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Dinner with Diana or Peace with a Prince?

Oh how I am intrigued by the Royal Family in the United Kingdom!  I was up at 4 a.m. that July morning in 1981 watching every second of the coverage of Charles and Diana and their fairy tale wedding.  I loved the dress, the church, the hats, the accents and of course, the beautiful iconic carriage!

My goal was always to try and have dinner with Princess Di.  What a silly goal.  I always thought if she couldn’t have dinner, perhaps we could have tea.  I don’t even like tea but I would choke it down to get to spend time with this Royal Princess.  I knew if she would just meet me, we would be great friends.  🙂

My fascination with the royals continued after Diana’s death and was recharged as Kate Middleton came on the scene with her own unique style – a little bit of modern-day Diana  mixed with the confidence of her own.

Why are we so fascinated with royalty?  You may say you aren’t fascinated with the Royal family who make their home in Buckingham Palace but I bet there is someone of “royalty” that fascinates you – whether they be in Hollywood, Nashville, New York or DC.

But I ask myself this question:  am I as intrigued by the One who is the Prince of Peace as much as I am the Princess of Wales?

I never got to meet Princess Diana and will most likely never meet anyone of the royal family but I do have immediate access to the Prince of Peace.  The Almighty God.  Wonderful Counselor.  Lord of Lords.

I want to read more and follow more and learn more about the Real Royal Family – the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.  WOW!  I’m so thankful I don’t have to write a letter, fly across the pond, beg and plead to have one second of a glance at royalty.  I can have it all day long – 24/7 365 days a year just by believing in the One and only Jesus.  I get to have a deep relationship with Him.  Tea whenever I want.  Or hot chocolate.  🙂

This carriage ride of the royals will be the ride of our lives to an unbelievable palace where the streets are made of gold and joy fills our souls forever and ever.  I hope we can sit beside each other on this journey where we can all become a part of God’s Royal Family forever.

Princess Deanna???  I like it!  🙂

You’re Gonna Need Shades!

I was heading to the outside garage at our home that is not attached to our house.  It is the shelter for two vehicles, the lawn mower and some Christmas decorations along with one side that is finished and serves as our home offices.

As I stepped from my house into the sunlight, my sunglasses-covered eyes adjusted to the brightness for the few steps it took to get into the outside garage.  As I opened the walk-in door and took the one step up to the concrete floor, my eyes did not adjust to the newfound darkness.  I took off my sunglasses but it didn’t help.

I could not see in front of me except for a small trail of light that came from the tiny window.  I walked very slow and easy trying to remember if anything was in my path to that office door.  I made is successfully without falling thankfully and was so relieved as I opened the office door to the room full of light.

I turned around to look over my shoulder to see the things that could have been in my path to cause me to stumble.  There was the lawn mower, a couple boxes, the dog crate, a plastic Santa.

And then I realized, there was a light switch as I walked into the garage that I didn’t think to flip.

It reminds me of how our lives are in the world each day.  I wake up and start my day with devotions sitting in the well-lit living room recliner.  I think I’ve got the world by the tail and I have great plans to cling to Jesus all day and not stumble.  But inevitably sin creeps in and I find myself falling.

I reach for the One who brings light and He picks me up and escorts me back into His path.  I look around and see all the ways I could fall just like those boxes, crates and lawnmowers.  I see shiny things and wants and desires and seeds of sin.

But I realize when I hold to the hand of God, He leads me through the messes that can trip me up and guides me right into the light.  If I let go of His hand and stray, I know that He is right there waiting for me to ask for His help and He holds out His hand to cup mine in His and leads me in the paths of His light.

Isaiah 41:13 – For I am the Lord, your God who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you.

If you feel like you are in the dark today, don’t keep stumbling.  Stop right where you are, reach out for the Heavenly hand and ask God to forgive and lead you back into the light.

Oh and by the way, you may want to grab your sunglasses because this journey could be a bit bright.  🙂

Inconvenient Freedom

INCONVENIENCE:  noun – trouble or difficulty caused to one’s personal requirements or comfort.

Have you experienced any “inconvenience” over the last several months?  It seems like during this pandemic, we are now living every day in an inconvenient state.

I can’t go to the movies or church.
I have to wear a mask that makes me claustrophobic.
I’ve used alcohol-based hand sanitizer until my hands are chapped.
I have to be sure to stand on the blue X to stay six-feet away from any human.
I can’t go to the pizza joint with my friends.

Cry. Sob. Whine.

WOW!  Do you realize what all I just said?  And I imagine you were nodding your head or thinking to yourself, “yes, I know.  I’ve experienced all that stuff, too”.

Look at us!  Crying over a little inconvenience on the day we honor and remember those who have sacrificed their lives and their own freedom to protect ours. What about their inconvenience?

Soldiers in 100 degree temperatures, weighed down with pounds and pounds of gear holding rifles in their hands marching through the dark of night.

Men and women lying for days in bunkers with very little water, stale food and no toilet to relieve themselves all the while being on the lookout for the enemy.

Brave people flying into bullets.  And those going before them to prepare the way.

Living with all their inconveniences……. to save our freedom.

Freedom to still be able to have curbside grocery pickup.
Freedom to drive-thru and get ice cream and a cheeseburger.
Freedom to work from home and meet our colleagues on the latest app.
Freedom to worship with others via streamed technology.
Freedom to choose what movie we will watch from 100’s of channels on the guide.

Folks…we are inconvenienced but we are free.

On this Memorial Day Mid-Pandemic 2020, remember and honor those who lived an inconvenienced life to allow us this awesome Freedom.

Whether it’s a spoiled freedom or inconvenienced freedom, it’s still freedom.

Thank you for all who sacrificed for my freedom.  May God continue to show up in mighty ways and bless our great big, awesome United States of America.

It Means A Lot To Always Remember…

I had a wise man tell me 25 years ago at a funeral of a friend “it’s not only now those left behind need you but they will also need you 6 months or 2 years from now.”
I’ve never forgotten that.
It’s natural that after a while, people go back to their everyday lives and may forget about the hurt of those affected by the loss. It’s not intentional. It’s the call of life and human nature.
So when a loved one or a friend’s loved one dies, I try to note that date down on my calendar as well as the birthday of the one who passed away so that when those dates roll around, I can send a text or a card to to remind those left behind I am thinking of them.
To remind them that their loved one is not forgotten.
Today is a day that many around the world remember when my friend, Jesus, died. It’s very cool to see so many people remember this date. I think in the midst of this pandemic more people are remembering Him today.
“Why are more people remembering His death during this crisis,” you may ask? Because they are looking for the best part that is yet to come.
His resurrection.
Not only is it cool that so many people remember His birthday and His death but that they also remember His rebirth from His death…His resurrection.
As I go back to what that man told me at the foot of my friend’s casket, I remember that it’s not only now that we need Jesus but months and years and a lifetime from now.
It means a lot to always remember.
It means eternity with Jesus.