Pop-up notice.

Man, when that cell phone notifies us of anything, we are all over it.  We do NOT want to miss a call, a text, an email, a “like” or a comment.

We now wear devices on our wrists to make sure we don’t miss any of the notifications that come across the phone in our pockets.  It is so very important to not let someone wait who sends us that text and not stay on top of how many “hearts” or “thumbs up” we get on that latest Facebook post.

Our life is stored in our cell phones – calendars, pictures, favorite music and daily devotions.  We download every app possible to make our life easier which in turn complicates it by the annoying notifications.

We sleep with our cell phones.  We make sure they are attached to Bluetooth® so we can continue to communicate while doing other things.  We take them with us to the bathroom; keep them with us during prayer time; have them next to us while we sleep and make sure to keep them on the table while having dinner.

But do we keep the Bible as close to us as our cell phones?  When I need an answer to a situation, do I search the Google app on my phone and text a friend?  Or do I put down the phone and open up my Bible?

I’m ashamed to say the cell phone gets more use than the Bible in my life.  I read the Bible every morning and have one in my office at work I reach for occasionally.  I love my quiet time early in the mornings and digging into Bible studies and words from Jesus Calling® devotions.  But is it enough?

We will always rely on cell phones for many different things.  They are a great invention and a great way to organize our chaotic lives.  But from a spiritual perspective, what gives us more answers?  Cell phones or Bibles?  There’s no question God’s Word is the way.

Let’s ask ourselves this question today and find a way to spend more quality time with the Creator.  So, friends, do you keep your cell phone closer than your Bible?