If you have a GPS, then you know exactly what REEEEEEcalculating means!!

It can definitely be annoying because whenever you make a turn different from the one directed in the GPS, it recalculates.  And it seems to get enjoyment out of barking the announcement of your mistake.  “REEEEcalculating.”  And until you get back on the path drawn out in the electronic device, it will continue REEEEEEcalculating!  It can drive you crazy!

But the device is leading you to your destination by the best possible route.  If you have it set accurately, it will take you the shortest route and warn you of traffic or other delays.  If you decide to take a different route, the car doesn’t shut off or lock up.  It simply allows you to keep going but continues to remind you that you are on the wrong path and will recalculate until you get back on the right path.

God is our GPS.  If we can put our faith in God, we are putting it in the One who knows the proper direction.  He knows the best route.  He knows the shortest way and the pitfalls to avoid.  But the problem is that we get off track and decide to take our own route and use our own directions and ignore His way.

He lets us go and doesn’t “stop the car” but we do have to pay the consequences for choosing the wrong path.  God does have to do a lot of recalculating in our lives to get us back on track.  The good news is that if we will just listen to His directions, then our path will be easier and our destination worth the drive!

With God as our GPS, we will never be lost……………..just REEEEEcalculated!