Oh Yes. I Remember.

I was driving to work in the early morning hours; sun starting to peek through the clouds; fog blurring my path and settling over the ponds.  Headlights on bright as I leisurely drove the back roads solo; not a single car in sight.  Lauren Daigle’s voice keeping me company.
My mind was racing with the to-do list of the day; worries from yesterday; anxiety for tomorrow.

And then my new favorite song shuffled through my phone.


It was exactly what I needed to calm the waves of anxiousness and worry.

“I remember, I remember
You have always been faithful to me
I remember, I remember
Even when my own eyes could not see
You were there, always there”

He has always been with me.  He has always been faithful.  Somehow in the clutter in my mind, I had forgotten.  But in the stillness of the morning, sunrise on the horizon, I remembered.

And peace.  Yes peace.

As He helped me remember.

Choose The Winning Team!

“It’s time to pick teams,” shouts the PE teacher as he designates the captains.

Of course each captain wants the athletic, tall, strong students.  One by one the students are chosen by their designated captain and then we get to the bottom of the barrel, so to speak, and it becomes about choosing between the bad and the worst.

Not being athletic, I was usually one of the bottom-of-the-barrel kids left for the athletic captains to settle for.  Secretly I would always hope to be chosen by the one who had the best team that was already formed because if I had so and so on my team, how could I lose?

In the game of life, there’s two teams:  God’s team and the devil’s team.

Only in this game, God gets to do the choosing and His team is stacked.  He chooses us all.  But He realizes that slowly people decide to leave His team and wander over to the losing team.  Why would anyone ever do that?  Why would someone want to be on the losing team?

Is it because what they are doing and saying and watching and drinking looks like more fun than team God?  Of course it is.  But when you know that you win in the end, why would you choose to follow the team of destruction?  Life gets rough and valleys are low but that’s life no matter what team you are on.  Why would you not want to be with the Captain who can lead you through the ugly days and usher you into the good days?

“It’s just a little fictional analogy of a PE class and real life,” you say.  And maybe so.  But every decision we make to go our own way or the world’s way is just as if we say to God, “I don’t want to be on your team anymore.”

We are lucky that when we sincerely apologize, (and we have to do it every single day), God says, “come on back over, my child.  I still want you on my team.”

Thankfully, God loves us no matter how many times we head over to the devil’s side.  And He is waiting across the field with arms open wide begging us to come back.  We have to be careful not to go back and forth too many times because one day, we may decide the immediate fun of team devil outweighs eternal life in heaven.

If God is for us, who can be against us.  Romans 8:31

It may get tough but as our Leader, He stays with us through it all, holding our hand, picking us up and carrying us, waiting patiently while we rest.  Wow!  Why would anyone not want to be on God’s team?  Your choice.  I beg you….choose the winning team.

I Was Going To…

Outdoor Man.
Mike Baxter.
Last Man Standing.

If you have never watched the sarcastic sitcom, you really are missing 30 minutes of laughter and entertainment.  We have watched the reruns so much that we now quote lines as if they were taken from an honorable philosopher!

No.  Just the famous Mike Baxter.

But last week instead of holding our stomachs in laughter, we found ourselves reaching for the tissues.  It wasn’t tears from laughter running down our cheeks, but rather tears from somewhere deep inside us that resonated with sadness and fear.

The scene finds us in the garage with Mike while he is going through boxes of things left behind by his father.  He turns to find his dad’s spirit in human form sitting in Father Baxter’s worn, brown, leather chair continuing to dole out advice even after he’s gone.

Mike continues to yell at his father’s spirit as he deals with his own pinned-up anger and regret from things done as well as things left UNDONE.

“You never once told me you loved me,”  Mike tells his father.

And there it was.  He never felt loved.

“I don’t believe you ever told me either, Son.”

And then Mike’s whispered, heart-felt, real-issue, regretful response.  “I was going to.”

“Yea, me, too.”

And then he was gone again.

Who do you need to tell you love them today?

Swallow your pride. Reach deep down inside yourself and go tell them.

Because “I was going to” won’t feel so good after they’re gone.

Is Your Vision Cloudy?

As I sat on the plane, reading glasses resting on my head, Jennifer Dukes Lee’s book in my lap,  staring out the small, plastic window, my heart was pounding with emotions of sadness to leave my parents but yet excitement to go home to my husband.  I took in every sight as we climbed to the designated altitude for the trip.

It was amazing to see the landscape and architecture of the ground below from the sky.  Vehicles began looking like ants and street lights like lightning bugs.   I could see bodies of water laid out in swimming pools, ponds and lakes.  Houses were placed in clumps in what I assume were neighborhoods while athletic-field outlines designated specific sports.

And then things got bumpy and cloudy.

While we were ascending through the fluffiness, I lost sight of the houses, lakes and football fields.  My body was full of anxiety and I had a few minutes of holding tight to my seat.  I couldn’t see the ground anymore and something in me felt out of control.

Why was that?  I was no more in control when I could see the ground than when I couldn’t!  It was the pilot who was always in control.

Satan does the same thing to us.  We are strolling along in life enjoying the view and living our best days with Jesus by our side.  Then the devil gets in our way and causes our vision to become cloudy.  We lose focus and before we know it we are stuck in turbulence and holding on for dear life.  He wants us to think we are going down.

But then we remember, Jesus is our pilot.  He is leading our life and keeping us on track to the path for which He has laid out for us.  We may get off course and into the clouds, but when we ask for His help, He steers us back.

Is your vision cloudy?  Are you experiencing some turbulence in your life right now?  Hold on and focus on your Pilot.  He will steer you back on course.  And with Jesus leading the way, the destination is out of this world!