend sending the latest picture of her new puppy.  Oh how cute that little guy is!!  That reminds me that I need to get more dog food for our dog.  I’ll just open up my Kroger® store app and put that in my cart.

Oh yea.  I also need to get some stuff for the pitch-in at work and the July 4th party at Suzi’s house.  What all was in that recipe I found on Pinterest® yesterday?  Let me flip over to my “recipe file” on my Pinterest app and see what all I need.  I will just go ahead and put those items in my online cart so I don’t forget.

Boy there is anything you ever want to know on this Pinterest app!  What a cute idea to paint Ball jars and put sprigs of holly in them as a centerpiece for a Christmas decoration!  Gee Whiz!  Is it only 6 months until Christmas.  I wonder what I should get my kids this year for Christmas.  And what about my Dad?  I didn’t even know what to get him for Father’s Day little lone Christmas.

And you know, there is that “Christmas in July” sale coming up on that one website where I can get Christmas cards for 50% off.  I wonder how many cards I will need this year?  We are doing that new online directory at church that will help me find addresses for people there so I should probably think about sending some extra cards to those folks at church.

I wonder how an online app for a church directory works?  That’s pretty cool.  Oh shoot!  Speaking of church, I have to get my daily devotions done this morning.  Oh brother!!  I am late for work!  I’ll just do it tonight if I have time or start over again tomorrow.”

It’s exhausting but that is exactly how the devil works and loves to distract us from our quiet time with the Lord or even bigger distractions when we are doing bigger things for the Lord.  Don’t let the noise of the devil distract you from the quiet time and the good things you are doing for God.

When you are focusing on God, silence the noise of the devil.  You know, just point the remote right at him and press mute!  You are in charge of your remote today!  (Hand it over guys….Father’s Day’s over!)

A Welcome Surprise!

Have you ever been shopping and just browsing and you find a great surprise of something that was calling your name?  Maybe it was something that was in the wrong spot or something that was in the right spot but you didn’t know you were looking for it and there it popped out at you.  You knew it was calling your name!  (I do that a lot with purses!! hahaha)

This morning that happened to me as I was having my quiet time, reading my devotions and swinging on my glider.  I was reading a passage in the Bible that was in my devotion but I decided to read a little further and look at the sections that I had underlined previously or highlighted just to see if God had something else for me today.

And there it was……….in the book of Lamentations…. yes there is a book in the Bible called Lamentations and I must admit I don’t read it a lot but apparently in 2015 I had read it and marked this scripture with a date and note of what I was praying for at the time.  And it spoke to me today just as much as it did 2 years ago.

Lamentations 3:25-26 – The Lord is good to those whose hope is in Him, to the one who seeks Him; it is good to wait quietly for the salvation of the Lord.

Exactly what I needed in a spot I wasn’t looking but caught my attention and gave me peace.  It wasn’t a purse but it is words that I can carry around in the pocketbook of my heart!  Thank you, Lord for showing me the best things in the most unlikely of times!