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Waiting Patiently? Really?

Waiting patiently.  I don’t even think those two words go together!  What’s it called?  An oxymoron?  A phrase that combines two words having contradictory meaning.

Waiting………. like:
“The buzzer will light up when your table is ready.”
“Take a number.”
“The next shuttle should arrive in 10 minutes.”
And my favorite:  “the doctor will be RIGHT with you.”

How do you feel when reading any of those examples?  Maybe you’re not like me.  Maybe waiting doesn’t bother you.  Unfortunately, I’m the person who feels like waiting is a waste of time.  I need to be doing something productive even if it is opening my Pinterest® app.

I have such a hard time waiting.  But our whole life has waiting built into it as the above examples remind us.   Waiting is inevitable.  It’s important, though, to note that it is what we do during that waiting period that sets our attitude for what’s to come.

If I am aggravated while waiting for my table at the restaurant, then the whole meal will be miserable, and I can make those with me feel uncomfortable and take away from their enjoyment of the evening.

Being aggravated at waiting on the doctor could cause my blood pressure to go up and give a false reading for an inappropriate diagnosis.

And we all know what being aggravated while waiting at the BMV for the “next number” to be called can do to us! hahaha

While we are in God’s waiting room waiting on answers to prayers; waiting on Him to guide us; waiting on Him to work; we must be patient.  It is during that time that He may be leading us to bigger and better things.  He may want us to learn to be more loving or draw closer to Him.  It may be that He just wants us to learn to sit and wait.

And it is probably during that waiting period that we grow the most.

So I am going to try to be more patient during the waiting times of the every-day events.  And while I am in God’s waiting room, I’m going to try to learn what He wants me to learn.  Maybe He just wants me to read the Highlights magazine.  🙂

Prayer Power!

There is a lot of hurt in this world today.
Hurt in our hearts.
Hurt in our families.
Hurt with our friends.
Hurt in our schools.
Hurt in our workplaces.
Hurt in our churches.
Hurt in our community.
Hurt in our state.
Hurt in our country.
Hurt in our world.

But there is one common hurt that occurred that can heal us all.  The hurt that Jesus went through to save us.  He lived as a person just like you and me walking this earth only to be rejected, lied about, stabbed, made fun of, laughed at, beaten and killed.  However, the story doesn’t end there.  He arose from the dead and is alive today.  He took the punishment for all of us and if we just say thank you and accept Him, we can have an eternity of peace that breaks all strongholds of hurt and pain.  We still have to endure pain and suffering on this earth but He will be with us to help us through it and give us hope for eternal peace.

Let us all pray together today for God to heal the hurt in our lives and our world because He tells us:  “If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”

Can you imagine what could happen if we all stop what we are doing and just spent a few minutes in prayer for all the hurt in the world?  Don’t blame anyone.  Don’t point fingers.  Don’t make fun of people or things.  Don’t get angry.  Just pray.  Pray for everyone and for all the hurt.

Be on the lookout to see what God is doing right now in our world – both in our little corner and across the globe!  He’s working…just keep praying!

Raise a hand and bow a head if you’re with me!  🙂

Journeying with Jesus…and a T-Bird!

Double yellow line transitioned to passing zone.
Revved up engine.
A gust of wind and an excited squeal from a group of teens.

The setting for my husband and I getting passed on the highway for going too slow in our Thunderbird convertible.   Yes, we are officially “those old people who drive too slow in a cool car.”

My daughter used to ask us, “why do only old people drive cool cars?” And I would respond, “it’s because they finally got their children grown and have some money and time to buy their dream car.”  Which is now exactly the case for me.  🙂

But as those teens passed us laughing and I’m sure making fun of us, I sat back and smiled as I looked all around.  On all sides there were scenes of God’s greatness –  the beautiful fields of green crops, the trees gently blowing in the wind, the light blue sky with a touch of cotton-like clouds gliding along as if tied to a sail boat.

As I held my position in the passenger seat, I also held the hand of my handsome driver.  It was his idea for a summer’s evening drive to local connecting towns just because he knew I loved to do it.  I wasn’t sure where he was taking me and what route but it didn’t matter.  I was riding with the love of my life and I trusted him.

We laughed and talked and enjoyed the silence.  It was just so comforting to be with him no matter where we went or how we got home.

Such a peaceful scenario of what my life should be like with Jesus.  I should just enjoy the ride and be thankful for all I have.  I should love Him so deeply and trust Him that wherever He is taking me on this journey that it is going to be the right route and that when I get to my heavenly home I get to spend the rest of eternity with Him.

It’s hard though sometimes because we don’t like the “vehicle” we’re in or the path we are taking.  The scenery isn’t always pretty with green rolling fields and puffy clouds.  Some days it’s cold and rainy and dark and the rolling hills are actually valleys with what seems like no way out.

But the good news is that your driver is always with you taking you through a journey where everything will work out in His will and bring honor and glory to the Creator.

Enjoy the ride while letting Him steer you through a remarkable journey.  Hang on because you may be squealing with excitement very soon!

A Practical Blog Idea for A Fifteen-Minute Miracle!

Wouldn’t it be great to have 15 extra minutes in a day?  Okay, okay.  You may be thinking:  “Fifteen extra minutes?  If I am getting a wish granted for extra time, I want hours!”

But if we had hours we would want more hours and then we would be even more exhausted than we are right now!  We think there just isn’t enough time in the day to do some of the small things we would like to do – like cleaning out a closet, reading a magazine, catching up with a friend or decluttering the junk drawer.

What if I told you that I could find you an extra 5 hours a month?  NO I’M NOT SELLING ANYTHING.  But I have a tip for you.  If you set a timer for just 15 minutes a day every day for 5 days a week that would be an extra hour and 15 minutes per week times 4 weeks a month is 5 hours in one month!  And times that by 12 months and you’ve just found yourself 60 hours a year to do something you’ve been wanting to do by using just 15 minutes a day 5 days a week.

Let’s start today.  What is the one thing you really want to do?  Tackle a piled up corner of the closet?  Sort through some clutter in the garage?  Go through that Tupperware cabinet?  Take a walk in the park?  Talk to a friend?  Send some thinking-of-you cards?  Start reading the book on the coffee table or spend more time reading the Bible?

Pick your thing.  Set your timer.  Do it for 15 minutes.  When the timer goes off, stop and go back to doing whatever you need to do.  Within just 5 days you will have spent an hour and 15 minutes doing something you’ve been putting off.   If you say you don’t have an extra 15 minutes, try getting up 15 minutes earlier or not watching TV for 15 extra minutes.  Just give it a try.  If it doesn’t work for you, then you know you’ve tried.

To be honest, it’s not solely my idea haha (the internet is filled with 15-minute ideas) but if you want to thank me for being a 15-minute miracle worker, then you are welcome!

Let’s get started.  Ready.  Set. Go Timer!