Monthly Archives: October 2014

Google It

You’ve seen the commercial where the girl says “it’s true.  I read it on the internet”.  Meaning the internet is all-knowing!!  People believe no matter what information you’re looking for, it can be found through Google.

We have the internet on our iphones, our ipads and our laptops.  Anytime we need directions or advice on any given topic, we have access to the answers at our fingertips.

How interesting it is that for years we have had the device with all the answers to life’s issues right at our fingertips but the world didn’t recognize it.  It’s called the Holy Bible.  Everything we need to know about how to live our life can be found in the scriptures.

Now I know that the Bible doesn’t have a GPS for directions to the nearest Texas Roadhouse or the latest sales flyer for Target stores.  But the good news is that the Bible, too has valuable information and it can also be found on the internet!!

So the next time I am worrying about a life situation or wondering how to witness to my neighbor, I’ll just fire up the ole laptop ……….and Google It!  Because we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him – even Google!

The World Didn’t Stop For My Broken Heart

A title of a Reba McEntire song……….but so much meaning in that title.

I remember after my mother-in-law passed away we stopped at a restaurant for a sandwich on the way home from the hospital.  Everyone just kept walking around doing their own thing and laughing and talking but our hearts were aching.  Didn’t people know that we had a terrible loss and we were very sad???

I have never forgotten when a friend told me one time at a funeral that it was not now that the family needed us but rather 6 months from now when everyone goes back to living their own lives and the people who have experienced the loss are still sad.

We lost a dear friend last week to cancer and we will never forget him.  And I don’t ever want to forget to remind the family that even though the world goes on, we will still remember.

We should all make it a priority to stop our world, if just for a moment, to remember those who have a broken heart …………and let them know we do remember!


All Aboard!

I love watching toy trains.  I love watching the train go round and round a track especially if it’s under a Christmas tree!!  The sound of the “chug chug”  of the train and the sparkle of tiny little lights glowing bring a smile to my face and a warmth to my heart.

It’s so aggravating though when the train gets derailed and the normal roll of the train wheels is interrupted. But the good news is that when the train gets set upright again, it hugs the tracks and gets back in rhythm.

That’s how our lives roll.  We chug along enjoying the ride and all the sights and sounds along the path.  Sometimes we get comfortable and something we do takes our eyes off of the right path and we get derailed.  It may take a while for us to get back on the track and start rolling again.  The good news is that we have Someone who can set us upright and put us back on the track.

Sin derails us.  Forgiveness from God puts us back on track.  I’m so glad to be on the train to heaven and even when it gets derailed by something I do because of taking my eyes off of the path, I am thankful for the ultimate Conductor to put the train back on the right track.

Won’t you join me on this joyful ride?  The seats are unlimited.  The destination is to die for.  Grab your coat and sit down.  All Aboard!

Today is National MAKE A DIFFERENCE Day!

What can you do to make a difference today?  I know I’ve talked about it in past blogs and sent you to my friend’s website,, to get ideas.  But I thought it was worth revisiting especially since today is specifically designated as National MAKE A DIFFERENCE day!

Because of this special day, I would challenge you to find one or more people to whom you can make a difference today.

1)  Make a difference to a family member.  Make their favorite dessert or dinner.  Help with chores around the house.  Write a love letter to your spouse or to your child.

2)  Make a difference to a friend.  Send a bouquet of flowers.  Go see a movie together.  Make them dinner.  Send a card.  Give the gift of time – just sit and talk and listen.

3)  Make a difference to The Lord.  Show someone the love of Christ.  Tell someone about all that He has done for you.  Spend time in prayer and Bible study.  Support a mission that spreads the gospel – for example – Samaritan’s Purse through Operation Christmas Child.

Whatever you choose to do today, just focus on MAKING A DIFFERENCE to people all day long.  Maybe you will just find out that it would be fun to turn National Make a Difference Day into National Make a Difference EVERY day!  Have fun with it!