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Dinner For Six…or Seven!

If you could choose five people – alive or from history – to have dinner with, who would you choose?

I would choose:
1)  Jesus – because I have a lot of questions for that man.

2)  Tony Dungy –  I want to tell him how I love the good ole days of the Indianapolis Colts and how awesome that Super Bowl win was!!  We can talk about Reggie and Dallas; Jeff and Peyton; Dominique and Edge.  I want to commend him on his stand for the Lord while in the NFL and never wavering.  According to Jeff Saturday of the Indianapolis Colts, he never heard Tony Dungy curse.  I love that!  And I also need to ask him a few personal questions about Peyton Manning.  🙂

3)  Priscilla Shirer – I love this woman.  I loved her in the War Room movie and I love her Bible teachings.  I have a lot of Bible study questions for her.  I want to go on a long walk with her and give her my phone number to call me for lunch sometime.

4)  Carrie Underwood – She is such an awesome package of a person.  I love that she and her husband did Bible studies over the phone while they were dating.  I love that she isn’t afraid to admit her faith in a “famous-person’s world” of being politically correct.  I want to tell her how I admire her for being such a good mom and wife and how she has the strongest voice of any person (along with Natalie Grant) that I have ever heard in my entire life!!  I want to ride around in the car with her and just hang out.  I think we would be great friends!  🙂

5)  Princess Diana – I want to hug her and tell her what a good job she did with her boys in spite of all of the circumstances.  I want her to know that I woke up to watch the wedding at 4 a.m. and never stopped “watching” her in the media from that day forward.  I want her to know that her compassion to everyone made a difference to the world.  I want to learn from her how to find more ways to make a difference in my world.

**And just for the record – since I’m writing this and this is my dream – I get seven place settings at Dinner for Six because I want my husband there with me, too so he can hear everything because I’m sure I won’t be able to remember all the cool things I will want to tell him later!

We would have all kinds of different food because I would want to be sure to have something everyone can eat (Carrie is a vegan and I’m not sure what all Jesus will want).  But one thing’s for sure:  we will have the biggest chocolate dessert ever!!

I imagine after we all introduced ourselves, that we would all have more questions for Jesus and with His calm demeanor and endless time, I think we would be there for hours  just sharing and sitting and listening to each other.  Oh what fun to have dinner with these folks.

Who would you have in your Dinner for Six…or Seven?

Escape the Devil’s Room.

The Escape Rooms are all the rage these days.  If you aren’t familiar with it, I will explain.  Quick version:  a team of 5-6 people get clues to puzzles they must solve which reveals a code that accesses the next group of clues.  After solving several of these puzzles, a final code that opens the door of the escape room is discovered.  If you solve the puzzles and get the final code within the allotted time, you win and “escape”.

Along the way, you are allowed to ask the guide for 3 hints to help in solving clues – kind of like “phone a friend” on the old popular game show.  It can be frustrating.  It can be nerve-wrecking.  And it can be freeing and fulfilling when you find the answer and break out.

It reminds me of living in our own world of darkness where the devil tries to trap us.  He offers all kinds of options for us to try that he knows will keep us trapped in this darkness.  He makes the options seem easy and glamorous and the key to freedom.  We try all kinds of clues to make us feel better but never get us out of this bondage.

We may turn to shopping, food, alcohol, drugs, unhealthy relationships and other things that may give us a quick relief but never give us the key to actually escaping this darkness.

In John 14:6 Jesus tells us that He is the only way.  He is the key to the escape room – the Way, the Truth and the Life.  It’s so easy.  We don’t have to work so hard to find freedom.  We don’t have to keep trying to solve all of these puzzles with clues that the devil puts in front of us.

All we have to do is ask Jesus for the code.  He holds the key to escape the darkness.  We have to quit trying so hard.  Just run to Jesus and break out of the darkness today.