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Mirror Mirror On The Wall

No one can make you feel inferior without your permission.     – Eleanor Roosevelt

Too many times we allow other people to make us feel inferior.  We go through the day in a good mood, feeling confident and then BAM, someone feels the need to belittle you.

Usually it’s someone who is jealous or threatened by you or your personality.  It is someone who wants to make themselves feel better so therefore they try to make you look smaller.

Don’t allow that to happen.  That is absolutely the devil prowling around like a lion trying to devour your self-worth.  Refuse to listen to that slimy creature.  You are a child of the King.

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made.  Your works are wonderful; I know that full well.  Psalm 139:14 (NIV).

God made you.  When you start to feel like you don’t have anything to give, or that you are not worth anything or that you are stupid, STOP and remember who made you.  God doesn’t make junk…………He only makes worthwhile and valuable people.

Look in the mirror.  You are one of those people.  God loves you.  Now love yourself as God loves you!  Mirror Mirror On the Wall………..who does God love with His all?

Recharge Like a Bunny

My husband and I went on a mini-vacation over the weekend with some friends and spent several hours in the van getting there.  We laughed and talked, looked at the sights around us and the crazy drivers passing us.  The farmers in the van assessed the crops along the way and we girls looked through magazines.  At one point I chuckled to myself as I noticed 5 of the 6 of us were on our electronic devices.  Thankfully the driver was not!

We had a Hotspot turned on the cell phone allowing the iPad® device to access the internet while traveling down the road for one of my friends to order her son’s college books.  Another friend was on her cell phone sharing some tips from a favorite internet blog, and I was thumbing through gift ideas on the Pinterest® website from my phone.  It didn’t take long for one of us to plug into the charger to recharge our device.  All of that activity was causing our cell phone and iPad® devices to have the charge sucked out of it and we needed a recharge!

Those electronic device batteries are just like our lives.  We have so much going on at one time that we can get the life sucked out of us pretty quickly.   And sometimes it’s all good stuff but we have to be aware of when we need a recharge or we can end up going completely dead in our Christian life.

Saying yes to too many things – even if they are doing for others and doing activities at church – can end up sucking the life out of us quickly.  Work, kids, laundry, everyday chores, activities, church, fun and helping others are all good things.  But don’t forget to keep Christ at the center of it all.  When you feel like things are getting you down and the world is spinning too fast, stop for a bit and get recharged by the One who gives Power and restores Life.

A little down time to RECHARGE is just what the body needs.  Unplug today from the world around you if only for a few minutes and plug into the power source from above.  Just starting your day with a RECHARGE will make your battery last a lot longer.  You may even turn into a little pink bunny with a drum!!   Photo: Energizer./ Published: 04/6/2012 2:13:03




It’s great that cell phone companies now have Roll Over Minutes – meaning when you have minutes left over from your plan that you don’t use in a one-month cycle, then the minutes roll over to the next month so you never lose any of your time.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could do the same with the 24-hours we have in a day?  We could have a plan and if we didn’t use all of our time wisely in one day, then it would roll over to the next day.

But truthfully how great would that be?  It seems we may get complacent and lazy.  We would procrastinate and think “I can just roll that time over to tomorrow and do what I wanted to do today tomorrow”.  Some people would have tons and tons of minutes that were never used!!

Thankfully God didn’t set it up that way.  We all have the same 24 hours in a day.  We are responsible for using it the best way possible and for not wasting it.  Everyone is responsible for how they use their own 24 hours.

But…. do we think that way?  Do we think “I can do that tomorrow” but tomorrow never comes?  I read a story about a guy who saved and saved his money and planned for retirement and didn’t enjoy every day life.  He retired and had a heart attack shortly thereafter and passed away.  We can’t wait on life.  We have to live now!

Do you have a bucket list?  Have you been looking to mark things off of it?
Have you been wanting to spend more time with your spouse or your kids but have been putting it off?
Have you felt God calling you to do something and you haven’t given in?
Have you felt lazy and non-productive and know you need to get busy?
Have you been wanting to lose weight and get healthy but think “I’ll start tomorrow”?

Today’s the day, my friend!  No more putting it off.  There are no Roll Over Minutes in this life.  What is it you want to do?  You’re called to do?  You need to do?  Make it happen.  Use those 24 God-given hours to the fullest and let me know how great it feels to Use the minutes you can’t Roll Over!!  Have a wonderful maxed-out 24-hour day!!

“Staticky Radio”

I was driving to work this week and trying to get my regular radio station, Star 93.3, to come in on the radio.  All I could get was static.  So I changed to my other favorite station – KLove 91.5.  More static.  I finally just turned the radio off completely and drove to work in silence.   I chalked it up to driving the back roads and my location.

Sometimes it’s that way with God.  We pray but we just don’t feel like He is listening.  We have a hard time feeling close to Him.  We read our Bible.  We go to church.  We do everything that we think we are supposed to do but it just seems that all we get is static.

Then we realize.  It’s our location!  We have moved out of God’s will, or we have strayed from the path of His direction.  We realize we just can’t hear Him clearly.

If you feel like God is far away, not listening or it’s a little “staticky”, then assess your location.  Are you on the right path where God can come in loud and clear or have you strayed to the back roads and all you can get is static?

It’s never too late.  Just change direction, get on the right path and tune Him in.   I bet His message will come in loud and clear and will be music to your ears!