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The Quitters Club – Last D

The last “D” in the Quitters’ Club series is “Dare”.

Now when you hear this word you may think of the childhood game of Truth or Dare where someone asks you a question and instead of telling them the truth, you would choose a dare.

We may also associate the word “dare” with negative things such are daring someone to do something dangerous.

But the “dare” that I am referring to is one that encourages us; the word that gets us out of our comfort zone and finds a way to move positively toward something bigger and better.  The “dare” that I am talking about is taking a step toward being or doing what God wants you to do.  It’s having that dream in your heart and daring to step out and make it happen.

God dares us to leave our life of sin and brokenness, addiction and defeat, discouragement and tears and step into a life of freedom with Him.  He’s daring us to trust Him to take us to the next level.  He’s daring us to let go of the past and take a leap into the future.  He’s daring us to leave behind the hurt and the sin of the past and cling to Him to step into a new life where He leads the way.

Natalie Grant and Charlotte Gambill have a 30-day devotional called Dare To Be.  Some of the chapters include:

Dare to be Free.
Dare to be Trusting.
Dare to be Patient.
Dare to be Still.
Dare to be Beautiful.
Dare to be Changed.
Dare to be Unmasked.
Dare to be Loved.
Dare to be A Servant.
Dare to be His.
Dare to be A Finisher.

Friends, dare to let it go.  Whatever IT is that is keeping you from living this beautiful life in Jesus, let it go.  Let Him lead the way.  Let Him lead your life.  Quit the struggle and let God take control.  I Dare You.

The Quitters Club – D Four

The fourth “D”  in my Quitters Club Series is Depleted.

Have you felt as though you are depleted?  You have no more to give to anyone or anything.  Your energy is gone.  You are drained.  Things have sucked all of the life out of you.  You just feel depleted, defeated and drained.  (WOW – bonus “D” words.  hahaha)

Sometimes we need to take a break from some of those things that deplete us.  Things like technology for example.  Do you feel like you are married to your cell phone?  You can’t get away from the demands of other people?  The phone dings when an email enters your inbox.  A cute little sound goes off for a text message and a new ring tone sounds for a call.

Others know you can be reached 24/7, 365 days a year from any form of technology available and you can’t let go.  You can’t disengage from work or the demands of others.  You are ready to throw in the towel and quit.

Don’t do it!  Just take a break.  Start by turning your phone off for one hour.  Take a break and rejuvenate – watch a movie, take a nap, get a massage, swing on a swing, take a walk, read your Bible or a good book.

Dare yourself to leave your phone in the car and have lunch with a friend.  Be totally present and no distractions.  Just listen to what they have to say and enjoy a technology-free lunch or dinner with rich conversation.

Whatever it takes to get yourself re-energized from your depleted stage, do it because quitting life is not an option…..but enjoying life is!

The World Didn’t Stop For My Broken Heart

A title of a Reba McEntire song……….but so much meaning in that title.

I remember after my mother-in-law passed away we stopped at a restaurant for a sandwich on the way home from the hospital.  Everyone just kept walking around doing their own thing and laughing and talking but our hearts were aching.  Didn’t people know that we had a terrible loss and we were very sad???

I have never forgotten when a friend told me one time at a funeral that it was not now that the family needed us but rather 6 months from now when everyone goes back to living their own lives and the people who have experienced the loss are still sad.

We lost a dear friend last week to cancer and we will never forget him.  And I don’t ever want to forget to remind the family that even though the world goes on, we will still remember.

We should all make it a priority to stop our world, if just for a moment, to remember those who have a broken heart …………and let them know we do remember!


Today is National MAKE A DIFFERENCE Day!

What can you do to make a difference today?  I know I’ve talked about it in past blogs and sent you to my friend’s website, http://1makingadifference.blogspot.com, to get ideas.  But I thought it was worth revisiting especially since today is specifically designated as National MAKE A DIFFERENCE day!

Because of this special day, I would challenge you to find one or more people to whom you can make a difference today.

1)  Make a difference to a family member.  Make their favorite dessert or dinner.  Help with chores around the house.  Write a love letter to your spouse or to your child.

2)  Make a difference to a friend.  Send a bouquet of flowers.  Go see a movie together.  Make them dinner.  Send a card.  Give the gift of time – just sit and talk and listen.

3)  Make a difference to The Lord.  Show someone the love of Christ.  Tell someone about all that He has done for you.  Spend time in prayer and Bible study.  Support a mission that spreads the gospel – for example – Samaritan’s Purse through Operation Christmas Child.

Whatever you choose to do today, just focus on MAKING A DIFFERENCE to people all day long.  Maybe you will just find out that it would be fun to turn National Make a Difference Day into National Make a Difference EVERY day!  Have fun with it!


I heard a story from a friend who was looking for a particular spice at the local chain grocery store.  The space where the spice was located on the shelf was empty.  She found a person who stocks shelves and asked if they had any more of this particular spice in the back storeroom.  He went to look and was gone quite a long time and when he returned with her request, he apologized for taking so long but explained that a new truck had come in with stock and he had to go through several boxes to find the spices and then several boxes more to find the particular requested spice.  She thanked him graciously and headed to the checkout.

As she was checking out she told the clerk how helpful the stock person had been.  The clerk had no real response.  My friend wanted to make sure that someone in management knew how much trouble this person had gone to for her request.  She felt like a lot of people would have said, “we just got a truck in and there are hundreds of boxes but we should have it stocked tomorrow”……….but not this guy……..he went out of his way to make sure she had her requested spice.
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These Feet Were Made for Walkin’

Have you ever looked at your feet and thought about just how important they are?

They hold you upright.  The big toe on those feet keep you balanced.  Our feet take a beating.  We are on them a lot.  They hold a lot of weight (mine hold a lot more than other people’s feet! hahhaha)  When we carry anything of weight it adds to the stress on the feet.  We pedal bikes with our feet.  We stand, walk and run with our feet.  Feet are important limbs to our body.  Feet with a purpose.

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Life is Too Short to Live the Same Day Twice!

I’ve been watching Christmas movies all week and weekend on the Hallmark Channel as it celebrates Christmas in July.  I love Christmas and although I know it is very early (and way too hot) to celebrate Christmas, I do love the feeling I get from the Christmas music and watching the movies.

Tonight my daughter said, “I wish people could be in the good mood they are in at Christmas time all year long.”  I thought about that comment and realized that is why I love Christmas so much.  I love the kindness and the gift giving and the way people want to do things for other people during the Christmas season.

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Make the 4th of July Celebration Continue Through the Month

As we think about our freedom today and celebrate with food and fireworks, we cannot forget to thank those who fought for our freedoms and also for those who are still serving whether in the United States or abroad.

You probably heard the story of how actress Amy Adams gave up her first class seat on an airplane to a soldier.  She tried to do it secretly but someone recognized her and with social media today, it became a story across the world.  She gave us hope that there are still kind people in this world and she reminded us to appreciate all that our armed forces continue to do for our country.

I challenge you through the whole month of July to thank every person you see or know who has served our country.  Send a card to that person.  If you see someone wearing a “veteran” hat, thank them.  If you are eating dinner out and see someone in their military attire, pay for their meal.  Take cupcakes to the local American Legion.  Wear red, white or blue today.  Fly a flag proudly.  Pray for the leaders of our world, country, state, city and school.

Like Amy Adams, you too can make a difference to those who have served or continue to serve our country.  Remember how blessed we are to live in the greatest country in the world. God Bless America!

50 Years of Kindness ….. To Your Family

Yesterday was my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary!  Fifty years of marriage is a long time and it hasn’t always been easy but they are stronger than ever in their marriage after 50 years.

The secret is to keep Christ in the center of your marriage.  But my mom said they have also had to keep patience and love and kindness in the center of their marriage as they worked through the trials over the years.
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