Are You A Fountain Or A Drain?

“He is a fountain and not a drain.”

Wow!  What a powerful statement!

The fact that someone is a fountain of positive energy rather than someone who would drain all the energy from you, was certainly a huge compliment.

I want to be a fountain and not a drain!  I want to be positive and spew out with sunshine and love.  I want to share my “fountain of hope” with others to show them all that Jesus has done for me by radiating joy.

I don’t want to be negative.  I don’t want to be THE DRAIN.  I don’t want to constantly be finding things wrong with other people and focusing on all the negative things going on in the world around us.

What if today we choose to be intentional about focusing on not being a drain?

What if, instead, we work hard to be the fountain?  The one sharing the love of Jesus by shining a light, radiating a sense of peace and sharing hope to a world of…….well……drains.

Are you ready?  Let’s get this fountain flowin’!

Old Fashioned Virtual Meetings


Cell Phones.

WOW.  So many ways to connect with others “in person” while not actually being “in person.”

Virtual took on a whole new meaning when the pandemic hit.  We were scrambling for ways to connect with those we like, love and work with to maintain relationships.  Some office teams even had virtual happy hours where everyone brought their own drink of choice, logged on to the same Zoom meeting and shared, laughed and connected.  Just to keep relationships going.

It’s amazing how this concept seems so new to us.  But “a virtual meeting of connection” is the way Jesus has connected with us for over 2,000 years.  We can sit in our own living rooms, with our own Bibles reading our own devotions of choice and feel the presence of Jesus in the same room.

We have access to Him through prayer 24/7.  Every single day of the year.  We can talk to Him, cry with Him and sit with Him any time we want; no access code needed.  Just a simple prayer of confession and a friend request to have a relationship with Him.

I love the new technology and all that it offers for us.  I love that we were able to find ways to connect during such a low time in our world.  I love that we were able to tap into this thousand-year-old concept of spending time together virtually.

Thank you, Jesus for preparing the way ……. one virtual meeting at a time.

*Zoom is a trademark of Zoom Video Communications.  FaceTime and iPad are trademarks of Apple, Inc.  Microsoft Teams is a trademark of Microsoft Corp.

FOMO: The Fear of Missing Out

He was short in stature and disliked by most.
He worked for today’s version of the IRS and had a very distinct reputation for taking (and keeping) extra money in his collection of taxes.

And I believe he had FOMO.  The fear of missing out.

He was a very curious man.
He didn’t want to miss out on finding out more about this new guy in town that everyone was talking about.

You see, this new guy was causing quite a ruckus.

People were in awe of Him.  It seemed they either loved Him or they hated Him.

And wee-little, curious Zacchaeus just wanted to see him so he could decide for himself.

He needed to decide if he wanted to be associated with this visitor or not.  He needed to have all the information to make his decision but he wanted to be discreet about it.

So he climbed up in this Sycamore tree and was trying to hide when this new fella walked by.  But the new fella was no ordinary guy.  It was Jesus.  And He was already on the lookout for Zacchaeus.

As He walked by the tree, Jesus called Zacchaeus by name and instructed him to climb down and go have dinner with Him.  I can just imagine Zacchaeus.  He was probably scared to death on one hand yet excited on the other that this guy knew his name and wanted to get to know him better!

However, Zacchaeus was also probably a little reluctant because if Jesus knew his name, He probably also knew his reputation.  His sin.

But he climbed down and went anyway.  And I believe Zacchaeus believed Jesus was who He claimed to be and that wee-little Zacchaeus (as the song calls him) started following Jesus and lived a better life.  Luke 19: 8 quotes Zacchaeus as saying he will give half of his possessions to the poor and will pay back anyone he cheated times four.  He believed!!

Are you up in your own Sycamore tree trying to discretely hide from Jesus?
Are you afraid He will know your sin and not love you?
Do have a fear of missing out on heaven?

Jesus is inviting us down from whatever our Sycamore Tree is to get to know Him a little better.  He will forgive any and all of the bad things we have done and will love us with open arms.

Jesus wants no one to have FOMO.  He wants everyone to sit around His table in heaven for all of eternity.

Hold my hand and we’ll climb down together.



Are You a Sufferer?

I have O.P.D.

It’s a condition that can drive you insane.

Obsession Planning Disorder.  🙂

I plan my to-do list.
I plan my menu.
I plan my day.
I plan my wardrobe.
I plan my cleaning chores.
I plan vacations and goals and my life.
I plan how my refrigerator should be stocked.
I plan how my laundry should be folded and my car organized.

Sometimes I even plan for God.

Do you ever do that?  Tell God how He should do it?  Tell God that your plan is better than His plan?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with planning in general.  As a whole, having a plan from simple to-do lists to bigger yearly goals are all good things.  The problem comes when we become OBSESSIVE about planning because then it becomes more about control.

I find myself slipping over into planning for other people because I think I know best.  I don’t mean it to be control.  I’m just trying to make sure everyone gets the best experience.  Like what am I…..a life coach travel agent?  hahaha  I’ve turned from a helicopter mom trying to remove all obstacles for my kids to a helicopter wife, a helicopter friend, a helicopter coworker.  Well, you get the picture.

I realize that my obsessive planning turned “controlled crazy girl” has seeped into not trusting the Lord because I’m afraid He’s not going to do it right.  Seriously, Deanna?  God not do it right?  Who do I think I am?

Well if you’re a fellow OPD sufferer, I think I found a remedy.  No pills.  No shots.  No treatments.  Just trust.

Proverbs 3:5-6 is my favorite verse:  Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.  In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your path straight.

Simple. Proven. Complete.

It’s not going to be easy but I guarantee you, it will be worth it every. single. planning. moment. of your life!