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He Is The Real King of the World.

My favorite all-time Christian singer, Natalie Grant, posted a video yesterday letting us know that she is battling a benign thyroid tumor.  They are very hopeful that after surgery tests will show that there is still no cancer!   She is scared of course, as we all would be, but is very optimistic that she will be singing on stage again before year end.

My heart broke for her.  I was reminded of her visit to our little town of Greensburg, Indiana and the amazing concerts she performed while here.  But I was also again reminded of how that journey of faith to bring her here changed my life.  It was a huge leap of faith but one I knew God was calling me to start and even though it was tough, He never failed me.  He grew me in my Christian faith more than I can ever explain.  That journey, and Natalie Grant, truly changed my life.

I guess that’s why I get so sad and teary as I think about her going through this.  She is human even though we sometimes put humans on a pedestal and believe they are “super human”.  Nope.  She’s a wife, a mommy of 3 beautiful girls, a Christian, a career woman and a friend to many who just also happens to be well-known around the world.

In her video last night she talked about her song, King of the World.  She said something like, “I can’t just sing about the King of the World.  I have to believe that He is and trust Him through this journey.  And I do.”  [paraphrased]

Whatever journey you are on; whatever is testing your faith and pulling you down; whatever is causing you worry and pain today – know that God is the REAL King of the World and we have to trust Him to carry us through!

Join me as I commit to pray for Natalie each day that God will heal her completely so that she can continue to bring honor and glory to Him through her story and her beautiful voice.

The Quitters Club – Last D

The last “D” in the Quitters’ Club series is “Dare”.

Now when you hear this word you may think of the childhood game of Truth or Dare where someone asks you a question and instead of telling them the truth, you would choose a dare.

We may also associate the word “dare” with negative things such are daring someone to do something dangerous.

But the “dare” that I am referring to is one that encourages us; the word that gets us out of our comfort zone and finds a way to move positively toward something bigger and better.  The “dare” that I am talking about is taking a step toward being or doing what God wants you to do.  It’s having that dream in your heart and daring to step out and make it happen.

God dares us to leave our life of sin and brokenness, addiction and defeat, discouragement and tears and step into a life of freedom with Him.  He’s daring us to trust Him to take us to the next level.  He’s daring us to let go of the past and take a leap into the future.  He’s daring us to leave behind the hurt and the sin of the past and cling to Him to step into a new life where He leads the way.

Natalie Grant and Charlotte Gambill have a 30-day devotional called Dare To Be.  Some of the chapters include:

Dare to be Free.
Dare to be Trusting.
Dare to be Patient.
Dare to be Still.
Dare to be Beautiful.
Dare to be Changed.
Dare to be Unmasked.
Dare to be Loved.
Dare to be A Servant.
Dare to be His.
Dare to be A Finisher.

Friends, dare to let it go.  Whatever IT is that is keeping you from living this beautiful life in Jesus, let it go.  Let Him lead the way.  Let Him lead your life.  Quit the struggle and let God take control.  I Dare You.

He Who Has The Most Toys…..

You know the saying:  “He who dies with the most toys wins”?

What are we going to win?  We’re dead!  I read the other day that the saying should really read “He who dies with the most toys……still dies”.

Now there is nothing wrong with “things” and material possessions.  Everyone likes nice things and shiny things!  But if we put all our efforts into material possessions instead of relationships, then we may leave this world with the most stuff …………but will there be anyone left behind that will grieve?   Will there be relationships that are mourning because we are gone?  I certainly hope so.

Relationships are what matters in this world.  To build relationships, we have to give of ourselves – our time, our talents, our money, our love.  We can have things for ourselves and do things for ourselves but life is much better when we have people to share all of those things with.  Relationships are what keeps us going- relationships with family, friends, co-workers, and other Christians.

Jesus is the ultimate example of how to develop relationships.  He had very little material possessions but invested in relationships every day with his 12 closest friends, his family and many strangers.  And He is waiting today to build a relationship with you.  Do you have that relationship with Him?

When we leave this world, it will not matter how much stuff we have.  He who has the most toys will not win…………but He who has the relationship with the One who has it all – then he wins!

Natalie Grant’s song – In The End says it all…………..enjoy!