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By Golly….Set The Table!

Life’s too short not to have a pretty table!
I love to decorate my tables. Those who know me well know that about me. I change out for seasons, for holidays, for national day celebrations. Just something fun and frankly, a little hobby of mine.
I don’t really have “good dishes”. No china. Just everyday Corelle® dishes and lots of fun plates from Big Lots, Target and WalMart stores.
A decorated table makes me so happy. It brings me JOY and lets me celebrate fun each day. I don’t really have that many dishes but rather several dinner size plates of various colors mixed with different colored salad plates and multiple things to use as little decorative “toppers”, if you will. I just mix and match depending on the color and theme I choose.
These pictures show my latest colorful table setting in my kitchen and dining room. The tea cup was my sister’s, and I added it to join the colorful teapot as a centerpiece. The tulip bowl was a fun find at Target for a couple bucks.
I can hear people now……..”but don’t you have to move them every time you sit down to eat?” And the answer is “Yes, I do.” But 30 seconds to stack the place settings on the counter each day compared to hours a day of enjoying the tablescape is well worth it to me.
(*Not to mention, it keeps people from piling things on the table so as not to mess up the pretty display. Win/win!)
Whatever it is today that brings you JOY but may not be “practical”, find a way to incorporate it into your day.
Because sometimes…. life is too short to be practical.

Forward Thinking…And Acting…

Today is National Pay It Forward Day!
No kidding. There’s a national holiday designated for every single day of the year and today is a great one to celebrate!
I am writing this late on National Pay It Forward Day so I am hoping you will still allow yourself to celebrate tomorrow and maybe the next day or even into next month.
Think about something that someone has done for you over the years that really sticks out in your mind. Maybe it was buying your meal at a drive-thru or buying you a cup of coffee at the local coffee shop. Perhaps you got flowers unexpectedly from a friend or your spouse made your favorite dinner and dessert to celebrate an ordinary day.
Whatever comes to mind, I challenge you to do that for someone else. Pay it forward. Find someone that you can bless by doing a random act of kindness.
*Call someone you haven’t talked to in a while.
*Visit an elderly neighbor or friend.
*Send a bright colored bouquet of flowers to your sibling.
*Make cookies for the babysitter.
*Send a gift card for dinner-out to a single mom.
And I also want you to think a step further.
Have you ever asked for someone to pray for you and you know they did? Why don’t you pay that forward by PRAYING it forward?
Think of someone who could really use prayers and take just a few minutes to ask God to help them, to bless them, to protect them.
Pay It Forward.
Pray It Forward.
May God bless you as you show His love by making a difference in your corner of the world.

Let’s Fly!

Cars lined up.
Engines revving with every pump of the gas pedal.
His hands are gripped to the leather of the steering wheel; sweat seeping between his fingers.

The announcer comes over the loud speaker.
“Ready. Set.”
And then the sound of the starter pistol.

They’re off.  At speeds so fast it vibrates the cheeks of the drivers.

But not his.
He believes he has the slow car.  He didn’t realize his car had a super power under the hood.  He was playing it safe.  “Driving 35 with a rocket inside because he didn’t know what he had.”

That’s a line from Mercy Me’s newest song “Say I Won’t”.  It’s basically about not living life to the fullest because the devil makes us believe we can’t when really we can.  He makes us believe we aren’t enough when Jesus says we are enough!  He makes us think we can only go 35 when in reality we’ve got the rocket Spirit of God inside helping us live life to the fullest.

The song goes on to say, “While I’ve been waiting to live, My life’s been waiting on me.”
I don’t want to wait to live life anymore.  I’m tired of worrying about tomorrow and wondering what could have been yesterday.  I’m taking this song to heart.


Chorus:  “I’m gonna run
No, I’m gonna fly
I’m gonna know what it means to live
And not just be alive
The world’s gonna hear
‘Cause I’m gonna shout
And I will be dancing when circumstances drown the music out
Say I won’t.”

I dare you, devil.  Say I won’t.  Because I will!

Let today be the day we start to live for Jesus.  Look for JOY.  Look for blessings.  Look for ways to share what He has done for you.  Don’t mope.  Don’t pout.  Don’t be lazy.  LIVE.

It’s time.  Don’t let anyone say you won’t.  Kick the devil to the curb and let’s start living life with purpose.  No reason to worry when we let God lead the way!

I’m going to.  What about you?

Come on.  Get in.  We’re gonna fly!

Friday. Saturday. Sunday.

It’s Saturday.
The day after Good Friday and the day before Easter.
If we think about this day over 2,000 years ago it was one of the saddest and heart-wrenching days ever. I think about the friends of Jesus and how sad they were because I, too have experienced the death of friends.
I think about the siblings of Jesus and their sadness because I have experienced the loss of a sister.
And then I think about the mother of Jesus. The sick, sad, gut-wrenching pain she felt. Fortunately I have never lost a child but the sickness, grief and empathy I feel for Mary as the mother of Jesus almost paralyzes me.
The day after the crucifixion and the day before the resurrection had to be horrible. Just an awful “Saturday” of grief!
BUT they didn’t really understand that Sunday was coming. They didn’t really know what the day after Saturday really meant; how that day after Saturday would change the entire world forever.
That’s why this Saturday in 2021, I have hope. I have peace. I have salvation- a relationship with the risen Lord. Yes RISEN.
He is alive and during this season when we remember the sacrifice and the grief and the sadness, we also remember the resurrection, the hope and the promise of eternity in heaven.
If you don’t have this peace or understand the hope that I reference, I would love to share it with you. Jesus is Alive and this promise of eternity makes this Saturday a day of celebration because we know that Sunday is coming!!