Monthly Archives: November 2015

Switch Me Seats

I love going on road trips with family and friends.  I tend to drive when I go places with my friends.  It’s not because I don’t trust them.  It’s just because I really like to drive and I guess that “control factor” takes over in me.  When I drive, I can control the speed, the route, the stops, etc.  Sometimes if I am the passenger, I get a little anxious if people aren’t going the proper speed or paying attention to the road.  There’s that control factor again!!

If you are that way with the Lord and feel like you need to be in the driver’s seat and control the ride, then you better switch seats.  You’ve seen those signs that say “God is my co-pilot”.  I think it’s much better if God is your pilot!

So as you go through this journey in life, just enjoy the ride and let the Driver lead the route, control the speed, and be in charge of the stops.  If you find yourself trying to control the wheel, just ask the Lord to switch you seats!

Meet & Greet

I heard a comedian talking last night about how you could pay $2,000 to get great seats at this pop singer’s concert which also included a backstage pass to a “Meet & Greet” event where you get to meet the singer and get autographs, photos and have a little chat with them.

The comedian said “why would anyone want to pay $2,000 to meet someone who doesn’t want to meet them?”  It made everyone laugh because as ridiculous as it sounds, people do it.  Although $2,000 is ridiculous, I’ve paid several hundred dollars for my daughter to get prime seats and meet her favorite country music singers,  We pay for the experience with a tiny bit of hope the celebrities will think we are awesome and want to be our friend!

Meet & Greet events are very surface.  Yes, you get to enjoy the concerts up close and grab a few autographs, photos and maybe even a guitar pick.  But the reality is that those celebrities probably won’t remember you within 2 hours of meeting you.

But there is someone who has already paid the price for you to meet Him.  He is the author of the book that has sold the most copies of all times.  It continues to be a #1 Best Seller on the New York Times list.  He knows everything about you and will not forget you a couple hours after you meet Him.  His name is Jesus.  He is waiting to meet you right now.

It won’t cost you $2,000 but it did cost Him His life.

You won’t get an autograph or a photo or a guitar pick but will you get a Spirit within you that will be with you forever.

You won’t get His agent’s cell number to keep in touch but you will get a direct line to talk to Him 24/7, 365 days a year.

Ask Him into your heart if you have not already.  It will be the best Meet & Greet you could ever hope for.  It won’t just last a couple minutes but it will last an eternity.  Go on.  Give a shout out to Him right now.  He’s waiting…………no pass required!


My husband’s cell phone just stopped working the other day.  He sent a text message and then picked it up and the screen was black.  He put it on the charger for a while.  Nothing.  He tried holding the on/off button down.  No luck.  We tried everything we could think of.

Then we went to the technology brains of the family – our daughter!  She said “oh you just have to hold this button at the same time you hold this button and it just resets itself”.  Wah lah!!  The phone was working again good as new!

I’m so glad God gives us the opportunity to reset ourselves every day.  All we have to do is ask for forgiveness and ask Him for direction. He will lead us in His way. And if we get off path and get in the black zone for a bit, all we have to do is ask Him for a reset. He forgives us and lets us start over again – good as new! No button holding necessary………just a repentant heart.

No buttons. No black screen. No charger. Just a request, a repentance and a reset! Amen!

It Was Right There The Whole Time!

Recently I feel like I have been losing my mind!  I bought a special light bulb and when I got home I thought sure I had it in the kitchen.  I looked the house over for that light bulb.  I looked in the refrigerator, the freezer, the pantry and laundry room closet.  I was thinking “did I take that light bulb with me somewhere and lay it down?”   I even pulled the garbage bag out of the garbage can and searched through the garbage to look for that silly light bulb.

I decided to just give up.  I couldn’t find it.  The next morning I got in the car and looked down and there on the floor board was that crazy light bulb!!  It had been in the car the whole time!

Yesterday I did the same thing with a Christmas CD.  I layed it on the couch and then when I went to clean up my mess, I couldn’t find that CD.  I looked everywhere.  After some time of looking, I remembered that I put it away – right where it was supposed to be.  It was in the CD player the whole time!

I find myself doing the same thing with God.  Do ever get worried about something and start looking for the answers on your own?  We try to fix things and recreate situations so that they are fixed the way we think they should be.  We start looking for things to fill the void in our life.  We look high and low.  We wonder where God has gone.  Some people look to “stuff” and fill the void with shopping.  Some people may look to alcohol.  Some people may look to busyness.  We keep searching for something to fill that void – that emptiness – that worry.

Then we look around and realize God was there the whole time.  He was in the blessings we didn’t realize were from Him.  He was in the closed door that we didn’t know was there to protect us.  He was in the stillness of the morning and the song on the radio.  He kept trying to show Himself to us but we missed Him in our search for other things.

When we feel this emptiness in our lives, we don’t need to go searching for THINGS.  We just need to be still and realize God is there……..Just waiting patiently for us to see Him.  Today, let’s stop looking and just go to the One who knows all……….the One who has been right there the whole time!