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Sneaky Stealing Squirrel

My husband and his buddies go to Myrtle Beach every year on a golfing trip – or rather golfing adventure.  (The older they get the more adventure there is!)  He loves to eat Brachs® Nut Goodie®candies.  This one year while golfing, he had the candy sitting in the cup holder and when he turned around, there was a squirrel in his cart eating the candy.  When he went to shoo the squirrel away, the little thief took the whole bag in his mouth and took off running across the course!!  What a site to see.

Of course the guys laughed about it but Roger was a little bummed that he didn’t have his comfort candy with him as his golf game progressed!  hahhhaa

It reminds me of the little thief in our lives who sneaks up on us and tries to steal our JOY.  The devil is lurking around and just waiting until we take our eyes off Jesus and turn our back on Him  for just a minute and the devil, like the squirrel, takes the opportunity to sneak in and steal our joy.
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Don’t Count Sheep. Count Blessings.

Since the Thanksgiving holiday falls between Halloween and Christmas, sometimes I think it gets lost in the shuffle of “trick or treat” and “Black Friday”.   I saw a poster the other day that read “Only in America do we take the day after being thankful for all of our blessings to knock someone out to get more stuff” – obviously referring to Black Friday shopping!

I have been guilty of finding costumes for my kids, decorating for fall and going trick or treating and then as soon as we put the costumes away, directly start working toward Christmas shopping and making lists and planning my Christmas decorations.   I love Christmas time.

BUT………let’s not lose that ONE day in between that is such a powerful day. It’s a day when we gather with family and friends.  It’s a day of relaxation.  It’s a day of football and feel-good stories on television.  It’s a day to celebrate all that God has given to us and for all the many blessings we overlook sometimes all year long.

I started practicing this art of being thankful on the way to work the other day and it was awesome.  I usually pray on my way to work but this particular day I decided to pray by only thanking God instead of asking for things.  It took me about 20 minutes to get to work and by the time I was there I had such a grateful heart and a peace and relaxation.  I wasn’t asking God for more things………I was thanking Him.  As I started out with this thankful prayer, I wasn’t sure I had enough to be thankful for as I drove the 20 minutes but I arrived at work wishing I had a few more minutes!!

Try it today.  While driving or cleaning your house or scooping snow or mowing grass……..take the time during that activity and just thank God for “stuff”.  When you can’t sleep,  instead of  counting sheep, count blessings.

You will be amazed at how many blessings you have.  And then you will realize you don’t want to lose that very precious day between Halloween and Christmas.   Thanksgiving is a very special day that God has given us to remind us to reflect on our blessings.

And besides that, blessings are a lot easier to clean up after than sheep!!!  Happy Counting!

Here’s Your Sign

Do you remember comedian Bill Engvall who made jokes poking fun at people by saying “Here’s Your Sign”?Sometimes I feel like God rolls his eyes and pats me on the back and says “here’s your sign, silly girl”.

I think there are times we feel God calling us to do something and we are afraid to step out of our box.  We pray about it.  We read scripture.  We get the “feeling” that we should be doing a particular thing but we just keep waiting for a “sign”.

I saw a billboard on the internet the other day that said “If you are waiting for your sign, here it is. ”
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Conversations with a Cat to Warm Your Heart

My husband has a cat that is his “baby”.  They talk to each other every morning and she knows Roger’s voice and comes running to him everytime he calls for her.  She is almost completely blind and has become somewhat incontinent over time.  She uses her litter box but misses quite often – if you know what I mean.  Makes for a lot of cleaning up in the garage for us.

She is content with being outside during the day and sleeping in her bed with her blanket beside her food, water and litter box at night.  But when it starts getting a little cold out, she wants to stay in Roger’s office in the pole barn.  That has worked for years but now with her “problems” we can’t continue to ruin the carpet.

So we decided to place a heat lamp over her bed in the garage and she loves it.  She wonders out during the day but has found her home in her bed with the blanket under the heat lamp.  It is a red lamp and she gravitates not only to the heat but the glow from the light.

As I pulled in the garage last night and saw her laying comfortably under the light, it reminded me of the verse in the Bible found in John 8:12 where Jesus said, “I am the light of the world.  Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”

Jesus is the light.  He is the warmth we need.  He is the light that illuminates our heart.  He is the light that we are drawn to that keeps us going in the right direction and keeps us away from the darkness.

Just like our cat, we should gravitate toward the light.  We should crave the warmth of Jesus and in our near blindness, focus on the light to go in the right direction toward Him.  Just like our cat comes running when Roger calls to her and talks to her each morning, we should do the same to Jesus.  We should wake up and have a conversation with Him every morning.  And when He calls to us, we should come running at the sound of His voice.

If you are walking in darkness today and feeling empty and cold on the inside, cry out to Jesus.  Look for His light.  Bask in the glow and the warmth from the “heat light” He offers to you today.  And you might just run into a friendly cat along the way!