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Jump Ropes and Jacks

I remember when I was in grade school and we couldn’t wait to go out for recess to jump rope. We would all bring our jump ropes from home and take turns singing rhymes as we jumped.

The boys would bring their jacks from home and sit on the concrete bouncing the rubber ball and picking up the jacks right before catching the ball. Everyone laughed and had fun.

How simple our games were back then. A jump rope didn’t cost more than a dollar. You could find jacks at the local KMart store for less than that.

Now we have $500 boxes that play $50 games that teach kids how to shoot the grandma over the edge of the boat and get 1,000 points for doing it! Recesses are becoming few and far between in elementary schools.

As we get older, sometimes we find ourselves conforming to these changes. We don’t take time to “have recess.” We forgot how to relax and have fun. We seem to always have one more email to answer and one more website to visit.

My challenge to you today is to take a few minutes to relax your mind.  Pull out your Bible and read a few passages.  Ask God to give you peace.  Ask Him to help you relax and find time for a simple “recess”.

We seem to all long for the carefree and fun days of childhood recess. Maybe today you can call an old friend and see if they want to come over for some iced tea and conversation…….or to jump rope and play jacks. How fun it could be!

“I” is for “Idol”

I was struggling with what to write for the letter “I”.  I actually started a couple of entries and felt like that wasn’t what God wanted me to write.  Then as I was doing my Bible study this morning, I knew that He had saved that one just for me.

You should have no idols before me.   Exodus 20:3.

Idols.  I always think of those as “golden calves” or a statue of Buddha or something someone bows down and worships and believes there is almighty power coming from a tangible, concrete or wooden thing.

But God really spoke to me and showed me that IDOL means anything you put before Him.  Anything that distracts you from God as your First Love.  If we think about our children more than God, they can become our IDOL.  If we think about our jobs more than God, it can become our IDOL.  If we worry about how to fix a problem more than we ask God how to fix that problem, it can become our IDOL.

Anything that we put first before God is an IDOL.  I realize that there are things that I have put first and I didn’t realize it.  I try to fix things instead of letting God work things out and fix them His way.  Sometimes I rely on THINGS more than on God.

“I’m sorry, Lord, for the things and the people who I have made my first love when it should be all about You.  No more IDOLS.  I’m sure I’ll be coming back to you very frequently asking forgiveness as I try to stay true to You as my First Love. Keep me focused on You.  I want to have no other gods, or IDOLS, before you.  But I need a little help…………from YOU.  Thank YOU.”

How Are You?

The Universal Question – “How Are You?”

People ask me that question and typically I respond with the Universal Answer “good” or “fine”.

And usually the person asking the question has already passed by and doesn’t even hear my response.

Are we so busy and so caught up in our own thoughts that we just ask the universal question of “how are you” without really even know what we are asking?

Are we so caught up in our own life that we don’t even listen for an answer to our own question? Are we so programmed to answer “good” or “fine” to the universal question that we don’t really even hear what others ask us?

I want to challenge you today to really listen when you ask someone “how are you?” Stop and look them in the eye. Show others that you really care how they are. And maybe if you get real good at this communicating thing, you’ll change up the initial question and ask “What’s the best thing about your day today?”

And maybe their answer will be that YOU cared enough to ask!

Gift to Gab

I do love to talk.  It’s a “trait” in my family.  Two of my cousins and I get made fun of because we like to talk.  My daughter is a talker, too.  But before you make too much fun of us “Club of Talkers”, maybe God gave us this GIFT TO GAB to fulfill a particular purpose.

My undergraduate degree is in Journalism and Speech Communications.  When I finished college I realized that I didn’t want to write for a newspaper and since I was getting married to a man who was already established in his farming business, I didn’t want to take on a job in a big city in communications.  So God led me to a law firm and eventually to get my degree in Paralegal Studies and 27 years later, I am still working in law.

BUT God did not let that journalism and speech degree go to waste.  He called me into the speaking ministry in 2000.  I was sitting at a women’s conference on the front row and it was like God was sitting next to me and He said something like, “you have the gift to gab and I want you to use it to glorify me.”  Well………it wasn’t really exactly like that but you get the picture.
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