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Why Do Today What I Can Do Tomorrow?


Why in the world don’t I change that alarm tone?  It’s so annoying!

I fumble the phone in my hand, squinting to find the snooze icon that gives me permission for 7 more minutes of sleep.

But it’s done.  I’m awake.  To-do list already racing in my mind.

Why am I trying to go back to sleep ignoring the fact that in 7 minutes the annoying BEEPING of the alarm will sound again only to remind me of the procrastination I have already chosen to start my day?

Which leads me to the next questions.

Why do we put off doing what we know we have to do?
Why are we such creatures of procrastination?
Why do we believe giving ourselves the grace of a little more time will somehow speed up the completion of the task at hand?

I don’t believe it’s always because we’re lazy.
I don’t believe it’s because we don’t know what to do or how to do it.
I don’t believe it’s because we need that extra time.

I believe it’s because we keep putting off what we don’t want to do.  We get very good at convincing ourselves that the reasons we give for procrastinating are somehow warranted.

I will get to that when I finish watching Housewives of Procrastination County.
I will get to that after I spend my morning quiet time with Hoda & Kathi Lee.
I will get to that when I have my afternoon nap or when little Tommy goes to kindergarten or when Jill graduates from high school or I get married or after I have my first child.

And the excuses roll on and on and finally the excuse well has run dry and we are faced with doing it or not.  The time has come.

Are you going to get up and get your day started?
Are you going to get that closet cleaned out?
Are you going to wash those windows that are calling your name?
Are you going to spend some quiet time reading a devotion?
Are you going to close your eyes, shut off your worries and spend quality time with Jesus?

I don’t know what you’re procrastinating about, whether it’s big or it is small, but I do know that you can make those decisions today to get things done.  If one of those decisions you keep putting off is saying Yes to a relationship with Jesus, then you can make that decision right now as well.  Jesus is waiting with open arms and begging you not to put off today what you THINK you can do tomorrow.  We never know what tomorrow brings but I do know whatever it is, it’s better if we know Jesus.

So design your plan. Ask Jesus what all He wants you to do today.  Get up and get going.

Don’t put off today what you think you can do tomorrow.  Today is the day.  No more snooze.  Let’s do this!


Guilty Joy?

Have you ever felt joy in the midst of a bad time in your life?  You know…you feel some sunlight shining in on a depressing day; a time when you think you should be grieving or worrying or not allowed to feel joyful?

I know when my sister was battling cancer, I felt guilty if I was happy or felt joy about something going on in my life.  It was like I was punishing myself to never feel joy again because the circumstance at hand was so bad.

But God wants us to live above our circumstances.  He says when we know Him, we can be joyful always and give thanks in all circumstances, even the bad times.

I don’t understand it.  And it makes me feel guilty.  But that guilt is not what God desires.

I’m not saying you ignore grief or bad circumstances that are happening in your life or that you throw a party for a sad time.  But I believe Paul was telling the Thessalonians in I Thessalonians 5:16 -18 that it is okay to be joyful in the down times because worrying gets us nowhere.  Be joyful and pray continually and keep on giving thanks to the One who is in control of it all.

‘” A spiritually dry time can happen when we allow the goodness of our Heavenly Father to be camouflaged by all our heartbreak.”  – Kaylene Yoder

Read that line again.

When we let our heartbreak and our worry camouflage the joy and goodness that our Heavenly Father is giving us, then we can get spiritually dry.  We can get down and depressed.

Let’s vow today – just starting with one day – to give that one heavy load to Jesus and find joy and goodness in today.  You don’t have to look down the road to the future.  You don’t even have to look to tomorrow.  But just for today, don’t let your heartbreak camouflage your joy.

Let’s do this together.  Slowly. Hand. It. Over. To. God.

Now, breathe.  And allow JOY to enter your soul.  One. Day. At. A. Time.

The Not-Good-Enough Syndrome

Well there I go again.

Comparing.  And coming out on the short end of the stick.  My heart beats fast.  My palms sweat.  Tears well up in my eyes.  I can physically feel my shoulders drop and posture slump.  I’m just not good enough.

I’m not good enough to be rooming with all of these smart girls at my conference.
I’m not smart enough to be on this committee.
I’m not as good of a writer, speaker, mom, wife, friend or christian as those people.

And snap!  The devil has lured me to his little mouse trap and I took the bait.  We all take the bait now and then I believe.  Social media encourages it.

“Only post the good, happy moments”.
“Take seventeen different angles of the photo so I don’t look so heavy.”
“Get this side so that my 3-carat diamond shows.”
“Hold on. Let me cut out this part of the video so that people don’t know I screwed up.”

And on and on it goes.  I was so excited about an event I’m getting ready to attend, exchanging messages with my newfound friends, deciding what we will eat and who will sleep where.  Then I flip over to write my blog and social media attacks me with ideas of insecurity and low self-worth.

Well, devil, I’ve had enough of the not-good-enough syndrome.  God wants me to be there.  God called me to do what He called me to do and no matter what you say, do or show me on my Facebook feed will change who I am in Christ.

Good enough? Not by social media standards.

Delete.  Delete. Delete.  There now.  I don’t have to think I’m good enough because I know the One who says I am.

What’s Your Volleyball’s Name?

Who remembers Tom Hanks on an uninhabited island talking to his best friend, Wilson, after his plane crashes?

What was Wilson?

A volleyball.  Yes. A volleyball.

Tom turned this leather item into a companion, made a face on it and it became his go-to during the lonely times.  He started to believe this volleyball was a real person and would turn to Wilson for advice as if the volleyball had become his counselor.

Of course, the Cast Away movie ends with a remarkable rescue and Tom returns to civilization with a new-found love for life.

Although the details of the movie and the writer’s rendition of survival may be a little dramatic, I think we can all identify with the feelings of isolation and the long, overdue need for rescue.

We get caught up in doing things our own way instead of listening to God.  We get caught up in the world, the politics, the greed, the social media wars and the negativity.  We get caught up in our sin and we feel like we have to hide; as if we are all alone on this deserted island.  A cast away.

We start believing no one will understand.  So we find our counselor in things.  We talk to Amazon Prime and order more shoes.  We turn our woes to bottles or prescriptions.  We paint a face on smut and television shows.  And before we know it, we have created our own “Wilson” and we are in desperate need of a rescue.

Jesus is the lifeboat.  He has been floating around us the whole time just waiting for us to recognize the bright light.  All we have to do is put up the flare and He will pull us back to safety.

Are you feeling like a cast away?  Have you turned to your own “Wilson” for help instead of reaching to the Lord?  It’s not too late.  You’re never too far out to sea to reach up and grab His hand.  Let Him rescue you. Because life on the inland with Jesus is much better than tossing out in the sea with Satan.  So long, Wilson!