Monthly Archives: May 2021

Untangled Minds!

Do you ever wake with a million things on your mind?  Like your mind is a ball of tangled string or a necklace that needs the knots out of the chain?

Sometimes I wake up and start thinking, “what was I worrying about when I went to bed?”  That’s just crazy!  But our mind seems to never stop cycling.  It’s like a little annoying hamster who will not give up the endless wheel to nowhere.

It’s good to keep our minds working on creative and positive things, and it’s obviously necessary to resolve issues and mark things off of our to-do lists.

But this racing…..this running is not only stressing us mentally but also putting much stress on our physical body.   We have to figure out how to untangle the mind.  How to quash the devil’s tactics of busyness.  He thrives on watching us worry and stress over the tangled chaos he loves to create.

The only way to straighten out this web of tangles is by trusting in the Master Untangler.  (What a new and unique title. 🙂  )  Yes, Jesus is the Master of helping us create calm out of chaos. Stillness out of stress.  Smooth out of tangled.

A few minutes with Jesus and a commitment to let Him handle the stress is the key to straightening the tangles.   Will you join me today in halting the wheel, pulling out the knots and untangling the web?

I hope so……….because life’s too short to live all tangled up.

One Shoe On. One Shoe Off.

Yes.  That is the story of my life.

On more than one occasion my husband has walked into the living room early morning to find me moving from one place to another, one shoe on while the other lays in waiting by the chair.

“Why is that” one might ask.

My answer……..distraction.

It’s true.  I get so distracted trying to do more than one thing at a time that I often forget to put both shoes on!

Many times, I find myself with all cabinet doors open, the dishwasher rack pulled out and water running in the sink while I stand in the laundry room with a can of soup, a beach towel and my toothbrush trying to remember what I went in there for.

I repeat……..story of my life.

But when I start my morning with the Bible on my lap and worship on my mind, I find the stillness of the Holy Spirit calms me.  My heart and my mind are at rest.

THAT should be the story of my life!

That’s what God wants for us each day.  Peace and calm.  Not chaos and craziness.  I want that…..every. single. day.

It’s going to take some focus, but I know I can do it ……one laced-up shoe at a time.


Whatcha Goin’ Through?

We are all going through something.
Every. single. person. you. meet. is going through something.
But we can’t let our circumstances overtake our joy!
Today let’s kick anxiety and joy-stealing thoughts to the curb and reclaim JOY.
In Psalm 94, David cries out in thankfulness to the Lord. And we can do the same.
“When anxiety was great within me, your consolation brought JOY to my soul.” Psalm 94:19.
God is here to console us. Jesus is here to be our friend. The Holy Spirit is here to overcome our anxious thoughts.
I can’t let the circumstances of my world became greater than my trust in Jesus. Therefore, today, I reclaim my JOY.
I hope you will join me. Start with one minute at a time. A few times today. Then a few more tomorrow. And before long it will become a new habit.
No more devil downer. We’ve got JOY on our side!

Today we celebrate two very important groups of people who must have big hearts and tough skin to do their jobs.
They are both equally tough positions, and they both require loving children.
To all the teachers and all the foster parents, we appreciate you!
Happy National Teacher Appreciation Day!
Happy National Foster Care Day!