Think About Finding A New Route.

“Get out of the way!”
[Unladylike hand gesture]
“Move over!”
“What do you think you’re doing?”
“Why drive slow in the fast lane?”
Loud music.
Heads nodding.
Phones ringing.
Fingers texting.

The sights and sounds of traffic.

Living in a small rural community, I don’t have to experience much of the above scenario.  If someone honks at us, we naively ask “were they honking at us?  Did I know them?”  Or we realize we sat too long at a stoplight and want to wave and sheepishly apologize for causing them a half-second delay on movement.

But in a city, this is the norm and people hear noise and see traffic daily and they have to learn to deal with it in their own way in order to get to their destination.

In life, we have traffic and loud noises and people disrespecting other people; people doing things they shouldn’t that cause us to feel more and more distracted.  We start focusing on the traffic and the noises instead of the purpose of the trip and the destination.  We need to find a new route – one that doesn’t have as much traffic and distracting noises.  We need to focus on Jesus.

When life seems too distracting with noises and bumper to bumper traffic, take a new route.  Maybe what we are doing just doesn’t seem to be working like it used to because there’s more distractions.  Maybe a quiet, short Bible reading in the morning used to be enough for you to get through the day but now there is more noise in your life and more traffic distracting you and you need a deeper study or more quiet time with the Lord.

The other morning I got up earlier than normal to take my assigned turn for 15-minute prayer time on National Day of Prayer.  When I got up, it was still dark so I decided not to turn on any lights during this time and just sit straight up and pray – no falling asleep; no getting distracted by the things around me that needed eventual attention. It was the BEST 20 minutes of the day.  Yes I prayed longer than my assigned time because I had a lot to talk to God about and usually I get up and read my daily reading, write my blog and talk to God for a few minutes about the day ahead.  But that day, I talked……..and listened……and meditated.  I found a different route away from the distracting noises and visuals and traffic of the day.

This new route still gets me to my destination but the journey is a whole lot less stressful!  Think about finding yourself a new route if the traffic and distractions have made you numb to the journey!

John 14:6 – Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth and the light.  No one comes to the Father except through me.”

Because I Said So.

When our girls were little, there were many times they would challenge us about why we asked them do something.  I would try to be patient and give reasons but sometimes the only reasonable response was “because I said so.”

Sometimes at work, I find myself questioning a higher authority (whether in my head or out loud) and they don’t have a good response but their body language screams “because I said so”.

I’m sure God wants to tell us that all the time.  This world questions authority, truth and Biblical principles.  Sometimes we can see why rules were created and how they are to our benefit.  Sometimes we argue and sometimes we disobey.

People question, “how do you know there is a heaven and a hell?”  “How do you know there is even a God?”   We believe because the Bible says so.  It’s called Faith.  I can’t explain it.  I just trust it because God said so.

God’s ways are THE WAY.  We don’t understand why God loves us so much that He allowed His Son to be mocked, bullied, beaten and killed on a cross for you and me.  Why would He do that?  Because He loves us so much that no matter what we do, He doesn’t want us to spend eternity away from Him.  “But why?”, we ask.

Love isn’t always logical.  We just have to trust…  because He said so.

Proverbs 3:5 – Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding!

Celebrating Can Be Hard.

Last night I was at a mother-daughter banquet and the program started with a reading that was not the traditional “mothers are…..” reading.  It was read by a gal who is not yet a mother and who lost hers a few years ago in an accident.  It was a very brave reading.

The article saluted mothers and grandmothers.  It celebrated those who were pregnant and congratulated those who had already given birth.  It recognized mothers who were struggling through the toddler and teenage years and patted the backs of mothers whose children were grown and thriving and successful on their own.

But it went a step further… deeper.  It mourned with those who had lost their mother and those who were estranged from their mothers.  It grieved with those were who unable to bear children or had lost a child to miscarriage and death.  It hoped for those who were in the adoption process and hugged those whose adoption had fallen through.   It celebrated those who were step moms and recognized that it was sometimes very difficult to wear that title.

It reminded us that not everyone has our situation… no matter how our situation is defined.  I am blessed to still have my mother and to have birthed two beautiful daughters.  But I also lost a baby in the womb.  I can grieve with those who have gone through miscarriage.

I have lost a wonderful mother-in-law to death by cancer and grieved with a friend who lost their child in a car wreck and another who lost her daughter only minutes after birth.  I have prayed with friends who struggled through infertility and finally adopted a beautiful little girl and I have prayed for friends who have never been able to adopt.  I have hugged on moms who have seen their child go to jail and hugged on them again when they came home.

Whether you celebrate the traditional Mothers Day with joy or dread, don’t forget the other side of the coin.  Be thankful if you fit into that tradition and be sensitive to those who do not.   If you do not enjoy Mothers Day because of your situation, don’t be mad at those who are able to celebrate.

Today I celebrate my mom for being a great mom and grandmother!  I know a part of her heart swells with joy as we celebrate that role but I also recognize that the other part breaks for the one she lost.

The best advice – Just hug ’em – either way…………

Snow White To The Rescue.

It’s rainy and very soggy here in Southeast Indiana.
It’s a day after “Hump Day” but not yet the weekend.
My mind is bogged down with my to-do list for the…..year!

I feel like I could be in the movie starring The Seven Dwarfs.

You see – today, I’m a little Grumpy and very Sleepy.
All the rain has caused my allergies to creep up again and I’m more Sneezy than normal.
I may have to go to the Doc but I would feel a little Bashful to just go in for something so minor.
Maybe I will quit acting so Dopey and Mopey (a new character created by ME) and just look for reasons to be Happy.

I guess if I take my eyes off myself and put it on Jesus, I see that He washed me Snow White from all my sins and for that, my friend, we have no reason at all to be Grumpy and all the reasons in the world to be Happy!

So I’m going to get up and take on the day……….one little dwarf issue at a time!  Have a Happy-Won’t-Be-Grumpy-Thankful-Thursday!