Harry and Meghan.
Windsor Castle.
Simple dress and exquisite veil.
To-the-second schedule.
Your Majesty.
Fairy tale.

Yes, how many of you chose to rise early, drink tea and watch the biggest event in England on Saturday?  It may have taken place in the beautiful London town, but millions from around the world watched as Meghan married her Prince.  The Queen set the schedule to the exact minute and the cast of the day did not disappoint.

After the arranged marriage of Princess Diana and Prince Charles, people tend to doubt the love of the couples in the Royal family.  However, Prince William and Kate gave us hope again of true love restored.  Princess Diana set the stage to crush some of the stuffiness of the monarchy traditions and Prince Harry blazed the rest of the trail.

It did in deed, appear from all angles of the cameras on Saturday that this Prince and his bride were truly in love.  They seem to be very serious as they proclaimed their vows to honor and cherish and love no matter the circumstances.

I was thinking about our heavenly palace and walking through those pearly gates being greeted by our King who has vowed to love and cherish us no matter how bad we become.  Sin does not stop Him from loving us nor does He ever stop trying to restore us.

When we get to heaven, we get to feast at big banquet tables, walk on streets of gold and sit forever in the presence of royalty.  Time means nothing to Jesus, but His timing is always to-the-second perfect.

We are promised this exquisite living for eternity and all we have to do is commit to love, honor, cherish and obey our Savior all the days of our life.   Just like any marriage, our lives aren’t perfect but the promise to stay committed to Jesus for better or worse will give us that eternal happiness and a place in the Royal Family forever.