It’s morning.

I can hit the snooze or get up now.
I can eat a  donut or fix some protein-filled eggs.
I can read my Bible or watch an episode on Netflix.
I can get to work on time or be a “usual” 10 minutes late.
I can lay out something for dinner or plan to swing through a drive thru tonight.

So many decisions to make just in the morning alone.  Throughout the day, I have to make decisions to get my steps in or stay sitting on my tooshy.  I can eat a healthy lunch or enjoy a high calorie, mid-afternoon crash option.  I can talk about my coworker behind their back or I can address the issue to their face.

There are a lot of decisions to make in one day – which route to take, which clothes to wear, who to call, where to go, when to go, etc.

But there is one decision we can make starting out our day that can affect our entire attitude.  And that decision is whether to trust God with our worries or carry them with us all day.

One option brings peace and joy.
The other, stress and unhappiness.

When we have a choice, why would we NOT choose peace and joy?  It seems so simple.  But every day we struggle with which one to choose.  Make a bold step forward and every morning, first thing, choose peace and joy and let God take care of the worries, stress and unhappiness and turn them to pure light in your life.

It seems so freeing….I think i could fly!