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Way Ahead of Ya!

I was way ahead of my time. (wink wink)

Work-life balance.
Work from home.
Dress for your day.
Continuous improvement.
Team building.

Corporations say they are “changing with the times” but these ideas have been around for a long time. When I had my second daughter, I went out on a limb and asked if I could reduce my workweek by a day but promised to keep up on my workload while taking a cut in pay. Fortunately for me, they took the offer and 25 years later, I’m still “keeping up with the times”.

That was my first stab at work-life balance. It was risky asking the higher ups to approve a work schedule out of the norm. I think some people thought work-life balance meant holding one kid on one hip while the other is hanging on your leg all the while making dinner and answering emails!

Another new phenomenon is “Dress for Your Day”. Now, I work better in business casual clothes but there are some days I wake up and just want to wear jeans. Now I can feel comfortable “dressing for my day”.

And good heavens – “continuous improvement”!! Organizing has been around for a long time but if it makes everyone feel better, we can call it “continuous improvement”.

And team building.  To me, team building is all about relationships and how we can incorporate that into the work place to work better together. Celebrations of birthdays, service anniversaries, milestones, babies, and successes are what we love to do. But if slapping a corporate seal of “team building activities” makes benchmarking easier, then that’s okay with me.

Now I won’t make a big ordeal about it, but I am amazed how corporations pay big bucks to bring in consultants to teach us how to sort, organize and improve processes and teach us how to get along better by playing games and figuring out our personality color when we have known a lot of these concepts for years.

I sometimes wonder if God doesn’t feel the same way. We do our own thing and give it our unique stamp. When it doesn’t work, we cry out to God and He says, “I’ve known the best way all along but you had to figure out to trust me on your own.”

He has perfected work-life balance. He is with us continuously and we don’t need to work to earn God’s love. When we surrender to His ways, we get an immediate work-life balance.

And Jesus has the perfect outfit for “dress for our day” which includes the suit of armor found in Ephesians 6. When putting on our dress for the day we are ready to fight the devil’s schemes.

When we can read scriptures, pray, study, worship, and develop our relationship with God, we “continuously improve” in our Christian life.

And the best way to “team build” for God’s team is to tell others about His love and encourage them to follow His ways.  No better team than God’s team!

Do we sometimes know the best way before it becomes the cool way in society? Sure.

But I am so glad God is way ahead of us all!

I-What? I-When? Eye-Where?

iPad. iPod. iPhone.
Mac. Dell. Thinkpad.
Google. Yahoo!. Firefox.

All this technology makes my head spin.

But it also makes my vision blurry.

Do your eyes ever get tired and burn with blurred vision from staring at a screen too long? If you think about it, our eyes are looking at screens most of our waking day.

For me, I start the day looking at my screen when my alarm goes off. One of my daily devotions is delivered to me on the app on my phone causing me to look at the screen again.

As I get ready for work, I continually look at the phone screen to see what time it is. I may write a blog or check my Facebook page on my computer therefore looking at another computer screen.

I look at the radio screen in my car and if I’m going somewhere unfamiliar, I look at the GPS screen. My job requires continuous work on a computer where I have two screens set up to maximize my time. I text, call and Facetime on my phone screen.

When I get home at night, I am staring at the large screen in my living room to catch up on the latest news or enjoy a few episodes of my favorite sitcom.

Now we have screens we wear on our wrists that talk to the screens we keep in our pocket and the ones that sit on our desks. It’s crazy!! No wonder our eyes get tired, itchy, red and blurry. We never seem to take the time to look up from our massive number of screens to just look out into the distance to refocus; to enjoy the beauty of what’s around us. There is more to life than screens.

God is waiting for us to take our eyes off of the worldly things that cause us blurred vision and to focus on the One who can give us clear vision. The world continues to blur our thinking and our vision with all the ways of the evil one. There are so many things clamoring for our attention. The devil wants us to be confused and blurry eyed all the time so that we are constantly looking to the world for the answers.

But Jesus says, “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.” He is All. He can clear our blurry vision and clean out the cobwebs of confusion. If you are seeing blurred vision and not sure which way to turn, open your Bible, look for a Bible-based church and call out to Jesus.

He is the correction goggles that clears our vision.

iPad? iPod? iPhone? Nope. Eye on Jesus!

(*And as a trademark professional, I must add that iPad, iPad, iPhone and Mac are all registered trademarks of Apple, Inc.  Dell is a trademark of Dell, Inc. Thinkpad is a registered trademark of Lenovo, Inc. Google is a registered trademark of Google, LLC.  Yahoo! is a registered trademark of Yahoo! Inc. Firefox is a registered trademark of Mozilla Foundation. 🙂  )

Make the Choice to Fly!

It’s morning.

I can hit the snooze or get up now.
I can eat a  donut or fix some protein-filled eggs.
I can read my Bible or watch an episode on Netflix.
I can get to work on time or be a “usual” 10 minutes late.
I can lay out something for dinner or plan to swing through a drive thru tonight.

So many decisions to make just in the morning alone.  Throughout the day, I have to make decisions to get my steps in or stay sitting on my tooshy.  I can eat a healthy lunch or enjoy a high calorie, mid-afternoon crash option.  I can talk about my coworker behind their back or I can address the issue to their face.

There are a lot of decisions to make in one day – which route to take, which clothes to wear, who to call, where to go, when to go, etc.

But there is one decision we can make starting out our day that can affect our entire attitude.  And that decision is whether to trust God with our worries or carry them with us all day.

One option brings peace and joy.
The other, stress and unhappiness.

When we have a choice, why would we NOT choose peace and joy?  It seems so simple.  But every day we struggle with which one to choose.  Make a bold step forward and every morning, first thing, choose peace and joy and let God take care of the worries, stress and unhappiness and turn them to pure light in your life.

It seems so freeing….I think i could fly!