When You Wish Upon A Star.

Lying on a blanket in grandma’s backyard; looking up at the stars with your cousins; making wishes on each star; predicting your own future.  That’s what kids do.

As adults we star-gaze because of the awe of nature and dig deeper into wondering how God made such beauty and intricate details to create such an awesome nighttime setting.

Now we take our wishes to a new level.  It seems we are never satisfied with life as we know it but always wishing for something different.

We wish our spouse was like someone else’s spouse.
We wish we were skinnier, healthier or prettier.
We wish we had clothes like our coworker or a hairstyle like our friend.
We wish we had a car like our neighbor and a house like HGTV.
We wish we had a different job or lived in a different city.

We are an unsettled society in where we are,  what we have and who we want to be.  Do you ever find yourself wishing on someone else’s star?

We need to learn to live in the moment and enjoy the gifts God has given us.  That doesn’t mean we get complacent and can’t dream or have goals.  God wants us to have dreams but not to compare.

Enjoy where you are today and thank God for His multitude of blessings.  Ask Him where He wants you to go; what He wants you to do; and how He wants you to live.  Tell Him your dreams and wishes.  Ask Him to lead you in His ways.

When we surrender our wishes to His will, we will shine for His Kingdom like the stars in a bright northern sky!

Psalm 37:5-6 – Commit your way to the Lord; trust in Him and He will do this:  He will make your righteousness shine like the dawn, the justice of your cause like the noonday sun.


MarchMadOlogy: the act of making one crazy while trying to scientifically figure out the NCAA brackets.

It’s March Madness time, people!!!  Let’s get ready to rumble!!  Or tumble.  Or fumble.  Or crumble!

That’s what filling out those brackets do to so many people.  MarchMadOlogists analyze the players, the team, the coaches, the wins, the losses, the strength of schedule and the statistics of each player for each game.  They may look at how far it took a team to travel to see how well they did in the climate to which they traveled and even check out the means of travel to figure in the likelihood of jet lag.  Who knows…some people may evaluate what the team has for lunch that particular day and what color of Gatorade they were drinking when they played their best.

I, on the other hand, come at it from a more scientific approach:  what color are their uniforms; do they have a cute mascot; is there someone on the team who has overcome a rough life to excel in the sport; and is the coach as mild manner as say, Tony Dungy, on the sidelines?  Sometimes I just stare at both team’s names and decide which one just “feels right” at the time I have to fill in the blank.

This year, I’ve got some favorites:
*Always love Coach Greg Marshall at Wichita State because I met him one time;
*Purdue is one of the top ones for me because I have a lot of friends who love Purdue;
*St. Bona something because a guy I work with’s wife’s family went to school there;
*Tennessee because I love the Smokey Mountains;
*Michigan because I really love that coach and there is that story about their plane mishap last year.  Oh, and I just really love blue and yellow together.
*But for me Michigan State comes out on top.  Why?  Because I have a friend who is having twins and she loves Michigan State!

Yes.  That is my scientific approach to MarchMadOlogy.  You may be rolling your eyes and laughing out loud but one year this very studied scientific approach won me the Bracketologist Award at work and I still display it proudly!

You Big Showoff!

Chinese jump rope without messing up.  Show-off!
Dribbling basketball around your body and between your legs.  Show-off!
Having a solo in the elementary school concert.  Show-off!

Man, when we were younger, I sure remember using that word a lot.  Show-off.  Looking back, we probably used the word when we were jealous of someone having or doing something we didn’t have or could not do. It was a mean-spirited word back then.

The word has evolved over the years in my vocabulary to now be more of a playful jab of compliment for the very same things I used to use it for in a negative way.  Now I say “show-off” to the concert pianist or the Olympic downhill skier who makes every move look effortless.  A joking backhanded compliment:  “show-off” with a smile.

I laugh as I think about how many times I see God work in my life in the smallest of ways; times He answers my prayers and I feel amazed at the silliness of even asking.  “Lord, can you give me a spot under the awning in this rain?”  “Lord, can you please help me find the perfect gift quickly for this birthday party?”  “Lord, can you help me find my lost keys?”

And lo and behold, there’s an open parking spot by the door under the awning.  And there is that exact right picture frame for the birthday gift and well, lookie there…it’s my keys behind the washer.

Yep, He’s a show-off.  He does the impossible.  He makes a way.  And He keeps doing it over and over again.  And I’m glad.  I want God to show off all He wants.  I want Him to show His hand to this crazy world.  I want Him to show up and show off so that people have no other answer but to say “that was a miracle” or “there is a God”.

Yep, He’s a show-off and I love it!!   Yep, He’s a show-off and I know Him personally.  Yep, He’s a show-off and He can do it over and over again until the end of time.  And I will just smile and say under my breath, “there He goes again”.

JIC – Just In Case

Two large checked suitcases.  Two carry-on suitcases.  One backpack.  One over-the-shoulder bag and a purse.

That’s what it took to take all of our necessary items on our two-week vacation.  Well maybe not ALLLLLLL of it was our NECESSARY items but our necessary items plus our JUST-IN-CASE items.

Okay, I will be honest…I think we could have survived comfortably with one large checked bag, one carry-on, a backpack and purse.

Are you an over-packer?  I thought I was doing well.  I even told myself I was only taking what I needed.  But I came home with probably 4 extra outfits and I know I had 4 pairs of shoes I didn’t wear.  And jewelry.  Don’t even get me started.

What was I thinking?  I started evaluating the situation and realized that I live my life in the “Just In Case” mode.  What if this pair of shoes didn’t look right with this outfit?  Maybe I should take an extra pair of black shoes just in case.  What if I decide I don’t want to wear yellow jewelry with the gray outfit but rather silver jewelry?  I guess I better take both just in case.

What if I am on the 7-hour plane ride and finish one book.  I probably had better carry on two books just in case.  What if  my computers or phone can’t pull up my emails?  I better take my  iPad just in case.  And heaven forbid I should get hungry on the plane that doesn’t have anything outside of peanuts and crackers!  I should take food and lots of it, just in case.

I realize that this mentality is really fear.  Fear of things not being perfect.  Fear of the fact I may have to suffer a little bit.  My goodness, how would I survive if one pair of black shoes didn’t look right with my outfit!!

There is a song by Zach Williams titled “Fear is a Liar”.  And it’s true.  Fear is of the devil and he is a liar.  Faith is of Christ and He is truth.

Jesus Christ is not here just in case we need Him.  He should be the first thing we pack in our heart and use daily.  Not just in case we can’t do it on our own.

If you live in the “just In Case” lifestyle, I encourage you to join me in starting to dig in to the Word more and find out how to overcome this liar of fear and to look to the only One who can help us. No more JIC living,  Only JC (Jesus Christ)!