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Eggs In One Basket.

“Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.”

What does that even mean?  When I gather eggs put them in different baskets in case I fall I don’t break them all?  Or is there a greater meaning behind this phrase that brings wisdom?

The New Dictionary of Cultural Literacy (yeah I don’t read that but just found it on Google 🙂 ), says it means:  “Don’t concentrate all your prospects or resources in one thing or place, or you could lose everything.”

I assume it is referring to investments or dreams.  Don’t invest all your money in one business just in case it goes belly up.

Don’t concentrate all your prospects , perhaps, on a new job at just one company because you may not be able to get a job at that company and then you may feel lost or defeated.

Or maybe it means broaden your horizons so as not to miss something.  I’m not 100% sure, but I do know that I found a life-long example that goes just the opposite of  Miguel Cervantes’s statement.

I find that putting our eggs of hope in one basket is what is required.  When we put our hope in Jesus there is no need to look for other resources or prospects.  If we spread our hope among many things with Jesus being only a part of our gathering of “eggs”, then we will lose everything.

In Psalm 33:22 (NLT) David says, “Let your unfailing love surround us, Lord, for our hope is in you alone.”

David put all his eggs in one basket.  He put his hope in God.

The popular metaphor is a good idea when referring to things of this world but when we are looking to invest in our eternity, putting all your eggs in one basket is required.

One basket.  One hope.  One God.

Pass The Baton!

Ready. Set. Go!

The boom of the cap gun sounds signaling the start of the relay.
Hearts are pounding.
Spikes are piercing blacktop.
Arms are pumping.
Breaths are pulsing.


The code word for the handoff of the baton from runner to runner as each push their hardest to contribute to their leg of the race.

Our daughter’s relay team set the school record when she was in junior high (her name is actually spelled wrong on the award in the picture but that’s okay 🙂 ).  It has since been broken several times but it was a wonderful moment in time to know the team worked together, each running their part of the relay and then passing the baton to the next teammate for a successful finish.

Our life is the same way.  God calls us to do certain things and then He says, “now hand it off to me and let me do my part.”  Doing our part may take a lot of work.  Our heart may pound out of our chest and we may think we are losing air in our lungs, but if we do what He tells us to do, then we’ve done our part.

In the relay race, we wouldn’t run our leg of the race and then tell our teammate to move out of the way and we will run their part.  No.  We would pass the baton to them to do their part.

That’s what Jesus wants from us.  Do our part then pass the baton to Him.

I Peter 5:7 – Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you.

What baton do you need to let go of today?  What leg of the race have you done your part and it’s now time to turn it over to the Lord and wait patiently as He finishes the race for you?  Whatever it is, just yell “PASS” and give up the baton.  He’s waiting with arms stretched out.

Tea for Two?

Harry and Meghan.
Windsor Castle.
Simple dress and exquisite veil.
To-the-second schedule.
Your Majesty.
Fairy tale.

Yes, how many of you chose to rise early, drink tea and watch the biggest event in England on Saturday?  It may have taken place in the beautiful London town, but millions from around the world watched as Meghan married her Prince.  The Queen set the schedule to the exact minute and the cast of the day did not disappoint.

After the arranged marriage of Princess Diana and Prince Charles, people tend to doubt the love of the couples in the Royal family.  However, Prince William and Kate gave us hope again of true love restored.  Princess Diana set the stage to crush some of the stuffiness of the monarchy traditions and Prince Harry blazed the rest of the trail.

It did in deed, appear from all angles of the cameras on Saturday that this Prince and his bride were truly in love.  They seem to be very serious as they proclaimed their vows to honor and cherish and love no matter the circumstances.

I was thinking about our heavenly palace and walking through those pearly gates being greeted by our King who has vowed to love and cherish us no matter how bad we become.  Sin does not stop Him from loving us nor does He ever stop trying to restore us.

When we get to heaven, we get to feast at big banquet tables, walk on streets of gold and sit forever in the presence of royalty.  Time means nothing to Jesus, but His timing is always to-the-second perfect.

We are promised this exquisite living for eternity and all we have to do is commit to love, honor, cherish and obey our Savior all the days of our life.   Just like any marriage, our lives aren’t perfect but the promise to stay committed to Jesus for better or worse will give us that eternal happiness and a place in the Royal Family forever.


Dinner For Six…or Seven!

If you could choose five people – alive or from history – to have dinner with, who would you choose?

I would choose:
1)  Jesus – because I have a lot of questions for that man.

2)  Tony Dungy –  I want to tell him how I love the good ole days of the Indianapolis Colts and how awesome that Super Bowl win was!!  We can talk about Reggie and Dallas; Jeff and Peyton; Dominique and Edge.  I want to commend him on his stand for the Lord while in the NFL and never wavering.  According to Jeff Saturday of the Indianapolis Colts, he never heard Tony Dungy curse.  I love that!  And I also need to ask him a few personal questions about Peyton Manning.  🙂

3)  Priscilla Shirer – I love this woman.  I loved her in the War Room movie and I love her Bible teachings.  I have a lot of Bible study questions for her.  I want to go on a long walk with her and give her my phone number to call me for lunch sometime.

4)  Carrie Underwood – She is such an awesome package of a person.  I love that she and her husband did Bible studies over the phone while they were dating.  I love that she isn’t afraid to admit her faith in a “famous-person’s world” of being politically correct.  I want to tell her how I admire her for being such a good mom and wife and how she has the strongest voice of any person (along with Natalie Grant) that I have ever heard in my entire life!!  I want to ride around in the car with her and just hang out.  I think we would be great friends!  🙂

5)  Princess Diana – I want to hug her and tell her what a good job she did with her boys in spite of all of the circumstances.  I want her to know that I woke up to watch the wedding at 4 a.m. and never stopped “watching” her in the media from that day forward.  I want her to know that her compassion to everyone made a difference to the world.  I want to learn from her how to find more ways to make a difference in my world.

**And just for the record – since I’m writing this and this is my dream – I get seven place settings at Dinner for Six because I want my husband there with me, too so he can hear everything because I’m sure I won’t be able to remember all the cool things I will want to tell him later!

We would have all kinds of different food because I would want to be sure to have something everyone can eat (Carrie is a vegan and I’m not sure what all Jesus will want).  But one thing’s for sure:  we will have the biggest chocolate dessert ever!!

I imagine after we all introduced ourselves, that we would all have more questions for Jesus and with His calm demeanor and endless time, I think we would be there for hours  just sharing and sitting and listening to each other.  Oh what fun to have dinner with these folks.

Who would you have in your Dinner for Six…or Seven?