THIS IS CHANNEL 777 WITH BREAKING NEWS:  Zookeeper Noah (last name unknown) has been rewarded  for his heroic act of saving all the species of animals during a flood that destroyed the entire earth.  The Almighty God found that Noah was the only righteous person among entire mankind.  Noah was given instructions on how to build a large boat in order to save all of the animals on the earth.  He worked years to create this sanctuary.  A male and female of each species was then loaded onto the large vessel and organized according to the layout given to Noah by His Master.  After forty days and nights of storms and 150 days of floating on deep water from unprecedented rain, the boat landed on dry land and after several more months of preparation, the animals were released back into their home.  Noah was given a lifetime pass to spend eternity in heaven for his courageous actions and he will be remembered for generations to come.  More information regarding this story can be found in Genesis 6-8.  What a heart-warming story!!   NOW BACK TO YOU, CHRISTIAN, IN THE STUDIO!