Monthly Archives: January 2016

It’s National Start Over Day!

So it’s January 29 and I’m wondering how those New Year’s goals are coming along?!

I make goals instead of resolutions because I think a resolution seems to be something you have to keep the whole year and if you get off course, you can’t “start over”.  Whereas a GOAL is something that you can work towards all year and if you have a setback, it’s okay to start over.

I’ve had many days to start over.  It’s like riding a bike…….you fall off, but you don’t quit.  You get back up on the bike and keep riding until you master it.  That’s how our goals need to be.  If it is important to you, then you need to keep working at it.  You need to not let a slip up get you off track.  Don’t let setbacks discourage you to give up.  Keep working!

I don’t know what your goals are but today is START OVER day! I am pronouncing it an official holiday and we get to START OVER!  So if you haven’t done well on your diet.  Or you are behind on your organizing.  Or you haven’t planned the long-awaited trip to Italy you are wanting, then don’t get down on yourself.  START OVER!

It’s great that we have a God that allows each day to be a START OVER day.  He is waiting right there for us to tell him that we have messed up and need to start over.  He is just holding out his arms waiting to give you a big ole hug and send you on your START OVER day!

So I think I will grab a piece of chocolate right before I start my START OVER day! It really is going to be successful this time!  Happy new New Year!

Make A Difference to Someone Today – in Honor of Chris

Today is my sister’s birthday.  She would have been 47.  She suffered with cancer for 9 years and gave up the long fight in December, 2014.

She loved doing things for other people.  That is why it seemed appropriate to take the idea of Bucket Buddies Mission and incorporate it in her honor/memory a few months before she died. The mission statement for Bucket Buddies Mission, Inc. is to make a difference to children suffering from cancer and other life threatening conditions by showing the love of Christ through providing gift buckets of kindness to children.

We have been blessed to have delivered over 2,500 buckets to 14 different states plus Canada in just a little over a year and a half.  Hill-Rom, Inc. offered employees across its locations in North America an opportunity to volunteer for this organization in December and we had an overwhelming response.  In just one day, those volunteers filled over 1,300 buckets in 7 states and Canada and delivered to 12 different hospitals or facilities and made a difference to many children.

Thank you to my Hill-Rom family for making a difference. Thank you to all of you who have supported this mission through prayers, donations and words of encouragement.  We continue to try to make a difference to children who are suffering in any way by trying to bring a smile to their faces with a simple bucket of goodies.  Christina was always giving gifts and trying to brighten up someone’s day – especially children.

In honor of Christina today, I encourage you to do something to make a difference to someone.  A smile, a cup of coffee, the good parking spot, a bouquet of flowers.  If we all do something kind today, maybe we really can make a difference in the world. Happy Birthday, Chris!

Oh Those Fluffy Little Clouds

Have you ever taken time to just stare at the clouds?  They seem to form shapes and figures for all to see.  It’s so fun to see what you can make out in the shapes.  Sometimes we look so hard and create these little figures in our minds and truly believe that cloud looks like a particular thing but someone else sees it differently.

One day I was looking at the clouds and clear as 20/20 vision I saw the shape of an alligator – teeth and all.  When I showed my husband, he did not see it all.  He said “I see what looks like a man fishing from a boat but I don’t see an alligator.”

A man fishing from a boat?  How in the world did he get a man fishing from a boat instead of an alligator with mouth open wide showing its teeth? He was crazy and not seeing things clearly!

It makes me think of how we see our circumstances.  I can look at a situation and create a scenario out of it that freaks me out.  Then I start worrying about the situation turning into this horrible thing.  Someone else looks at my circumstances and may see humor in it.  Someone may have been where I am and reassures me things will not be as bad as I have imagined in my mind.

Then we look at the situation through God’s eyes and realize that He is using it for the good.  We realize that when God is in control, all of those funny shapes and scenarios we think we see are really just “clouded thinking”.  Look through the eyes of the Son of God and realize that things are not as clouded as we think – just created, fluffy scenarios that God will control anyway – just like the clouds and the weather!!

Hope your day is full of Sonshine that overshadows any clouds!

Bully On The Playground

When I think of a “bully”, I usually think of a little mean kid who pushes other kids around on the playground. Someone who says mean things and tries to get the other kids not to like you.  As you get older these bully-types leave you out of birthday parties and sleepovers on purpose just to watch you cry.  They try to get the other kids to reject you and not invite you to their gatherings.  In the sports arena, condescending words are said to the opposing player trying to bully them into being afraid of you and leaving you alone.

We watch movies where there are bullies on the playground and our hearts break for the one being bullied.  We just hope that the bully gets what’s coming to them and that they feel a little bit of that rejection and meanness that they have dished out.

Have YOU ever been the bully?  Have YOU ever pushed people around or said mean things to get your way?  Have YOU ever rejected people and hoped to hurt them?

If you aren’t living a life that is pleasing to the Lord or you are finding ways to reject Him and ignore Him and leading others to reject Him and His ways, then YOU ARE THE BULLY on the playground of life.  It’s not cool.  God’s not laughing.  His heart is breaking.  He wants you to stop trying to bully Him around and hurt Him and get others not to like Him.  He easily forgives and forgets and wants to hang out with you and get others to hang out with you, too.  All you have to do is ask.

If you are trying to bully God to get your way, stop it now.  Because you know the bully gets what’s coming to Him and when this life is over, we better know God because believe me, we do NOT want what we deserve!  But when we know Him and have a relationship with Him, He welcomes us into His home in heaven.  Don’t be a bully…… a believer!