Boy do we need this!
Another designated National Day of Prayer.
But do we really?
Hang with me……
We don’t really NEED a special designated day of prayer. We can pray any time every day!
But I am so very thankful for the reminder by our President and Vice President that we need to turn to God during these tough times. I’m thankful for the proclamation of a day of prayer.
With the corona virus, some of the things we take for granted have been taken away from us and when that happens, we get uncomfortable.
And when we get uncomfortable or things don’t go our way, then prayer seems to be the first thing we think of…..well after our selfishness.
Honestly, I was angry when March Madness was cancelled. Our family loves March Madness. I had already planned food and days off work and decorations to celebrate teams and enjoy basketball. Then when it was taken away, I was aggravated.
Seriously, Deanna?!! People could lose their lives. The world is trying to contain the virus. Everyone is abiding by safe rules and social-contact space limits, and I am whining about my fun being taken away?
It’s been said when you feel sorry for yourself to do something for someone else and it will lift your spirits. With social-contact space limits, it’s a little hard to physically help others but we can always pray.
And pray we should do!
Pray for a cure and those working towards the cure.
Pray for those who are in isolation.
Pray for those who are suffering from symptoms.
Pray for those who have lost income.
Pray for those who are suffering physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally.
Pray for those college athletes who live their lives for some of these special moments that are very important to them and have been taken away.
Pray for all those in authority making decisions at every level of government.
Pray for businesses and the economy and the heads of businesses who have to make tough decisions.
AND let us pray for everyone to turn to God in these desperate times.
Because He’s in control.
And I want to be close to the one who knows all, is all and who we can spend eternity getting to know.
Won’t you join me?   Let’s pray.