Do You Hear What I Hear?

My dad can’t hear much of anything without his hearing aids.  And he has had a time with those hearing aids.  First of all it took years for mom and I to convince him that he needed them.  When he got them he realized how much better the world sounded!

Then he broke one.  Well it’s never easy to replace those nice, costly hearing aids but after a few weeks of “huh?” and “what did you say?”, he finally could hear again.

Then he lost one.  No where to be found!

Recently he was taking the hearing aid out and the small piece that goes in the ear canal stayed in the ear canal but the remaining portion of the aid was in his hand – tiny little wire still attached to….nothing.  He had to go to the doctor for the removal of that one!

He thinks he can hear without them but we are here to testify to the contrary! 🙂

Sometimes we are like that with God and hearing His calling in our lives.  We may hear the Holy Spirit telling us to do something but we are looking around to see if others hear it, too.

We may hear the calling of God on our lives but we ask others if they have ever heard it, too.

The Word of God never changes but we all hear God’s calling in our lives in different ways.  You may not hear Him in ways your friends hear Him.  Listen to Him as He speaks to YOU – not your best friend; not your spouse; not the youth pastor; but YOU.

Do you hear what I hear?  Because I hear God calling us ALL to keep believing in Him in this crazy world.  I hear Him encouraging us to stay faithful to Him and His word and His promises.  He’s got this!

Do you hear Him now?

Frazzled but No Need to Fight.

As I prepare for my day, waking up 30 minutes late after turning off my alarm, I am frazzled.  I look at my schedule and I feel that all too familiar “want to give in and put the covers over my head” feeling.

I’m not exactly sure how I can keep going into each day at this pace and with my imaginary fists up ready to be on guard all day!

But then the Lord spoke to me.  And I stopped and took time to pray and read my devotional and write.

Now I’m ready.  Because I realize I don’t have to do it.  He will do it for me.


Recently it seems as though our world, our morals, our values are all playing tug-of-war with the devil. When we watch movies or cartoons where the villain turns people against each other and then sits in the corner and laughs, we automatically hate the villain.

Even Hallmark movies have villains who try to cause problems and stir up trouble disguised as good guys, but we viewers always dislike that troublemaker and cheer on the good guy to win the designated race or get the business or get the girl!

As I watch all the division and destruction and outright disrespect of people in this country, I can’t help but visualize the devil sitting in the corner, arms folded behind his head, propped back all cocky with a devious grin on his face.

He loves the tug-of-war this world is playing. This one pulls hard to the right.  Then this one pulls hard to the left.  Each side tries to get the strongest and biggest people on their side in order to pull harder.  I’m not just talking politics and I am NOT writing blogs of any political content.  I am talking about the tug-of-war of good versus evil.

I’m talking about how we have lost of sight of people and love and showing respect to others. Jesus tells us that we only have two jobs in this whole world and that is to love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and to love your neighbor as yourself.  (Matthew 22:37-39).

Yes because of these two commands we have a lot of other jobs to do but everything in life should be based around these two things and the love of Christ would permeate this world beyond belief and this tug-of-war would end.

If people choose to continue on this tug-of-war and not to love one another, not to put Christ first and to continue with this evil game, then I can tell you right now who wins.   Revelations 19:1(b) – “Hallelujah!  Salvation and glory and power belong to our God.”

I beg you today to be the one to lay down your end of the rope and walk away from the tug-of-war with evil. Instead love your neighbor, help your co-worker, kiss your kids, have dinner with your spouse and look for ways to show kindness and the love of Christ around the world.  Just start with one act of love and watch it grow.

Yes, I would rather play “hug-of-war” than tug-of-war any ole day!

Update Required.

I was trying to open a new app on my phone and I got the message something like “update software” or “new version required to open this app”.  I didn’t want to take the time to update my phone with the new app.

And we all know what happens.  We go to update the new software and everything changes.  I like things to be just the way they are now that I have finally learned how to use it.  But in order to get the full benefits of the program I am wanting to use, I am going to have to take some time and update the app.

Our spiritual lives can get the same way.  We can get complacent in our daily routines of quiet time and weekly worship.  Then we start to get used to it and it becomes too familiar and we slowly push quiet time to a quick minute and start skipping worship.

Before we know it we are in a bad slump and in need of a spiritual update!

In order for the programs on our phones and computers to work properly, we need to keep the software updated.  In order for us to operate as God intended and to receive the blessings He has for us, we have to keep our spiritual self updated.  God’s word doesn’t change, but our minds can get off track and we need to constantly have our “heartware” and “mindware” updated.

Let’s not let our busyness and complacency get in the way of our needed updates.  Take the necessary time each day to upload your mind and spirit with God’s daily word through scripture and prayer.  I promise your Spiritual software and Mental hardware will run a lot smoother when they are updated daily!