Have you ever taken time to just stare at the clouds?  They seem to form shapes and figures for all to see.  It’s so fun to see what you can make out in the shapes.  Sometimes we look so hard and create these little figures in our minds and truly believe that cloud looks like a particular thing but someone else sees it differently.

One day I was looking at the clouds and clear as 20/20 vision I saw the shape of an alligator – teeth and all.  When I showed my husband, he did not see it all.  He said “I see what looks like a man fishing from a boat but I don’t see an alligator.”

A man fishing from a boat?  How in the world did he get a man fishing from a boat instead of an alligator with mouth open wide showing its teeth? He was crazy and not seeing things clearly!

It makes me think of how we see our circumstances.  I can look at a situation and create a scenario out of it that freaks me out.  Then I start worrying about the situation turning into this horrible thing.  Someone else looks at my circumstances and may see humor in it.  Someone may have been where I am and reassures me things will not be as bad as I have imagined in my mind.

Then we look at the situation through God’s eyes and realize that He is using it for the good.  We realize that when God is in control, all of those funny shapes and scenarios we think we see are really just “clouded thinking”.  Look through the eyes of the Son of God and realize that things are not as clouded as we think – just created, fluffy scenarios that God will control anyway – just like the clouds and the weather!!

Hope your day is full of Sonshine that overshadows any clouds!