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Sneaky Little Devil.

Years ago, my husband and his buddies would go to Myrtle Beach every year on a golfing trip – or rather golfing adventure.  (The older they got the more adventure there was!)

He always took Brachs® Nut Goodie®candies to munch on while playing.  One year while golfing, he had the candy sitting in the cup holder and when he turned around, there was a squirrel in his cart eating the candy.  When he went to shoo the squirrel away, the little thief took the whole bag in his mouth, running across the course!!  What a site to see.

It reminds me of the little thief in our lives who sneaks up on us and tries to steal our JOY.  The devil is lurking around and just waiting until we take our eyes off Jesus and turn our back on Him  for just a minute and the devil, like the squirrel, takes the opportunity to sneak in and steal our joy.

He comes in with smirks on his face and reaches for our joy and we shoo him away but inevitably he is still hiding behind the bushes just waiting for another opportunity to sneak in with his grimy, little claws and bushy tail and try to steal the joy from us.

We can’t let that happen.  We have to always be ready with our armor and our scripture memorization and our prayer.  We must speak out loud to the devil to tell him to get away from us as Jesus did while He was in the dessert.  Matthew 4:10-11 tells us that the devil was trying to tempt Jesus and Jesus said to him, “Away from me, Satan!  For it is written:  Worship the Lord your God; and serve him only.  Then the devil left him and angels came and attended him. ”

We have hope.  We have a plan already set out for us.  Speak out loud to the devil and tell him to get away from you!!  Quote this scripture!  Pray for the Lord’s help. Let the angels come and attend to you.  The sneaky little slimeball may have thought he took something from you but he cannot steal your Joy because Joy comes from the Lord.  Nehemiah 8:10(b) says “for the joy of the Lord is your strength”.

So today, let’s thank God for joy and power to overcome the devil and his sneaky little schemes…………and for Nut Goodies and adventures along the way!

Join in Prayer for our World.

Maybe I am crazy but I feel God is just pressing this on my heart so heavily. I feel compelled to ask people to gather (virtually) in prayer tonight at 9 PM EST to pray for our country, our leaders, our world, the doctors, medical staff, researchers, scientists, families, homeless, politicians, those without jobs, industries, economy, cures, medicines and most of all for this world to turn to Jesus.

Won’t you join me tonight in your own home or wherever you are and approach the throne of God with bold prayers of thanksgiving for our safety and petitions for our world for God to heal our lands. ❤️🙏❤️🙏❤️

Let’s Pray!

Boy do we need this!
Another designated National Day of Prayer.
But do we really?
Hang with me……
We don’t really NEED a special designated day of prayer. We can pray any time every day!
But I am so very thankful for the reminder by our President and Vice President that we need to turn to God during these tough times. I’m thankful for the proclamation of a day of prayer.
With the corona virus, some of the things we take for granted have been taken away from us and when that happens, we get uncomfortable.
And when we get uncomfortable or things don’t go our way, then prayer seems to be the first thing we think of…..well after our selfishness.
Honestly, I was angry when March Madness was cancelled. Our family loves March Madness. I had already planned food and days off work and decorations to celebrate teams and enjoy basketball. Then when it was taken away, I was aggravated.
Seriously, Deanna?!! People could lose their lives. The world is trying to contain the virus. Everyone is abiding by safe rules and social-contact space limits, and I am whining about my fun being taken away?
It’s been said when you feel sorry for yourself to do something for someone else and it will lift your spirits. With social-contact space limits, it’s a little hard to physically help others but we can always pray.
And pray we should do!
Pray for a cure and those working towards the cure.
Pray for those who are in isolation.
Pray for those who are suffering from symptoms.
Pray for those who have lost income.
Pray for those who are suffering physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally.
Pray for those college athletes who live their lives for some of these special moments that are very important to them and have been taken away.
Pray for all those in authority making decisions at every level of government.
Pray for businesses and the economy and the heads of businesses who have to make tough decisions.
AND let us pray for everyone to turn to God in these desperate times.
Because He’s in control.
And I want to be close to the one who knows all, is all and who we can spend eternity getting to know.
Won’t you join me?   Let’s pray.

Setbacks, Setups and Smiles!

“What looked like a setback was really a setup for God to do something greater in Paul’s life.”   – Excerpt from Joel Osteen’s book You Can. You Will. (c) 2014

Do you ever feel like you are taking one step forward and two steps backward?  You get the bills all caught up and then the car breaks down.  You overcome a bad cold to then get the flu.  You lose 5 pounds and then something stressful occurs and you snack away your sorrow!  These are all setbacks.  Some of them are in our control; some are not.

But no matter what –  God is still in control –  whether we are forging along and making great strides OR taking steps that make you feel like you have a setback.

Sometimes God uses our setbacks to wake us up and cause us to look to Him; to fall flat on our backs so we are looking up to the heavens; to surrender control and look to Him for strength.  Don’t look at what we refer to as SETBACKS in a negative way but rather look at them as SETUPS for God to do something great in our lives.

In Romans 8:28, Pauls says “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”  Everything is used by God for good for those who love Him.  He has given us free will to make choices.  If we choose wrong, he doesn’t “control” that choice.  We suffer consequences from wrong choices.  However, God will work something good out of those bad choices so that He will be glorified in some way.

So the next time you have an urge to whine about the SETBACKS, make yourself stop, smile and think about how God is using those as SETUPS for greater things!   You might as well smile…………He is!  Emoji