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Walkin’ On The Water.

If you want to walk on water, you’ve got to step out of the boat. – by John Ortberg

I love that saying and I am starting to re-read the book.

In Matthew 14:22-33 we see the account of Jesus walking on the water.  Peter questioned Jesus from the boat and said, “Lord, if it’s you, tell me to come to you on the water.”  And Jesus said, “Come”.

I can just see Peter leaping out of the boat and walking toward Jesus and then realizing what he was doing and getting scared!!  It reminds me of a toddler who is just starting to take a few steps.  He  realizes what he is doing and panics, sinking to the floor crying in fear.  It’s new.  It’s unknown.  It is scary.

I imagine Peter’s knees starting to shake and as he sees the wind, he gets scared and takes his eyes off of Jesus and realizes what he is doing and like the toddler, he begins to sink down.  But Jesus said, “you of little faith.  Why did you doubt?”

What is God calling you to do today that’s scary? Is He calling you to step out of the boat and into the treacherous waters? Are you excited but a little scared, too?

Faith is an action word.  If you do something because you know the outcome, there’s no faith in that but when you do something without knowing the outcome, then that’s faith.

If your heart is pounding and you are getting weak just reading this because the Lord is telling you, “it’s time”, then do it!  Put down your coffee, take off your shoes and dip your toe in the water.  Now walk toward Jesus and where He is leading.

It’s going to be a little nerve wrecking but keep your eyes on Jesus and He will lead you right across the windy waves and onto dry land.

Because, you see, if you want to put faith into action and walk on water, you’ve got to first step out of the boat.

Let’s do this together.  Let me know where your sea of water is leading you.

Killing the Weeds of Worry!

As spring approaches, we begin thinking about gardening – flowers, vegetables or herbs.  The biggest stress with gardening is the weeds.  We spend so much time weeding our gardens.  But when the weeds are gone, it is beautiful.  We admire our flowers.  We enjoy watching the plants produce the vegetables and the herbs flourish.

I think of our life as a Garden.  God has given us this beautiful garden of life.  He is there to take care of it for us but we keep filling it with weeds.  Weeds of worry!  We try to control situations because we worry God isn’t going to handle it properly.  As our loved ones travel, or work situations seem bleak, or illness strikes our friends, we worry because these situations are not in our control.

We worry what people think of us – how we dress, how we talk, how we think.  We worry that what happened to someone else will happen to us.  We worry that God will turn His back on us and stop loving us.

It’s time to get out the RoundUp® products and KILL THE WEEDS OF WORRY!

God put Adam and Eve in the most beautiful garden ever.  He gave them everything they wanted.  There was no need for worry.  And then Satan came into the picture.  He ruins everything!!  It is no different today.  God has a beautiful life set up for you.  He loves you.  He forgives you.  He knows everything about you.  He is just waiting for you to trust Him.  We need to have faith that He is what He says He is and that He is in control.

Worry and Faith are not compatible.  They are opposites.  It’s time to put on the rubber gloves, get out the tools and KILL THE WEEDS OF WORRY!  I guarantee you will enjoy your beautiful Garden of Faith!  Happy Gardening!!

What’s your Giant?

You know the story of David and Goliath, the giant?  David is a small shepherd who tends his father’s sheep but offers to go up against a Philistine man who is over nine feet tall and was a big bully!  David hears the Israelite people talking among themselves about how big this guy is and how they are scared of these people.  David explains to King Saul that he has gone up against lions and bears who have attacked his sheep and that God has delivered him from these animals safely and that he trusts God to deliver him from the giant in victory.

Saul agrees to let him go but he must wear a coat of armor and a helmet and a sword.  But David wasn’t used to all of this garb and told Saul he couldn’t go out and fight the giant with all this stuff because he wasn’t used to it.  So he took 5 stones and a sling shot and went out to face the Philistine.  After much mocking from the Philistine giant, David told him that the Lord Almighty, the God of Israel, was on David’s side and the Lord will hand him over to David.
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I watched Sadie Robertson from Duck Dynasty dance on Dancing with the Stars last night.  This week on Dancing with the Stars, the theme was about something that was memorable in your life.  Sadie’s most memorable year of her life was the start of the Duck Dynasty TV show.

She shared that their lives have always been about sharing their faith in God with other people and they wanted to use the platform of the show to continue to share that faith.  She reminisced about the time that her grandfather had stated his opinion on a controversial issue and the media and the public attacked him.  The family had decided not to continue to do the show if they were not able to share their faith and how God was leading them in their lives on the show.  The family vowed to stay true to their belief in God.  As you may know, the show did continue – in true Duck Dynasty fashion.

She said her family just decided that “if you’re holding the football, you’re gonna get tackled.”  And they wanted to hold the football of faith.
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