Swinging high on a swing.
Kite soaring like a king.

Arms tucked in.  Fresh green grass.
Rolling down the hill fast, fast, fast.

Pedaling your bike; breeze blowing in your hair.
Paper airplane gliding smoothly through the air.

Jumping rope to singing rhymes.
Arms out like an airplane.  Eyes to the sky.

Twirling around until you can’t see.
Dizziness takes over and brings you to your knees.

Laughter erupts and happiness is alive.
Freedom feels good as you smile at the sky.

God gives us the Spirit to live in freedom.  It comes as freely as the excitement from the things above.  Stop worrying.  Stop controlling.  Stop trudging through the day.  LIVE WITH FREE SPIRIT!  God gives us the Holy Spirit free.  Go ahead and live like you’re loved.  Act like you’ve been set free.  Jesus gives it all to you.

Go ahead and twirl, ride, glide and swing… and live like you’re loved….because you are…by the Free Spirit worth living for!

**Be sure to watch the video all the way to the end!

#MakeADifferenceEveryday  #HawkNelson   #LiveLikeYou’reLoved