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Be Still………

As I was driving to work yesterday in the snow, I just looked around at the beauty of it all.  Yes, it was cold and the roads were covered in snow……..but so were the trees, every little branch, the weeds, the houses and the grass.  It was absolutely beautiful.

I encourage you to go to a quiet place outside….. take in a deep breath……….look at the beauty around you………and Be Still.

Just repeat Psalm 46:10 – Be still…….and know that I am God.

Then Listen.


Put Away the Deodorant and Relax!

I’ve been reading “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff” by Richard Carlson AGAIN!  Over the years I’ve read so many of his “Don’t Sweat” books that I should never need deodorant again!

Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff…….
1)  And It’s All Small Stuff
2)  At Work
3)  In Love
4)  About Money
5)  With Family

You would think I would have it all figured out and be the most layed back, calm, peaceful, relaxed person you could think of.  BUT NO!  I tend to try to fit one more thing into my day.  I try to get the to-do list completely marked off.  I run around like a chicken with my head cut off doing all kinds of stuff and end up really sweating!!!
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It’s Not Chicken Pox But It Is Contagious

What is as contagious as the chicken pox?

Random Acts of Kindness.

Have you ever seen someone do something kind for someone else and then you decide to do something kind for someone too?  It’s a great feeling doing things for others and supporting worthy causes that make a difference.

You may have seen the story about Lauren Hill and Leah Strong.  Lauren is a 19-year-old freshmen at College of Mount St. Joe in Cincinnati.  She has a brain tumor and only has weeks to live.  She had a dream to play in a college game and the NCAA made an exception allowing her school to move up the start of their season in order to give her an opportunity to play.  Ten thousand tickets to the game were sold in less than 30 minutes.  The entire basketball world, from high school to college to WNBA to NBA athletes surrounded Lauren and made her dream come true.  She got to play, and score, in her first college basketball game last Sunday.  Pat Summit, one of the most successful coaches in  college women’s basketball history, and WNBA Star, Tamika Catchings, presented Lauren with the Pat Summit courage award.  WNBA and NBA players attended the game.  NFL players were on social media sending Lauren good wishes.  She is the hot topic on ESPN Sports Center.  She is also now on a Wheaties box.  All because someone asked if the game could be moved up and someone in the NCAA said “yes” to make a difference to Lauren Hill.

Leah Still is the 4-year-old daughter of Devon Still, Cincinnati Bengals player.  She has a brain tumor as well.  Devon Still was cut from the Bengals roster a few months ago but because the Bengal’s organization knew that he needed the insurance for little Leah, they put him on the practice squad.  A few weeks later, he became a member of the active roster due to injuries of other players.  Thursday night, Leah got to see her daddy play in the NFL for the first time. The NFL fans and players have surrounded her and her family by purchasing thousands of Bengals jerseys sporting #75 – the number worn by Devon Still.  Proceeds from the sale of these jerseys go to the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital for pediatric research.  Over $1 million dollars has been raised for the cause.  Sean Peyton, coach of the New Orleans Saints, started the ball rolling for the NFL family by purchasing 100 jerseys.  The New England Patriot cheerleaders wore the #75 jersey when they played the Bengals a few weeks ago.  LEAH STRONG signs were found everywhere during the Bengals vs. Browns game Thursday night.  All because someone made a decision to make a difference and put Devon Still on the practice squad.

Lauren and Leah are the talk of the sports world!  And it all started with one act of kindness by someone who wanted to make a difference.

A big part of life is about doing kind things for others.  A lot of times we get too caught up in the small stuff and worrying about making sure everything is in order and placing our ideas of helping others on the back burner.  Move it to the front and start by making a difference to someone today.   Galatians 6:9 says “Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.”

Kindness to others is contagious but you don’t need to worry about a vaccine because of this contagious thing.  This is a good contagious – and I hope you catch it soon! And then I hope someone will catch it from you…………….Lauren Strong!  Leah Strong!  Random Act of Kindness Strong!

A National Anthem To Remember

Monday night I watched the Indianapolis Colts play the New York Giants on Monday Night Football. The national anthem was played by Chris Botti, a trumpet player who gave an unforgettable presentation.

One of my favorite Colts players, Reggie Wayne, was moved to tears during the presentation. I have met Reggie Wayne several times through Make-A-Wish Foundation fund raisers and he is truly a nice guy. We see on the field that he is no-nonsense. He’s not flashy. He’s not mouthy. He just does his job and loves the game.  He portrayed himself the same way during our fundraisers as he sat for pictures with excited fans and sick children who put him up on a pedestal and aspire to be like him.

As we prepare to celebrate Veterans Day next week, I hope you will think about what the national anthem means to you. Watch the link below and really listen to this trumpet.

Watch it here

I am so thankful that we live in a free country. I am so thankful for the national anthem. I am so thankful that Reggie Wayne with tears in his eyes, reminded me that is was more than just a game on Monday night. It was a reminder of how great of a country we live in.

Thank you, Reggie for your emotion.

Thank you, Chris Botti for your wonderful presentation.

Thank you, Veterans for all of your sacrifices – including ones that allow us to be able to play the national anthem on Monday Night Football!