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Positive Polly or Negative Ned?

That new haircut looks great on you.
Good job for making your bed today.
Thanks for cleaning off the table after dinner.

Why do you never listen to what I say?!
Get your lazy self off the couch and do something productive.
How come you can never do anything right?

Words have such an impact on our lives.  We speak thousands of words a day and sometimes we don’t even realize how much they affect others.

Or how they affect our own witness or our duty as a role model.

Think about your conversations today?  Did your attitudes affect your words?  Like if you’re in a bad mood at work, did you bring that attitude home and take it out on your family?

Words, both positive and negative can affect relationships, environments and our own health.

When we are positive and look for the good, we feel better all over – both mentally and physically.

When we are negative or just waiting and anticipating the bad, we get down, depressed, hopeless.

I read an experiment I am going to try today and I hope you will do the same.  Pay attention to how many times you say something negative and write it down on paper or in your phone.  At the end of the day review your findings.  Now tomorrow try extra hard to be positive and do the same exercise.  Which day made your feel better?  Since you were paying attention each day, did you try harder to be positive?

In Ephesians 4:29 Paul says:  “Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen.”

In today’s chaotic world, we tend to  already have our negative comments formulated on our tongues when we wake up.  The world doesn’t need more spewing negativity.  The world needs words that build others up; words that are positive and complimentary.

Let’s take Paul’s words to heart and try to build others up today instead of tearing them down.

Are you gonna join me?  Positive Polly or Negative Ned?

The Pause.

“If you want to get a child’s attention the most powerful tool is……………the pause.”

Quite a powerful sentence from someone I quote a lot….Vanessa from the television show “Last Man Standing”.  hahhaha

How true it is not only for children but for adults too!  If you want to get someone’s attention, pause.

A pause creates silence and as an on-the-go-constantly society, we notice pause.

Most of us are uncomfortable with pause.

We are waiting, typically impatiently, for the next thing.

We tend to be prepared to fill the silence of pause in a conversation the second it hits.

Are you like that?  Are you uncomfortable with pause?  With silence?  With stillness?

When the pandemic hit, we were abruptly caused to pause.  And for some the pause continues today.  For some the pause was frightening.  For others the pause became a welcome relief.  A much-needed break.  A time to reflect and a time to reset priorities.  A time to focus on what was important.


That’s what God does sometimes.  We are running around forgetting who is in charge.  We pray for something and expect answers like we are running through a drive-thru or warming something up for 15 seconds in a microwave.  We want answers to our prayers and we want them. right. now!

But God says, “pause”.  Be silent.  Pray. Worship. Focus on Him.

If you feel like you are running on empty or running around like a chicken with its head cut off, just pause.

Pause and pray.  Ask God to refocus you and to allow the Holy Spirit to stir in your inner being to cause you to pause and slow down.  To scoot a little closer to Him.  He may be trying to get our attention with…..the pause.

Take it seriously.  Give it a try.

And then tomorrow, do it again.

Wake up.  Pray.   And pause.

Your Best 100 Days Are Just Around The Corner!

It’s so awesome that each day is a new day and a perfect day to start fresh.

It’s the 8th month of the year.  Where do you stand on your goals or resolutions for 2020?  Maybe you didn’t make any goals or maybe you feel like the resolutions went south on January 2nd and no need to start again.

But that’s not true!  You can start right now.

I would challenge you to find something you want to do and do it for the next 100 days!  Yes 100 days.

I was looking through my bookshelves and the Lord put these two books in my sight:
100 Days of Weight Loss
100 Days to Brave

I thought it was ironic that both were “100 days” to something.  I took it as a sign.  🙂

So I started my 100 days on August 5th which means completion by November 12th.  I am reading one entry from each of the books every day and journaling about each one all the while gently asking the Lord to guide me to get my mindset right for better habits for healthy weight loss and then to help me with my daily courage to live boldly for Him.

I really want you to STOP. AND. THINK. ABOUT. IT.

What is something you wanted to do this year but hasn’t happened yet?
What is something you really want to do but have been procrastinating or even fear has curtailed you?
What can you start today and be in a whole lot better place in 100 days?

An online art class.  Floor exercises. Treadmill.  Piano. Paint. Send cards.  Read more. Declutter.  Clean.  Organize. Redecorate. Connect with old friends.  Connect with new friends. Weekly kindness acts. Cook more.  Learn to bake.  Start creating a gift to give at Christmas.  Scrapbook.  The possibilities are endless.

I encourage you to do it.
Start now.
Come along side me.

Send me an email if you want to be accountability partners.

We can do this thing together because our best 100 days are just around the corner!

Where Will My Shoes Take Me Today?


It’s amazing really how these feet and these shoes can take me so many places.  Just today they’ve taken me to the treadmill, the kitchen, the shower, the office and the living room.

Later on they will take me to my car, to lunch with a friend, to the grocery store and back to the comfort of my home.

They can walk.
They can run.
They can skip.

They can take me in the right direction.
They can take me in the wrong direction.

They can lift me up or be taken out from under me.
They can help me climb high or go down low.

They can push and pull and twist and stretch.

But no matter what they do, they are attached to ME.  They lead ME.

If they go to the laundry room, I go there.
If they go to the office, I go there.
If they go to McDonalds, I go there.

My feet lead me.

You know that feeling you get in the pit of your stomach that says “this isn’t the right direction”?

You know when you feel like you shouldn’t gossip but you get up and those feet take you to the next office and you do it anyway all the while feeling that tug in your heart “don’t do it.  don’t do it”?

You can let your feet metaphorically take you in the right direction and you can let them take you in the wrong direction.

It’s your choice but whatever you do, let them take you straight to the One whose feet has a scar through the middle of it; the One whose feet walked miles to help other people know salvation; the One whose feet walked on water.

If your feet are headed in the wrong direction, it’s never too late to change them.  Just turn those feet around and walk back to the path of the next right thing. Forgiveness is free and Jesus offers it to everyone.

So let’s pick up those shoes and do this thing together……… little step at a time.