Kindness Act Day Two!


That’s my favorite number.  I’m not exactly sure how it came about but I remember when my husband and I were talking about getting married, I knew I wanted August 22nd.  My dad’s birthday is on the 22nd; my grandpa’s birthday was the 22nd; my grandma’s birthday was the 22nd.

Whenever I see a 22, I get this amazing feeling come over me as if God is showing me just a little bit of His presence.  When I am worried about something and praying, so often I see a 22 – on a sign, on a license plate, on the back of a semi truck, etc.

I always try to do something special for myself on the 22nd of each month like get a massage, buy myself some flowers, go to my favorite restaurant, eat my favorite dessert or watch my favorite movie.  But a few weeks ago, my friends surprised me on the 22nd.

I was planning to have dinner with my friend, Lisa, to help her break up her busy season as an accountant.  She chose the 22nd because she knew it was my favorite number.  When I went to meet her for dinner, she had planned a small week-early birthday surprise dinner with a few other of my very close friends.

There was a huge bouquet of balloons dancing in the air,  gifts at every corner of the table, excited smiles as I rounded the corner and there – sitting in the middle of the table – was the most beautiful bouquet of flowers.  A bouquet filled with carnations, daisies and these other flowers that last forever that I love but don’t know the name  🙂 , sitting in the cutest little fence-post container.

What a wonderful surprise it was for me that day.  Just a few friends gathering together at a local restaurant but the best gift was the effort it took to gather busy schedules, pick up balloons in the snowy, windy weather, order the perfect bouquet of flowers and spend a couple hours away from the hustle and bustle of phones and everyday life.  It made my day!

As we continue Random Acts of Kindness week, our challenge today is to find a way to make someone else feel special.  Order flowers to be delivered.  Pay a compliment.  Take time to have lunch with no distractions.  Pick up a cupcake and deliver to their desk at work.  Whatever comes to mind for you to do to brighten the corner of someone else’s world, do it!

We really can make a difference, one act of kindness at a time.


Kindness Act Day One!

It’s one of my favorite weeks of the year…Random Acts of Kindness Week!

Today we get to deliver buckets to Riley Children’s Hospital in Carmel and West Lafayette locations.  I love, love, love doing things to make a difference to other people especially when it involves children.  Bucket Buddies Mission    provides gift buckets of goodies to children who suffer from life-threatening illnesses.

My challenge to you this week is to find your own way to make a difference to just one person each day.

Monday’s Make A Difference Challenge:  Connect with someone you haven’t talked to in a while.

Maybe it’s a family member or an old friend.  Maybe it’s a church member or friend who has been sick.  Who has been on your mind lately?  Send them a text.  Give them a call.  Stop by and visit.

Oh how fun this week will be as we all make a difference in our corner of the world, one act of kindness at a time!

Hey…A Little Respect Here!

I’ve had a case of the blues lately.  Wintertime always brings the blahs, and for me, some additional “hibernation” weight which in turn brings me down.  Then add the cold weather and short days here in Indiana and it is just a formula for some pretty down days.

I listened to a podcast about feeling negative and trying to find the root of my negativity.  And for me it came down to people’s lack of respect.

That’s it.  Lack of respect.

And it bugs me and brings me down.

I see people disrespect their bosses.
I see people disrespect other coworkers.
I see people disrespect their company.
I see people disrespect life.
I see people disrespect our government.
I see people disrespect our elected politicians.
I see people disrespect the elderly.
I see people disrespect our military.
I see people disrespect our flag.
I see people disrespect our churches.
And it all boils down to disrespecting our God.

And then boom.  The devil has us right where he wants us.  Feeling hopeless.  Helpless.  Tired.

No way.  I’m not falling for it.  Disrespect and lying are two of the things that tick me off the most.  I don’t get involved in controversial arguing.  I try to stay out of it.  But disrespect of my God sends me over the edge.  It’s time I stand up against the devil and his disrespect of our God.  And it’s time Christians stand together and say, “Hey.  A little respect here”.  Not for our glory and arrogance but for God and His ways.

God is going to do it His way and He will be glorified either way.  So kick the devil and his disrespect to the pit and choose respect for God and His ways.

WOW!  I’m feeling better already!  🙂

Positive or Prickly?


The prick of a cactus can draw blood in one touch of those nasty, little, sharp edges.  They are dry and hard and prickly.   (I don’t know if that’s really a word but that’s the word that comes to my mind.  Prickly.)

On our recent trip to Arizona, we found these little fellas everywhere.  There were probably thousands of different kinds of cactus….(cacti??) 🙂  A lot of people have ornamental cactus in their yards as well.  You certainly know you’re in Arizona when you see the signature Saguaro species – the tall, tree-like plants that grow “arms” as they age.

I was amazed at how different these plants were.  Some were really tall; others shorter.  Some had large, curved “arms” while others had little knobs.  Some were a little less “prickly” than others but all stood strong in their element.

Sometimes I feel like one of those Saguaro plants.  Sometimes I feel tall and strong and like I have it all together.  Then other times, I feel dry and prickly.  I feel like I need rest, water and a break from the heat of the world weighing down on me.  I need to change from the weight of negativity to the hope of a positive future.

I realize just like all plants that I need a little water; a little Living Water.  I need to take time to rest, to pray, to dig into God’s Word to see what He has for me today.  And when I take time to rest and pray and study, I feel His presence slowly take away my dryness and my prickly attitude.

I feel a sense of renewal and peace and calm.  I feel the negativity being replaced with positive hope.  The world is crazy, ya’ll!!  I know you know that, but unless we keep getting our lives filled up with some spiritual food and water, we are going to turn prickly in the desert season.  That is not a fun place to be.

But with rest, planning, prayer and worship, we can get the renewal we need to keep standing tall as Christians in a prickly world.  Stand tall, full of hope.  Let’s be positive and outshine the pricklys.  🙂