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From Hot Mess to Heavenly Masterpiece!

As fall and winter seasons approach, I love to bring out all the holiday recipe books! This time of year I stock up on all the baking staples such as flour, sugar, brown sugar, pumpkin pie spice and cream cheese.  Have you ever wondered how all of these items placed in a bowl, combined together by a couple of metal beaters can make such a tasty and beautiful creation?

Think about a cake for example. You place flour, sugar, butter, eggs, vanilla, baking powder, salt and a flavor additive such as pumpkin or cocoa in a bowl.  When all of that is mixed together, it just looks like a big fat mess.  But then you put it in the oven and somehow the messy mixture together with the heat of the oven creates this masterpiece!  Amazing!

As hard as it is to imagine while we are going through rough times and the heat of this life, God is creating us into beautiful masterpieces.

When baking a cake, it won’t turn out right if the temperature is incorrect – just like our creation as a person. Sometimes we look at our trials and wonder why we have to go through so much heat.  But no matter what our temperature of trials, God will use it to make us the perfect Masterpiece He created.

His recipe for you includes different ingredients in life than for me. Neither are better or worse.  They are just the recipe that mixed all together makes us the unique creation we were designed to be.  And my friend, you look amazing!

Ephesians 2:10 – For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things He planned for us long ago.

Update Required.

I was trying to open a new app on my phone and I got the message something like “update software” or “new version required to open this app”.  I didn’t want to take the time to update my phone with the new app.

And we all know what happens.  We go to update the new software and everything changes.  I like things to be just the way they are now that I have finally learned how to use it.  But in order to get the full benefits of the program I am wanting to use, I am going to have to take some time and update the app.

Our spiritual lives can get the same way.  We can get complacent in our daily routines of quiet time and weekly worship.  Then we start to get used to it and it becomes too familiar and we slowly push quiet time to a quick minute and start skipping worship.

Before we know it we are in a bad slump and in need of a spiritual update!

In order for the programs on our phones and computers to work properly, we need to keep the software updated.  In order for us to operate as God intended and to receive the blessings He has for us, we have to keep our spiritual self updated.  God’s word doesn’t change, but our minds can get off track and we need to constantly have our “heartware” and “mindware” updated.

Let’s not let our busyness and complacency get in the way of our needed updates.  Take the necessary time each day to upload your mind and spirit with God’s daily word through scripture and prayer.  I promise your Spiritual software and Mental hardware will run a lot smoother when they are updated daily!


I was so thankful for the donations to Bucket Buddies that I received this past week!!

The Koinonia Sunday School class at Osgood Baptist Church has been such a faithful supporter to Bucket Buddies Mission.  They presented me with a check of $320.37 bringing the total of their donations to $2,054.50!!  That is so amazing.  This group passes around a little bucket in their class each week to take up a collection and then sends a check every couple of months.  I am so appreciative of this donation and this partnership we have!

Also Tom Tepe Auto donated the proceeds from its golf tournament to Bucket Buddies as well.  They presented us with a check for $2,000!!!  This is so awesome!!  Harry Tepe and his team have been wonderful!  This group could choose any non-profit in which to donate and I am so humbled and thankful that for the last two years they have chosen Bucket Buddies Mission.

We could not do all that we are able to do without the support of people like the wonderful group from Koinonia Sunday School Class and the gracious people at Tom Tepe Auto.   Because of your donation Bucket Buddies Mission will be able to make a difference to over 300 more children who suffer from cancer and other life-threatening illnesses.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!  To read more about Bucket Buddies Mission, click here. 

Thank you to the team at Tom Tepe Auto for donating funds raised at its Annual Golf Tournament!