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Bowling Ball Battles

I went bowling the other day with some coworkers in Chicago. We had a great time but I am really bad at bowling. I would get up to the line and with no skill or form at all, throw the bowling ball down the alley. Sometimes it would look like it was going straight down the lane and then veer to the left and end up in the gutter! Other times I would get a strike or a spare. I was very inconsistent. I was actually surprised with my outcome no matter if it was a gutter ball, a strike or just one pin laying down in the lane.  I never knew what my score would be.

I look at bowling sort of like LIFE.  The bowling ball is like the devil and we are like the pins.  The ball comes in strong and knocks down the pins just like the devil comes in strong and knocks us to the ground.  Then just like the big pinsetter comes down from the top of the lane and resets the pins, God comes down and wraps his arms around us, picks us up and sets us up again.
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