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Whatcha Goin’ Through?

We are all going through something.
Every. single. person. you. meet. is going through something.
But we can’t let our circumstances overtake our joy!
Today let’s kick anxiety and joy-stealing thoughts to the curb and reclaim JOY.
In Psalm 94, David cries out in thankfulness to the Lord. And we can do the same.
“When anxiety was great within me, your consolation brought JOY to my soul.” Psalm 94:19.
God is here to console us. Jesus is here to be our friend. The Holy Spirit is here to overcome our anxious thoughts.
I can’t let the circumstances of my world became greater than my trust in Jesus. Therefore, today, I reclaim my JOY.
I hope you will join me. Start with one minute at a time. A few times today. Then a few more tomorrow. And before long it will become a new habit.
No more devil downer. We’ve got JOY on our side!

Today we celebrate two very important groups of people who must have big hearts and tough skin to do their jobs.
They are both equally tough positions, and they both require loving children.
To all the teachers and all the foster parents, we appreciate you!
Happy National Teacher Appreciation Day!
Happy National Foster Care Day!

Celebrate Two Different Colored Shoes.

It’s True!

Today really is National Two Different Colored Shoes Day. Who comes up with these fun days? hahahaIthaha

I know I could celebrate this holiday for a couple months putting various combos from my closet together! Not only different colors but different styles: heels, flats, wedges, tennis shoes, boots and sandals.

We have all kinds of reasons to wear shoes: work, weddings, church, exercise, play in the snow, and wander on down to the beach – just to name a few.

But have you ever thought about the Shoes of Peace? They are part of the armor of God that Paul talks about in Ephesians 6.  When we put on our shoes of peace, we are trusting that God is in control and handling our situations – even when it seems like things aren’t going the way we want or moving as fast as we would like.

In Michael W. Smith’s song, WayMaker, he sings the words:
“Even when I don’t see it, You’re working
Even when I can’t feel it, You’re working”.

That’s Peace.

Trusting even when we don’t see it.  Even when we don’t feel it.

Just wearing those Shoes of Peace knowing God has it all under control does something to my whole being. I feel more relaxed when I intentionally wear those shoes.

So as we celebrate the day with our different colored shoes, let us not forget to include the spiritual ones that give us peace.

And when you do, I promise your heart will be filled with much more brightness and sunshine than just the color on your feet.


By Golly….Set The Table!

Life’s too short not to have a pretty table!
I love to decorate my tables. Those who know me well know that about me. I change out for seasons, for holidays, for national day celebrations. Just something fun and frankly, a little hobby of mine.
I don’t really have “good dishes”. No china. Just everyday Corelle® dishes and lots of fun plates from Big Lots, Target and WalMart stores.
A decorated table makes me so happy. It brings me JOY and lets me celebrate fun each day. I don’t really have that many dishes but rather several dinner size plates of various colors mixed with different colored salad plates and multiple things to use as little decorative “toppers”, if you will. I just mix and match depending on the color and theme I choose.
These pictures show my latest colorful table setting in my kitchen and dining room. The tea cup was my sister’s, and I added it to join the colorful teapot as a centerpiece. The tulip bowl was a fun find at Target for a couple bucks.
I can hear people now……..”but don’t you have to move them every time you sit down to eat?” And the answer is “Yes, I do.” But 30 seconds to stack the place settings on the counter each day compared to hours a day of enjoying the tablescape is well worth it to me.
(*Not to mention, it keeps people from piling things on the table so as not to mess up the pretty display. Win/win!)
Whatever it is today that brings you JOY but may not be “practical”, find a way to incorporate it into your day.
Because sometimes…. life is too short to be practical.