Breathing in Crisp Joy!

Sometimes the need to CONTROL your daily life takes away the JOY of everyday life.

I watched a Christmas movie last night where the main female character played a super organized person.  She had routines for everything including morning coffee, healthy breakfast, super clean home, suitcase packed flawlessly, professionally dressed to the tee and timeliness was a must.

Of course, her nemesis is the unorganized, eat-cold-pizza-for-breakfast kinda guy who is running out the door last minute, one shoe on and one shoe in hand, clothes strewn all over the house and a relaxed smile on his face as he slithers into the staff meeting a few minutes past starting time.

I, myself, would like to be somewhere in between.

As all Hallmark-like Christmas movies go, they fight, then realize their opposite qualities help each other and as my husband would say, “we know how this will end.”  Yes, they find some of the other’s qualities appealing and rubbing off on themselves; they fall in love and live happily ever after.

I realized I am more like the organized, control gal who sometimes lets the routine and need for control steal my joy.

As the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons approach, I want more spontaneity and joy in my daily life.   I want more thankfulness and anticipation of Jesus.  I want to stop controlling and start looking to see what God will do.  I want freedom from fear and the joy of dancing in the rain with polka dot boots and playing in the snow with a big red sled!

The first of any month is always a good day to start a new venture or dispose of an old habit.  So today, on the first day of November, I am electing to start a new habit of freedom.  Freedom to let Jesus take over this burden of control.  Freedom to look around and see God in the little things.  Freedom of anticipating excitement to see what Jesus will do next in my life.

I’m taking in a deep breath and ready to start my holiday season of peace and joy right now.  As a matter of fact, I’m going to get my nails done in a pretty fall color and stop at a Christmas open house at the local floral shop.  I can already feel a little skip in my step.

What are you going to do today to bring back a little skip in your step and a little dash of joy in your day?

What Are You Committed To?

Psalm 37:3-4 says “Trust in the Lord and do good; dwell in the land and enjoy safe pasture. Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.”
When I get opportunities to speak, I write and prepare the best I know how. I have to “trust in the Lord” because I can’t do it by myself. I have to “dwell in the land and enjoy safe pasture” meaning dwell in the Word as I prepare and enjoy being called to do what I love to do. I get to actually ENJOY this safe pasture where God has led me.
I recently got the honor of speaking at a retreat in Shelburn, Indiana and as the worship band was playing under soft lighting and I was standing in the second pew, eyes closed, swaying to the music, ear mic turned on pause, Bible in hand, heart pounding, palms sweating, just waiting to take the stage to deliver the message God had me prepare, I felt a warm tear run down my face. Then another and another.
It was in that precious moment, I felt the Lord whisper “I’m giving you the true desires of your heart.” To get on that stage and share God’s word with a room full of women is the desire of my heart that HE placed there back in the year 2000 at a women’s conference I was attending.
It’s true, you all. Trust in the Lord. Ask Him to give you His desire for your heart. Then finish it up with Psalm 37: 5-6 and commit your way to the Lord and trust Him and He will make your righteousness shine like the dawn and the justice of your cause like the noonday sun.
You will feel that warm noonday sun deep down in your soul….and maybe that warmth will present itself in a soft, gentle tear sliding down your cheek as a reminder just how much He loves you.

What Did I Do With My Glasses?

We were going for a short walk midday to break up the stiffness of sitting at our desk, starring at a computer screen.  My friend pulled out her phone on our little venture to show me pictures of her grandchildren.

I squinted and said, “Oh I wish I could see it better but I don’t have my glasses.”

She stopped mid-stride and starred at me.

“What?”  I said.

“Your glasses are in the hand you are holding the phone with.”

We both had a good laugh.  How silly was I?

But how many times do we do the same thing with God?  We ask and we ask for Him to work in our lives; to let us see His presence; to show us signs that He is who He says He is and that He created everything and is in charge of it all.

But He’s already doing that.  We have that ability just waiting for us to take the “glasses from our hands and place them on our spiritual eyes.”

His Word promises.  We see Him in the beauty of the crisp fall leaves and the changing of the crops in the field.  We see Him work in miracles of healing and of the birth of a baby.  We see Him move mountains that no human could ever move.  We see Him work in our lives every single day.

At any given time, I usually have 2-3 pair of cheap reading glasses lying around my house or in my purse or one pair on my head and one pair in my hand at the same time!!  All I need to do is put them on.

We need to put on the spiritual glasses of faith.  Focus on God.  Focus on His positive ways.  Look for Him.   He’s given us clear vision through faith.  I want to see His works all around me.  No more squinting.  I want to see Him clearly.

Where’s your glasses?

It’s Who You Know.

Have you ever had someone ask you for a favor because you have the connection they needed?  Or maybe you were the one asking the favor to get access to the connection.

For instance, I may have a connection to someone in the Human Resources department at my company and someone asks me to put in a good word for them as they apply for a particular job.

It could be something simple like needing to know who to call to rent the local civic center or who to ask for tips on putting tile in your bathroom.

We are constantly looking for someone who has a connection to help us through life.  (And I’m not talking about the “Lori Loughlin style” or immoral connections!  🙂  )

It is always a privilege to pray for others.  Today I had a request from a very special friend to pray for something that I don’t get asked to pray for often.  It is a very important event in her family’s life that is going to cause them to have to relive heartache.  I don’t get to talk to her much anymore as life is busy but that friendship will last forever.  I was so honored that she text me to pray for them today.

I’m not any closer to God than she is but she asked me to use my connection with the Heavenly Father to bring a petition on behalf of their family.  I couldn’t get to my knees fast enough.  It is a privilege that we have in our lives, in this country, to be able to worship God.  No matter what happens, no one can take prayer away from us.

If it’s physically not allowed where we are, no problem.  We can have the conversation silently in our heart, our spirit, with the One who created every last thing in this entire universe.

Yes, it is who you know.  And I am beyond honored to say I know the most important person in the world.  Jesus.  I hope you have that connection, too.  But if you ever need to ask me to connect the two of you, just let me know.  It would be my honor.