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It’s National Hot Fudge Sundae Day!

Gooey, rich hot fudge dripping off of a scoop… no wait – TWO SCOOPS of mint chocolate chip ice cream.  The fudge just warm enough to melt a little of the ice cream as the mint flavor swirls into the thick richness of the chocolate.

HOLY COW……..somebody get me a hot fudge sundae and quick!

Can you envision this beautiful masterpiece of delicious delight?  There’s no other dessert that I love better than something with hot fudge.  Hot fudge is the king!  Hot fudge is the ultimate reward.  Hot fudge is the “icing” on the cake – or rather the topping on the sundae!

How excited I get for hot fudge.  So silly isn’t it?  But God blesses us every day with His own extra hot fudge.  We ask for blessings from Him, for answers to prayers and He just smiles because we have no idea that we are only asking for a little in comparison to the rich, flowing, hot fudge of blessings He has in store for us.  His love is the extra hot fudge.  It’s more than we can ever imagine.

Believe today that God can answer your prayers and bless your life with an overabundance, overflowing richness that can come only from Him.  He wants to bless us with extra hot fudge in the ice cream sundae bowl of life!  Talk to Him.  Ask Him.  Believe Him.  Love Him.

Ephesians 3:20 – Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory…forever and ever.

Join me today in celebrating answers to prayers, blessings from above… and mint chocolate chip ice cream with extra hot fudge!

Nothing goes better with a hot fudge sundae than Extra Hot Fudge Please daily devotion by yours truly!!  Get your copy now at Amazon – and maybe another copy for a friend for a birthday gift or start Christmas shopping early.  🙂

U R More.

On the interstate yesterday, we passed this car several times and I just had to have my friend take a picture of this license plate.  It said “URMORE”.

It reminded me of Tenth Avenue North song with the same title.

A lot of times we define ourselves by the mistakes we’ve made or even the successes we have in our lives.  We may continue to tell ourselves:
“I’m not worthy because I did” ….
“I’m no good to anyone because someone did [such and such] to me.”
“No one will ever love me because…….”
“I’ve messed up too many times to………”

Or we go to the other extreme out of fear.
“I’ve worked to hard to get to the top and ain’t nobody gonna tell me what to do.”
“Look at all that I have.  I’m not going to share it with anyone.”
“I’m better than the person………..”

Jesus tells us that we are more than any of that.

A few of the words in Tenth Avenue North’s song are:

You are more than the choices that you’ve made.
You are more than the sum of your past mistakes.
You are more than problems you create.
You’ve been remade.

I say to you that you are more than your past hurts, mistakes or failures.  You are more than your future accomplishments.  You are more than who the devil says you are.  You are more than that habit that keeps plaguing you.

You are a child of The King (and I’m not talking about Elvis here.  🙂 )  You are created by God to be YOU, uniquely YOU and He wants you to follow Him.  Don’t follow the lies the devil or the world tells you.  You are more than any habit, any sin, anything in this world.  You are a child of the One who created it all; who knows all; who sees all; who leads all.


A Wink And A Smile!

This morning I woke up wondering what to write about today.  Some nights I go to bed knowing what I will write about the next morning.  Sometimes I write a series so the next blog is a given.  But I never really worry about what I’m going to write because usually the Lord gives me the topic at some point.

This morning I woke up still not sure what I was going to write about and when I took our little dog out, there it was!! Right there in the sky.  It was there yesterday morning, too but so bright and clear this morning.  It was a wink and a smile.

As soon as I opened the patio door shades, I said “well good morning, Lord” and it was as if He said “good morning, Deanna” and smiled at me.  I said, “I was wondering what to write about” and then it was as if He winked at me.

I’ve been watching Christmas movies on the Hallmark channel this week (Christmas in July) and on a few of them there is a Santa Claus who has that magical smile, twinkle in his eye and a little wink to let the child, or even the adult know, that he’s got this thing covered….that there is a little extra special love and Santa magic going on.

That’s how I felt when I saw the moon crest and the bright star next to it.  God was giving a wink and a smile that He’s got today covered and this whole week as I go to Proverbs 31 She Speaks writer and speaker conference.  I cannot wait to see what He has in store for me this week.  It’s going to be fun to spend time with new and old friends and hear some great speakers and bring back lots of ideas.

I want you to look around today and see God’s wink to you.  He’s got you covered in your worries, your fears, your good times and your bad.  He smiles down on you when you show love to your neighbor and kindness to a stranger.  Sometimes He’s right there just waiting to be noticed in the smallest of things…. like a wink and a smile.  Pay attention so you don’t miss Him.