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Is It Time To Move On?

Congratulations to Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos!

All who know me, know that I am a HUGE Peyton Manning fan.  I have cheered for him his whole career starting with the Indianapolis Colts and then moving to the Denver Broncos.  I am a Colts fan first, but I am a Manning Fan overall.  My favorite color is orange so adding the Broncos to my top NFL teams to cheer for was an easy decision when Peyton moved there.

I don’t know if Sunday was the last time he will play professional football or not.  It sure does seem like a fairy tale ending if he decides to move on to other things outside of playing the game of football.  He goes out on top – with class – being a part of a team win and finishing the job he was hired to do – win Denver another Super Bowl championship.

Our lives can be somewhat the same way.  God calls us to do certain things; to be certain places and complete certain plans.  And after a while, we feel God tap us on the shoulder and say “well done; it’s time to move on.”  We get comfortable where we are.  We are enjoying the routine.  It’s become easy for us.  But God may say, “your work here is done.  I need you over there.”

Will we be like Jonah and run from God and resist going where He wants us to go?
Will it require something as large as a whale to swallow us up and then spew us back out to get our attention?

What is God calling you to do today?  Is it time to start something new? Is it time to finish what you’ve begun?  Is it time to move on to a different area and use your talents and time in a new way?

I don’t know the answer to whether Peyton will stay or move on but I do know that he completed the job he was hired to do and that was to win a Super Bowl championship. We may never do anything that big in our mind, but God uses every one of us to plant a seed and complete a purpose.  Work hard for the Lord today.  Do your best to spread His love.  There’s no greater team to be a part of than God’s team and no greater victory than heaven.

Jeremiah 29:11 – “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

Crazy Jingle In My Head

Have you seen the Nationwide commercial starring Peyton Manning?  If not, I’ve attached a link for you to watch.


If you’ve read my previous posts, you know that I am a huge Peyton Manning fan.  Not only because I believe he is the best quarterback of all times – ever and ever – but because I believe he is a great guy who values family, faith, friends and hard work ethic.  He has done many charitable things for a lot of organizations including Make-A-Wish Foundation for which I am a volunteer.

This commercial shows Peyton not being able to get the Nationwide jingle out of his head.  I thought about how many different words we can put in that jingle:

*Nationwide is on your side.
*Chocolate cake just tastes so good.
*Exercise is not for me.
*Shopping in the mall is fun.
*I love good times with my friends.

And then I started thinking about how we could sing jingles with spiritual words:

*Jesus Christ is on my side.
*Noah built a big ole ark.
*Jonah said the whale is huge.
*Peter walked across the pond.
*David killed the giant dead.

Now that you’ve got that annoying jingle stuck in your head all day, I hope it gives you reason to look for the spiritual things in the everyday jingles of life! HAPPY JINGLING!!

Reach UP and Bend DOWN

Peyton Manning is by far my favorite NFL player – not only because he is the best quarterback of all time but also because he is such an outstanding person.  He recently spoke at the graduation ceremony at University of Virginia.

In his speech, he challenged the graduates to REACH UP AND BEND DOWN by finding a cause that they were passionate about and working hard to reach a goal and then bend down and help others come along with them.
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