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What kind of water?

When we were little we drank water from the faucet.  The water usually came from the cistern and that water was usually rain water.

Nowadays we have many choices.  When we go to a restaurant and order water, we may be asked if we would like lemon or no lemon; ice or no ice.  We have the choice of tap water or bottled water.

When we go to buy bottled water in the store there are dozens of choices of brands.  They range all the way from the “Cadillacs” of water down to the generic brands.  We have choices of water in 8 ounces, 12 ounces or 16 ounces.  We can get an individual bottle, a pack of 6, 12, 24 or a bonus back of 32.

We can get plain water or water with flavors ranging from every taste combination imaginable.  Costs of water range all over the price scale.

Besides drinking it, we use water to cook with, to clean with, to bathe with and to keep our plants and pets alive.  We change it’s temperature to make things hot or cold.

There are so many things that we can do with water.  It is absolutely an important element of our life.

But Jesus tells us that He offers a water that will provide satisfaction to never thirst again.  He offers water that cleans without detergent.  He offers water that allows us to live forever.  It doesn’t come in different sizes.  It doesn’t come in different flavors.  It’s not bottled or sold in packages.

It’s free flowing love.  It’s a relationship with the One who can give you life forever in the most fabulous place flowing with beautiful water falls and streets of gold.

Accept Jesus and His living water today.  It’s free.  It’s endless and it will clean you white as snow.  Only one choice to make here, folks!  What kind of water?  I’ll take the kind that lets me live with peace and joy in heaven forever.

John 4:14 – But whosoever drinketh of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst; but the water that I shall give him shall be in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life.


Butterscotch, Cherry or Humble Pie?

My mother-in-law used to make the best butterscotch pie in the world!  We would always “fight” over who would get the last piece.  Butterscotch is my favorite flavor of pie.

Whether your favorite pie is cherry, butterscotch, apple or peach, the worst kind of pie to have to swallow is “Humble pie”.

I’m sure we’ve all had instances where we got on our high horse or became a little arrogant or spoke out of turn and then had to eat humble pie and either apologize or were embarrassed of our actions.

I remember a particular quarterback a couple of years ago who was pretty arrogant and even wore a Superman shirt during warm ups at the Super Bowl.  I believe football involves an entire “team” and not just one guy.  But the prancing around, arrogance and pretending as if he was Superman came back as “humble pie” during that crushing loss on the biggest NFL stage.  And he didn’t handle it well.

Is there something that you need to apologize for but you have been putting off?
Is there someone who needs to hear that you were wrong but you don’t want to eat that humble pie?
Is there something that you keep doing that may come off as arrogance or over the top but you are too proud to stop?

Don’t disappoint others or yourself or even God by continuing to carry your pride around.  Put it down.  Make it right.  Pick up your fork and eat the pie – the humble pie.

Romans 12:3 – For by the grace given me I say to every one of you: Do not think of yourself more highly than you ought, but rather think of yourself with sober judgment, in accordance with the faith God has distributed to each of you.

To Do Or Not To Do? That is the Question!

I am a list maker.  I am off work on Fridays so on Thursday nights I usually make out my list of to-do’s for Friday.  I also am obsessed with being productive and marking things off my list.  I’ve been known to write things down I’ve already done just so I can mark them off!!  (I know there are some of you out there who do the same!)

Last night my exhausting list of to-do’s was completed before I went to bed but my mind kept racing thinking of more things to add to the list, then becoming stressed because there’s no way I can get everything done on that list in one day.  It’s actually NOT humanly possible as there’s not enough hours in one day.

So this morning as I got up, feet hit the floor, I started to race – like literally brush my teeth fast and run a brush through my hair and fix breakfast while doing something else and feeling this panic “how will I get it all done”?

Then I realized that it’s MY LIST!  No one made me create the list.  Yes, there are a few things on there of requests from others but overall it’s MY LIST!!  To do or not to do?  That is the question.  The answer is MINE!

If your list is long and your mind is racing and your to-do’s are overwhelming, let me give you the advice I gave myself:  stop, spend quiet time with the Lord reading devotions and praying.  Relax a bit.  And then your focus will be better for the rest of the day.

To do – quiet time.

Not to do?  Now that is the question.

Hope you have a happy, peaceful, productive, your-special-kind-of-day!

Live With Free Spirit

Swinging high on a swing.
Kite soaring like a king.

Arms tucked in.  Fresh green grass.
Rolling down the hill fast, fast, fast.

Pedaling your bike; breeze blowing in your hair.
Paper airplane gliding smoothly through the air.

Jumping rope to singing rhymes.
Arms out like an airplane.  Eyes to the sky.

Twirling around until you can’t see.
Dizziness takes over and brings you to your knees.

Laughter erupts and happiness is alive.
Freedom feels good as you smile at the sky.

God gives us the Spirit to live in freedom.  It comes as freely as the excitement from the things above.  Stop worrying.  Stop controlling.  Stop trudging through the day.  LIVE WITH FREE SPIRIT!  God gives us the Holy Spirit free.  Go ahead and live like you’re loved.  Act like you’ve been set free.  Jesus gives it all to you.

Go ahead and twirl, ride, glide and swing… and live like you’re loved….because you are…by the Free Spirit worth living for!

**Be sure to watch the video all the way to the end!

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