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If you have a GPS, then you know exactly what REEEEEEcalculating means!!

It can definitely be annoying because whenever you make a turn different from the one directed in the GPS, it recalculates.  And it seems to get enjoyment out of barking the announcement of your mistake.  “REEEEcalculating.”  And until you get back on the path drawn out in the electronic device, it will continue REEEEEEcalculating!  It can drive you crazy!

But the device is leading you to your destination by the best possible route.  If you have it set accurately, it will take you the shortest route and warn you of traffic or other delays.  If you decide to take a different route, the car doesn’t shut off or lock up.  It simply allows you to keep going but continues to remind you that you are on the wrong path and will recalculate until you get back on the right path.

God is our GPS.  If we can put our faith in God, we are putting it in the One who knows the proper direction.  He knows the best route.  He knows the shortest way and the pitfalls to avoid.  But the problem is that we get off track and decide to take our own route and use our own directions and ignore His way.

He lets us go and doesn’t “stop the car” but we do have to pay the consequences for choosing the wrong path.  God does have to do a lot of recalculating in our lives to get us back on track.  The good news is that if we will just listen to His directions, then our path will be easier and our destination worth the drive!

With God as our GPS, we will never be lost……………..just REEEEEcalculated!

Put A New Spin On Your Day

Have you ever had a toy spinning top? 

Some of you more “mature” readers may remember these.  They are now called “retro”! hahahha  I loved these tops.  You pull on the lever and pump it getting the toy top to spin faster and faster.  It’s so fun pumping up the spinning mechanism and watching it twirl around with excitement!

But the spinning gradually slows down and eventually comes to a halt.  Christmas time can be that way, can’t it?  We build up for weeks decorating, purchasing, wrapping, baking, cleaning and visiting with our family and friends as we are spinning with excitement and joy!  Then it slows down and gradually comes to a halt.  The Christmas-hype is over.

One of my favorite Hallmark movies is “It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year”.  Jennifer is just going through the motions of Christmas and says to her new friend, Morgan, “I will be glad when Christmas is over”.  Morgan, who loves Christmas and reminds Jennifer of her childhood excitement at Christmas, says “December 26 is the saddest day of the year”.

We may feel that way, too.  Work time off is either over or winding down.  Kids are tired of new toys and dreading to go back to school.  Schedules and “old normal” are rearing their ugly heads.  For some, true depression starts to set in as the excitement of Christmas is over and the darkness of winter days appear.

But it doesn’t have to be that way!  We need to start the new year with a positive spin.  We too can be like the retro toy top!  We can still be full of spinning excitement for EACH new day!  When we understand the true meaning of Christmas, that Jesus came to earth for us, then we can truly live each day full of the spirit of Christmas.

Reality says that we cannot live pumped up like a fast spinning top every day.  We will wind down and can’t always be positive, but what we have available to us for the taking is the one that can fill us with His Spirit and get us full of the spinning excitement again.

As the new year approaches, I encourage you to think about the excitement of the toy top’s spin.  The fun of pumping up the spinning mechanism and watching it twirl with excitement.  I want you to be filled with the spinning excitement of living each day with and for Jesus.  And even though the commercial excitement of Christmas is over just like the winding down of the spinning top, we can keep it going by showing Christ’s love to others all year-long.

We just need to keep pumping ourselves up with God’s word, prayer, worship and daily encouragement.  And when we feel ourselves winding down and falling flat, reach out to the One who can get you pumped up with excitement again.  Let’s vow to try and start each day with a POSITIVE SPIN!

Twelve Days of Christmas – Day 12

We have come to the last day of the Twelve Days of Christmas Kindness journey.  But I say “it is the last day” only because it is Christmas Eve.  YOU can keep the Christmas kindness journey going all year.  This was just a warmup to get you used to thinking about kindness each day.  They say it takes 21 days to make a habit so if you can just keep this thing going through January 2 you should be golden!!

Some people are fortunate to be off work on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  But there are many people who have to work those days and TODAY I want to highlight those in emergency services.  Firemen, police officers, hospital personnel and EMS workers.   House fires, car accidents and heart attacks don’t care that it is Christmas Day.  Life keeps going no matter what day it is and for those in emergency services, we are very thankful for their commitment!!

Your final day of this Christmas Kindness challenge is to make cookies or take a food basket to someone who is working on Christmas Day at an emergency service location.  Santa hats off to all those who work round the clock to keep us safe and healthy.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a safe and happy Christmas night!

Twelve Days of Christmas – Day 11

For today’s kindness gift,
You need not look too far
To give a neighbor, friend or student
A gift of gasoline for their car.

Vehicles are now the way to go,
No horse and buggy do we need.
But gasoline can cost a lot.
So give a gas card for your good deed.

One more day to complete the task
Of the kindness journey we have been doing.
I pray as you wind down the fun
You will remember to keep the kindness going.

Be sure to read tomorrow
As we come down to the end.
For tomorrow may be the kindness act
That could find you a brand new friend.

Enjoy the day before Christmas Eve!!