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The Old Ball and Chain…

Alarm beeps.  Snooze hit.  Moan exhales.  Dread sets in.  Another day.

Apparently an early day if the alarm wakes you and you hit snooze.  I do it every morning.  Some mornings I hit snooze to turn the annoying thing off and then allow myself 90 seconds to wake up and completely detonate the thing.

But then I get up, aggravated, to start the daily routine.  Brush my teeth.  Do my business. Take a shower. Put on every form of moisturizer available.  Hair.  Face. Arms. Legs. Feet. Eyes. Hands.  Dry my hair. Curl my hair.  Put on my makeup.  Get dressed.  And then do my daily devotions.

Then it’s time for the blog post, the instagram post, the website post or nothing at all.

Time is running out.  The clock keeps ticking closer to the minute I must leave the comfort of my own home to get in the comfort of my own car to drive to that job.  Yes, the one that allows me to get up and go.  The one that allows me to have a comfortable home and a comfortable car  and a comfortable life.  Okay.  Maybe it’s not the job.

So what is my ball and chain?  What is it that keeps me under the covers up to my neck not even wanting to peek out?

The worry of the same ole day ahead.  That’s what it is.  The same news stories.  The same reruns of my favorite show.  The same drive to work.  The same parking spot.  The same pictures in my office.  The same wardrobe.  The same places to eat for lunch…and sometimes the same food for lunch day after day.

Hold on.  I finally figured it out!!  I know what my “old ball and chain is”!!  Comfort.  Same ole.  I need to mix it up a bit.  I used to do that.  I used to not be so boring.

What happened?  Age. Weight. Laziness.  Maybe all of the above but I believe the biggest thing is comfort.  I just got comfortable where I am and for months it’s been holding me hostage like a ball and chain.

What’s your ball and chain?  Stay tuned and we will look at ways in the next couple weeks of how we can get out of that rut and cut that chain to send that ole ball rollin’ down the hill!

Bye Bye Ball and Chain!

How Tight Is Your Blindfold?

Five friends. A van. And a blindfold.

What a great adventure that was!  Our friend was turning 50 and we took her on a scavenger hunt.  The first few stops were visible.  But the last one….blindfolded.

Laughing and pulling the blindfold tight, we had a blast leading her on a journey of unexpected turns and stops.  As we pulled into the parking lot and guided the birthday girl to the destination surprise, the anticipation of what lay ahead was exciting.

A little claustrophobic and nervous, our friend admitted it was, at times, a bit scary and yet thrilling not knowing where we were going and having to trust the leaders on this adventure.

That’s the kind of trust Jesus wants from us.

We need to trust Him leading us on an adventure each day.  His ways and His destination are better than ours.  We may try to take the easiest and the fastest route but He wants to take us on a better route; one that’s scenic and educational.

No matter what the adventure, we need to relinquish control.  Is your blindfold hanging loose or will you pull it tight and trust the Guide?

Isaiah 55:8 -9 – “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,”  declares the Lord.  “As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.”

One Life To Live?

Y. O. L. O.

I didn’t even know what that meant.  The first time I heard it, I think a Kardashian said it on some show.  I figured it meant something I didn’t need to know.  haha

Then I asked my girls and they said, “Mom.  It means You Only Live Once.”

Hummmmm very interesting.  YOLO.  You only live once.  I guess that means you need to make the most of this life.  Check things off that bucket list.

Hike the Grand Canyon.
Cruise Europe.
See an alligator in Australia.
Take a hot air balloon ride.

Or I guess it could mean something deeper.  Love the ones you love closer.  Forgive always.  Be kind to your enemies.  Use the good dishes.  Wear the expensive dress.  Stay in your PJ’s all day and play with the kids.

All of those things are so good and I believe we need to live the life out of life.  No question.  But what happens after you only live THIS life once.  There is another life after this one that you only live once also.  That’s the life marked as “eternal life.”

And yep, you got it.  You only get to live the eternal life once, too.  And the choice you make in your daily life right now determines the choice you make in your eternal life forever and ever.  It’s real.  After this YOLO life, you go to YELO life – Your Eternal Life Once.

God wants us to enjoy our life here.  To have joy and share with others and enjoy the blessings He gives us.  But He also wants us to thank Him for those blessings and to keep HIM in the center of that YOLO life.  Get to know Jesus.  He’s awesome and you get the choice of spending your YELO life with Him forever and ever.

And He tells us very clearly in the Bible that if we don’t choose to spend our eternal life with Him that we choose the other alternative by default.  And that one is hotter than your hottest day on earth.  More painful than any pain you could imagine on earth.  And it never ends.  Forever and ever.  It’s not a joke.  It’s real and it’s serious.  Enjoy life on earth but keep Jesus in the center of it all.  In your heart.  In your life.  In your choices.

Let’s choose Jesus.  YOLO.  A life you live once forever.

If You Can’t Say Something Good…

  • Your coworker ticks you off, so you gather around the water cooler to vent.
  • Your friend doesn’t include you so you take to Facebook for sympathy.
  • Your kid doesn’t make the baseball team so you gather with similar parents to badmouth the coach.
  • Your spouse doesn’t help you bring in the groceries so you slam them during morning community coffee.
  • Your pastor doesn’t shake your hand one morning so you commiserate with other “neglected” church goers.

We all do it.  Something doesn’t go our way so we pout.  We look for others to roll around with us in our slimy pit.  We say hurtful things because someone hurt us.

It may feel good at the time but then that little voice of conviction pokes us and we know we’ve failed.  We have not been the bigger person.  The devil has drug us down to his level.

It’s okay.  No one is perfect.  But it’s not okay to keep getting drug down into that pit time after time.  When we realize we’ve done it, we need to figure out a way to stop doing it.

Let’s start today…at this very minute…doing what we’ve heard our mother say all our lives:
“If you can’t say something good, then don’t say anything at all.”