It’s like a Total Eclipse of the Heart. 😊
(*Lyrics courtesy of Bonnie Tyler)

So many things about this day.

The path of totality.
The eclipse.
So many questions.
So many what if’s.
So many things to think about.
We, in southeast Indiana, are right on the cusp of totality.

Parties are planned.
Community events are happening.
Glasses have been distributed.
Cars are full of gas.
Pantries are full of food.
We even made sure we had enough toilet paper (in case it becomes a “covid commodity”). 😃

We get so prepared and excited for this day because it could be a once-in-a-lifetime event for our area.
We can’t stop talking about it.
We’ve all been planning for it for weeks.

The scientists say the event will last around 3 minutes and then it will be over. But those 3 minutes will be awesome.

It reminds me of something else that is very important for which we need to plan.
Something else that can happen in the blink of an eye.
Something else we need to be ready for.

What’s that? It’s the most important question in our life…………where will we go after this life is over?
Will you go to heaven and get to spend eternity with Jesus?

As Christians, we should be talking to others about the coming of Christ and planning for our own end of time; the time when we will spend eternity in heaven if we know Jesus or eternity in hell if we do not.

This eclipse will last 3 minutes.
After-life lasts forever.
No ending time.

Heaven will be full of parties and light and JOY and happiness.
Hell will be exactly opposite.
And it’s forever.

What if we put as much time into serving Jesus and spreading the word about salvation as we do into planning events such as the eclipse and totality?

Maybe we need to be thinking about the true Total Eclipse of the Heart.
You know……the one turning our dark hearts over to the Light of Jesus.

Getting to be in light.

Sounds amazing.
I want you to join me in the heavenly party.
See you there.