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Boots and Bifocals

Lately I’ve been kind of down and depressed. Even my eyesight seems blurry – and it’s not because I recently had a milestone birthday!!! hahhahaa

Today I was reading one of the daily devotional books I read each morning (with my bifocals on) and the Lord really spoke to me.  The scripture verse for the day was I Corinthians 10:24 – “Don’t be concerned for your own good but for the good of others.”

I realized that I hadn’t been “seeing clearly” in my spiritual walk.  I hadn’t been looking at ways to help others nearly enough.  I believe serving and encouraging are two of my spiritual gifts and I haven’t been focusing on using those gifts enough.  I’ve been focused on the “whoa is me syndrome” because 1) the weather has been nasty; 2) I’ve been longing for some sun and a lot of friends and family are enjoying some of that sunny weather I experienced in Arizona a few weeks ago; and 3) I’m not feeling challenged in my “goal-oriented” little life.
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NO REGRETS! I just saw a picture of a tattoo that went all the way down a persons’ arm that said “NO REGRETS”. When I think about that saying, I think about no limits and not being afraid and working to accomplish my dreams. I think about looking at opportunities given to me and taking them and trying new things and being free-spirited and happy. Read More

Reach UP and Bend DOWN

Peyton Manning is by far my favorite NFL player – not only because he is the best quarterback of all time but also because he is such an outstanding person.  He recently spoke at the graduation ceremony at University of Virginia.

In his speech, he challenged the graduates to REACH UP AND BEND DOWN by finding a cause that they were passionate about and working hard to reach a goal and then bend down and help others come along with them.
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