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Are You a Burned Out Light Bulb or A Shining Star?

Have you ever been around people who seem to always have a complaint?  It can be a perfect spring day but to them the sun is too bright or it’s getting hot.  They will be glad when cooler weather gets here.  Then the fall and winter rolls around and they complain it’s too cold and can’t wait until spring and summer.

Some people can never say anything positive or find the good in any situation they have.  They always have an “ache and pain” they are complaining about.  They never have enough time to get anything done.  Their kids are always on their nerves and their spouse never does anything right.

They are like a burned out light bulb – dark, aggravating and in need of some brightness!

But my question today is “are YOU like the burned out light bulb?  Have YOU ever been the one who complains all the time and can’t find the good in the weather, the kids, the spouse, the house or your situation?”
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ZooKeeper is Rewarded for Helping Animals Survive

THIS IS CHANNEL 777 WITH BREAKING NEWS:  Zookeeper Noah (last name unknown) has been rewarded  for his heroic act of saving all the species of animals during a flood that destroyed the entire earth.  The Almighty God found that Noah was the only righteous person among entire mankind.  Noah was given instructions on how to build a large boat in order to save all of the animals on the earth.  He worked years to create this sanctuary.  A male and female of each species was then loaded onto the large vessel and organized according to the layout given to Noah by His Master.  After forty days and nights of storms and 150 days of floating on deep water from unprecedented rain, the boat landed on dry land and after several more months of preparation, the animals were released back into their home.  Noah was given a lifetime pass to spend eternity in heaven for his courageous actions and he will be remembered for generations to come.  More information regarding this story can be found in Genesis 6-8.  What a heart-warming story!!   NOW BACK TO YOU, CHRISTIAN, IN THE STUDIO!



You Can’t See Me

Have you ever played hide-n-seek with little kids?  They hide in places where they can’t see you and therefore, believe you can’t see them!  It’s really sweet watching them feel like they are completely hidden because you are out of their sight.  But, obviously, in reality we see everything they are doing.

As adults we tend to do the same thing.  We think that God can’t see the things we do when no one else can.  We think because we are in the dark or alone that we are the only one who can see what we do.  For example, you ask friends to hold you accountable to not eat sweets.  And when you are home by yourself, you eat 3 cookies and don’t tell anyone that you did it.  Your friend didn’t see you, and you were all alone so no one really knows that you ate the 3 cookies.  But God knows.

People may think that God can’t see them and doesn’t know what they do because they can’t see HIM!  But think about the wind as an example.  We can’t see the wind.  But we can see what the wind does and we can feel the wind.  Therefore, we believe in the wind.

Look around…………..we can’t see God.  But we can see all the things He does.  We can feel the Holy Spirit.  We believe He is there even though we can’t see Him.

So the next time you play hide-n-seek with God, remember that just because you can’t see Him, doesn’t mean He doesn’t see You.  Don’t hide from Him……….Embrace Him………….Look for Him.  Don’t focus on what you see, but rather on what you can’t see.

2 Corinthians 4:18 – So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen.  For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.

Xtra Hot Fudge Please

I love ice cream!  I love mint chocolate chip ice cream covered in hot fudge.  I was at Baskin Robbins® ice cream shop the other day and asked for my mint chocolate chip ice cream sundae and whispered “XTRA HOT FUDGE, PLEASE” – as if whispering was going to take away some of the calories.   Actually I just whispered so other people wouldn’t know I was asking for XTRA hot fudge!    Emoji

Have you ever had a Hot Fudge Cake from Frisch’s restaurant?  I think this restaurant is just a Midwest restaurant so some of you may not know what it is.  So let me explain – it’s a thin layer of chocolate cake topped with a square of vanilla ice cream topped with another layer of chocolate cake topped with hot fudge!!  It is awesome!  But sometimes they don’t put near enough hot fudge on there for me.  I have been known to whisper “XTRA HOT FUDGE, PLEASE” when ordering the delicious dessert.

I was thinking about how I love those already rich ice cream desserts and then to add just a little XTRA HOT FUDGE sends it over the top!  That’s how we are with God’s blessings.  We have so much already.  God gives us all that we need and a whole lot of what we want.  But sometimes we say, “Lord, could we have just a little XTRA HOT FUDGE?”  “Could you give me just a few more blessings?” “Just one more thing?”

It’s not wrong to ask God for things.  He wants to know the desires of our heart!  But we need to remember to appreciate all that He has given us.  We need to appreciate the everyday blessings as well as the extras.  Look around and count your blessings for just 1 minute. And then thank God for all of your blessings ………….and for XTRA HOT FUDGEEmoji

2 Corinthians 9:15 – Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift.