Sometimes Things Just Sell Themselves.

Have you ever loved something so much you just wanted to tell everyone about it so they could be excited, too?  Maybe it’s a new household hack you saw on a TV show or a new product that makes your life easier and saves valuable time.

Maybe it’s a new recipe that is healthy yet tastes good (I doubt it but maybe!  hahah)  Maybe it’s an essential oil or vitamin that has cured an ache or ailment.

Whatever the case, you want to tell everyone about it even though you aren’t selling it!  You know that if people would just give it a try, it would sell itself and they could be excited, too.  You want everyone to have the same good experiences that you have had, but until someone uses the technique or product, they can’t see the benefits personally.

That’s how it is with Jesus.  We can live the life, tell others about Him, reap the rewards and share the blessings but until someone can personally experience Him, they will never know the awesome joy and reap all of the benefits He has for them.

If we live our life for Jesus, people will see there is something different about us.  They will want to know our secret to joy.  We don’t have to work hard to “sell” Him because once someone hears about Him and gets to know Him, He just sells Himself.  No Jesus.  No Peace.  Know Jesus.  Know Peace.

Merry Christmas All Year Long!

Hospitals and shelters are joyfully overwhelmed with toys and clothing.  Family services agencies are bombarded with calls wanting to give to those who need a little extra help to bring Santa to their children.  Soup kitchens have volunteers galore to make sure everyone has a warm meal.

I love this time of year and the feeling of the spirit of giving!  These kind gestures and donations are absolutely wonderful. People are kinder; even more patient it seems.

Think about how awesome it would be if everyone kept this donating spirit alive all year long.   Can you imagine how much of a difference we would make in the world?

Take the Make A Difference To Someone Every Day challenge and see how long you can keep it going.  What will you do to keep the Christmas spirit alive today and in the coming months?

Dear Santa…

The real Santa was always at my Uncle Joe’s house.  We would take our girls there to see the Christmas lights display that those from near and far would come to see.  But we were special.  We got to go inside and have a one-on-one visit with the real Santa.

He knew everything Kiersten and Morgan had asked for in their Santa letter because he had really received it (via a little help from Elf Joe).  Their eyes were wide with excitement and amazement as he would personally address their wish list and spend special time with just the two of them.

How fun it is to watch a child visit Santa and offer up their wish list to him.  Some children receive letters back from the North Pole.  Some children send their wish list to Santa by phone, fax or email now.  WOW we’ve come a long way!

I often wonder if children send thank you notes to Santa.  I don’t believe we ever remembered to do that.  Getting the wish list out there was very important but once the wish was granted, I’m not sure a thank you ever went back to the North Pole.

Sometimes we are like that with Jesus, too.  We send up our wish lists of wants and prayer requests.  We promise to be good little Christians if He will just give us our desires.  Then we receive answers to our prayers, responses to our wants and needs and sometimes we forget to thank Him.

Let’s stop today and send up a prayer of thanksgiving for the most important gift ever received.

Dear Santa, thank you for giving me the gift of Jesus.

Hope Comes From The Manger.

As women, men, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, bosses, employees, etc.  we get caught up in the worries of the world and forget that God’s got it all under control.  Even though I know all of this, my mind still wanders thinking “how in the world can He do all things for all people all around the world?”

I have hope and then the doubt creeps in.  And as I was preparing to write today, I felt God really speaking to me that I need to have hope.  What good is life without hope?  If we don’t have hope, we have nothing.  God is hope.  And yes, with man it IS impossible, but with God all things are possible.  (Matthew 19:26).

So today, I choose to have hope.  Hope that those who do wrong will be led to do right.  Hope that those who do not believe will be moved deep down in their heart to believe.  Hope that those who suffer will suffer no more.  Hope that those who worry will worry no more.  Hope that peace and joy can be restored to those who have lost it.  And hope that God will allow us to do great things for Him.

Yes, it is hard to comprehend how it can all happen.  And no we cannot understand it all.  That is why we have to put our trust in the One who knows all, sees all and is in control of all.  He came as a tiny baby in the humblest of settings and He is the One who gives us the only true Hope.  How exciting to find hope in a manger!