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A Waste of Time? You Be Your Own Judge – For Now.

We all  have different priorities with the 24 hours a day we are given.  I like to think I make good use of my time because of the many LISTS I make.  Most of the time I am very “productive” driven.  I have a list.  I want to get things accomplished.

Sometimes I have lists written down.  Sometimes they are in my head.  Sometimes I just say “let’s wing it!” hahaha.  And some days………..get ready……..yes………..I say let’s just relax and enjoy the time!

On days like that, I may sit on my porch swing and just listen to the birds.  I may write.  I may read.  I may watch a movie (sometimes a Christmas movie in July) Emoji or I may call a friend or meet a friend for lunch.  I love watching sitcoms Reba and Everybody Loves Raymond and King of Queens.  I love looking at Pinterest and getting ideas for decorating for gift giving.  I love riding my bike.  I love getting up early to blog or read and spend my quiet time alone.
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Splintered or Shaped? It’s Your Choice!

Tongue depressors……… know the hard pieces of wood that doctors stick in your mouth to hold down your tongue so they can see your throat?   You know, they just about make you gag because they are so stiff?!

Some people use these tongue depressors for a lot of craft ideas, too.  I remember using the smaller versions of tongue depressors and making “log cabins” out of them when we were little.  We would try to bend them to make them go into a circle to make a swimming pool and every time, the stick would break as we tried to bend it – leaving me with a broken splintered little piece of wood.

It’s like us trying to bend God’s rules.   We decide to ignore His rules and do things our way.  We ignore the clear rules He has set out for us in the Bible and He allows us to break and splinter.  His ways are best.  He sees the whole picture.  We need to let Him lead.

The tongue depressor CAN BE SHAPED if soaked in boiling water.  It gets soft and you can shape it into a circle.  It’s just like us.  If we soak ourselves in God’s love and His word and ask Him to lead us in His ways, then He will shape us and mold us into the person HE wants us to be.

Quit trying to make God fit into your way and your rules.  Let’s soak in His word and His love and let HIM shape us.  I would rather be molded into a circle by God, than be a broken, splintered piece of wood that can’t be used to even flatten a tongue!

God’s Memory Loss

Do you ever forget what you were doing?  Or forget what you went into the kitchen for?

You go back to where you came from just to remember what you were doing?  Normal forgetfulness is aggravating.  I think it also comes with age. (I’m not referring to the sad condition of alzheimers.) I’m just referring to everyday forgetfulness.

This is how God is with our sins when we ask for forgiveness.  Psalm 103:12 – “as far as the east is from the west, so far has he removed our transgressions from us.”

When we go to Him and ask forgiveness, He forgets our sins.  It’s like us going into the kitchen and just forget what we went in for.  But if we don’t accept His forgiveness and keep going back to Him with our sin, it’s as if we don’t accept His grace.  It’s like going back to where we came from so we can remember what we went in the kitchen for.

Don’t go back to God with your sin.  When we ask Him to forgive us, we need to forgive ourselves and accept His mercy and His grace and His forgiveness.  Don’t feel like you have to “remind Him” how bad you were……….He doesn’t want reminded.  He loves us so much that He has already forgotten and never to be remembered again.

So the next time you forget what you went into the kitchen for, instead of getting angry, just whisper a little prayer to God thanking Him for His forgiveness and forgetfulness.

That’s the greatest memory loss ever!!

PS – I just found out my dear sweet little friend from church, Franceile Gorbett passed away.  She suffered from Alzheimers Disease.  May Franceile enjoy her reunion with her husband and her Lord as she walks the streets of gold in heaven. Now I know why God layed on my heart to write about memory loss.  Franceile has no more memory loss!

Clouds Full of Art

Have you ever layed on your back in the yard and just looked up at the clouds?  Your friend laying beside you.  You both are looking at the same cloud formation but maybe you see a dog and your friend sees a motorcycle.  You keep staring at those clouds, but to you……no motorcycle – just a dog!

It’s kind of like our lives. As Christians, we look at our situations and see God working even in the tough times.  We see HOPE.  Others whose faith may not be as strong, look at the same situation and see devastation.  They worry and see no hope that this situation will ever resolve itself.

Christ is the HOPE.  No matter what you are going through today, Christ is there to help you.  He is there to give you HOPE.  Don’t give in to the negative.  Keep looking at the clouds until you see Christ………until you see a dog……..or a motorcycle……or perhaps a little rainbow.

Send me an email and let me know what I can pray for you for today.  Through prayer and HOPE, the clouds become clear little pieces of art!