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Ready, Set………..Keep Going!

As I was thinking about the end of August and the fact that we are starting to wind down the defined summer months and head into fall, I began thinking about my 2014 New Year’s goals.

What goals had I set?  Which goals were completed?  Which were still ongoing?  Which ones had I not even attempted?

I love setting goals at the end of each year for the upcoming year.  I journal a lot so I write every goal down in my journal with details about that goal and ideas of how to accomplish them.  I make goals in categories of  physical, spiritual, friendship, missions, organization, family, fun, hobbies and house decorating.  Yes, I am crazy!
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Sit Up. Look Around. Enjoy the Ride.

I feel like I am always in a hurry.  Looking to the next thing.  I love accomplishing things and get satisfaction in something being completed.  But sometimes it’s the journey that makes a difference and not the satisfaction of completion. 

Recently my husband and I went on a jet ski for an hour in the Atlantic Ocean.  It was absolutely beautiful.  My devotion for that morning was timely as it was about enjoying the adventure and the beauty of what God has given us.  I soaked it all in.  I loved being in the wide open ocean on a vessel that allowed me to be so near the water.  The further out in the ocean we went, the clearer the water was.  We could see the bottom of the ocean in parts. We saw fish and turtles swimming.  The sun was beautiful.  The clouds were fluffy and in the distance we could see a magnificent storm brewing. 
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NO REGRETS! I just saw a picture of a tattoo that went all the way down a persons’ arm that said “NO REGRETS”. When I think about that saying, I think about no limits and not being afraid and working to accomplish my dreams. I think about looking at opportunities given to me and taking them and trying new things and being free-spirited and happy. Read More