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Out Of The Box Skipping

It’s a new year and a clean slate.  What’s something you’ve been wanting to do but are too scared?

Is there something “out of the box” for you that you can do to bring a smile to your face?  A little joy to your heart?  A little skip in your step?

It’s amazing what one small thing can do to bring you joy and a whole new outlook.

I love the Indianapolis Colts.  I have my office decorated with a Colts tree and snowman and a Colts tabletop totem pole.  I am wearing a Colts necklace and have Colts license plates on my car.  All pretty “safe.”

But today I went outside my box and brought a little skip in my step and a broad smile to my face.  I had my nails done….in Colts blue with sparkles on top! haha

Maybe it’s not a big deal for you but for me this is definitely outside of my red, maroon and burnt orange nail polish box.  It’s a skip-in-my-step start!

New year.  New opportunities.  New box of fun.  What will you do to step out of the box and add a little skip to your step?

The Power of Your Brand.

Broken toddler language of a 2 1/2-year-old can sometimes be challenging.  After a couple of minutes of trying to understand why “cars” didn’t satisfy this “I want cars” conversation, I realized what he really wanted from his Aunt Deanna.

He wanted “cards”.  At my house, I have a drawer of playing cards and his cards are in a plastic bag.  As I opened the drawer to hand them to him, he said “no” and pointed to my cards that had the Indianapolis Colts logo on them.

With the season going the way it has been, what difference does it make if grimy little hands bend and rip them now! haha  So after confirming it was those particular cards he wanted, he jumped up and down and said “football”.

I was amazed that his little brain knew that the horseshoe logo meant football. When people look at us and our lives, what does our life look like to them?  Does our brand as a person bring as much joy to others as that little horseshoe brought to Karter?

Do people look at us and see Christ and a genuine loving, caring and kind person?  Or is our brand looked upon as a grouchy, never-happy, selfish person?

It’s up to us today.  It’s time to show our Christian brand for what it’s worth.  It cost a man His life but it’s worth an eternity in heaven.  Will you wear the brand proudly today so that others will want to have it, too?

Ephesians 5:1-2 – Therefore be imitators of God, as beloved children; and walk in love, just as Christ also loved you and gave Himself up for us, an offering and a sacrifice to God.