Prayer Closet Power.

There it was.

Standing right there all by itself on the empty foundation that had been swept clean by the horrific winds.

Just a few pieces of plywood and 2×4’s in an upright position.

What is it?

What?  A prayer closet?

Yes, that’s right.  A prayer closet.

A few weeks ago deadly tornadoes ripped through Alabama.  But the calm after the storm found this amazing site.  Standing on the foundation, all by itself, was a grandmother’s prayer closet.  It and the whole family survived this tornado.

How in the world?  “My God is awesome!”  posts a member of the Billy Graham Rapid Response team.  Yes, our God is awesome.  That’s how.

Never, ever give up hope.  Never, ever stop praying.  God is working, even in the middle of the storm.  Go to your prayer closet and ask Him to sweep away the devil and show Himself in a mighty way.  Shine, Jesus, shine!

The Secret Behind the Perfect Bracket.

It’s March Madness basketball time!  One of my favorite times of year.

Season records.
Conference tournament wins.
Strength of schedule.
Total combine points of losses.
On-the-road vs at-home wins.

There’s a lot of scientific data and thought that goes into choosing which top 66 teams get a chance to play in the Biggest College Tournament of all times.  A lot of basketball fans agonize over that data fantasizing about creating the perfect bracket.

Me, on the other hand…I fill out my brackets based on a different set of criteria. A much more FUN way of selection.   🙂

Here’s a little behind-the-scenes look at the carefully-thought-out details of how I go about selecting my bracket:

Liberty – because they are a Christian school.

Michigan State  – because I like Cassius Winston’s name.

Northern Kentucky – because my friend’s husband played basketball there.

Michigan – because I love yellow and navy together.

Oregon – because their fight song is the same as my high school fight song.

UC Irvine – because I saw their men’s volleyball team play and they were awesome!

North Carolina – because Roy Williams seems like a nice guy.

Wofford – because I really like to say that word.

Purdue – because Carsen Edwards is my favorite NCAA player with his short little bowed legs and adorable construction-boot-like tennis shoes.

Tennessee – because I love the beautiful scenery in Tennessee.  I also love Grant Williams.  And anyone named Admiral deserves a championship!

So there you have it.  The Deanna Day Young high-level of Bracketology.

I’ve got Tennessee bringing home the nets in the official office bracket pool but, let me just say, I wouldn’t be sad if the Black and Gold Boilers bust my bracket and claim the title!

Who’s your NCAA team of choice this Madness Season?

Fear Doesn’t Have a Chance.

When I was younger, I had a fear of spiders and snakes and going to the basement in the dark.

As I grew older, my fears changed to things like the fear of not being accepted into my college of choice or fear of not finding a parking space close to the dorm to unload.

Maturity into adulthood found me outgrowing some of those fears but the devil found ways to instill new ones in me – like the fear of failure, the fear of rejection, the fear of not being good enough.

But as I grew spiritually, I also found that there is One who can crush the fear and send the devil packing.

“Do not fear” is written in the Bible 366 times.  One time for each day of the year including leap year! 🙂

God has the power to break strongholds.
God has the power to change outcomes.
God has the power to heal.

It’s hard to wrap my head around it all but I do know that my God can crush the devil.  And when that happens, fear doesn’t have a chance.  I’m standing in His love!

Throw The Anchor!

Bill and Tom set out for another fishing adventure.  High hopes were in the air that the fish were biting this time.  These two had a reputation for returning home empty-handed from a day of fishing.  But it didn’t stop them from days of laughter and celebration of friendship.

Tom got the boat in the general area of “good fishin” and then handed the roped-anchor to Bill to throw overboard to secure the boat in place.  As Bill threw the heavy anchor over the side of the boat, the thick rope slid through his fingers as the anchor continued to find its way to the bed of the lake.

And then it was gone.

The rope.

It ended.  The last piece of the chunky tie was gone.  In the water.  With the anchor.  At the bottom of the lake.

Both men stood in disbelief.  Bill, because he couldn’t believe the rope wasn’t tied to the boat when handed to him and Tom, because he couldn’t believe Bill didn’t tie the rope before he threw the anchor over.

Yes that is a true story and one that we still laugh about today between my dad and his ole  fishing buddy.  I will say that there was not a lot of laughing going on at the time of the incident but as in all things….time heals…and laughter follows.

It’s a great metaphor as well that I use in my life.  There are two ways to look at an anchor.
1.  It can be a negative thing in that it is something that keeps you from moving forward.
2.  It can be a positive thing when God is your anchor.

If there is something in your life that keeps rearing its ugly head and appears as a black spot in your life that keeps you from moving forward, it’s time to let the rope go into the lake with the anchor and move on.  What’s got you anchored that is holding you back from experiencing God’s blessings?

Is it worry? Fear? Anger?
Maybe it’s a toxic relationship.
Could it be unforgiveness?  Stubborness?  A nagging continued sin?

Whatever it is, it’s time to let the rope of that anchor slip through your hands and allow God to move you away from those negative things into a life where He can guide you through the breeze, sailing you into unchartered waters of blessings, love and peace.

It’s time to cling to a new anchor that is secured to your heart…the anchor of freedom in Christ.  This anchor is one that isn’t heavy but rather one that is stable, secure and trustworthy.

It’s an anchor of Hope.  Hope in Jesus.

Let go of the rope that holds the anchor of negativity in your life.  I promise you won’t be sorry the chunky rope goes overboard.  🙂

Now reach for the Anchor of Christ.

You might want to hold on though because this fishing adventure is guaranteed to be a great one!