I don’t get it.

How can people deny there is a God?

How can people not realize God created all of this nature around us?

No big boom or lab could have done all of this all over the world every year!

It’s God, friends!
He is everywhere.
He is in the middle of it all!

Leanna Crawford has a song titled just that, “How Can You Not”?

I agree with every single word of her song.

I see Him in the sunrise and the sunset, in the stars at night. I hear Him in the birds chirping and know that no one else could make a world so beautiful.

He is in the midst of it all.
Look around and just notice every little thing today.
It’s such a peaceful, simple, beautiful way to live….seeing Him in the middle of it all.

Then listen to Leanna Crawford’s song and then tell me if you agree…..How Can You Not See God? ❤️