There’s a lot of miles between today and someday.

Someday I will take that vacation.

Someday I will write that book.

Someday I will look for a job I love.

Someday I will make time to play barbies with my daughter.

Someday I will start exercising more.

It’s like a gas tank when the low fuel light comes on and you can’t see how many miles you have left.

You wish you would have stopped to get gas before that little light came on.

You wish you would have paid more attention so you knew how far you could push it to the very max.

Well, I am here to tell you that one day we will have wished we would have taken time to slow down and make some of those “somedays” happen.

I’ve been wanting to take more time to slow down for years.

I’ve wanted a state park pass to just go when I wanted and read a book or look at the trees and try to see a deer peeking through the trees.

But I always found a reason why not to do that.

It’s $50 for a park pass.

It’s 20 minutes to get there from my house.

I probably will be too busy to take time to go.

But Sunday I turned my someday into reality.

Yep. I bought the pass.

We drove the park.

We stopped and looked and admired and were just in awe of God’s beauty.

Thanks, Carson Hughes for showing us all the things we tend to pass by on a daily basis. For making us more aware of the sunsets and the birds and the beauty all around us.

Life is too short.

We need to stop and literally smell the roses.

Take time to watch that eclipse.

Get up 30 minutes early a couple days a week to start that exercise routine.

Schedule that trip to the mountains.

Pay for the oceanside room.

Apply for the dream job.

Go the playground with your kids.

Call your mom.

Wear the red dress.

Use the good dishes.

We aren’t promised tomorrow.

Start now.

What can YOU do to make your someday start TODAY?