Do you ever wake with a million things on your mind?  Like your mind is a ball of tangled string or a necklace that needs the knots out of the chain?

Sometimes I wake up and start thinking, “what was I worrying about when I went to bed?”  That’s just crazy!  But our mind seems to never stop cycling.  It’s like a little annoying hamster who will not give up the endless wheel to nowhere.

It’s good to keep our minds working on creative and positive things, and it’s obviously necessary to resolve issues and mark things off of our to-do lists.

But this racing…..this running is not only stressing us mentally but also putting much stress on our physical body.   We have to figure out how to untangle the mind.  How to quash the devil’s tactics of busyness.  He thrives on watching us worry and stress over the tangled chaos he loves to create.

The only way to straighten out this web of tangles is by trusting in the Master Untangler.  (What a new and unique title. 🙂  )  Yes, Jesus is the Master of helping us create calm out of chaos. Stillness out of stress.  Smooth out of tangled.

A few minutes with Jesus and a commitment to let Him handle the stress is the key to straightening the tangles.   Will you join me today in halting the wheel, pulling out the knots and untangling the web?

I hope so……….because life’s too short to live all tangled up.