When I think of a “bully”, I usually think of a little mean kid who pushes other kids around on the playground. Someone who says mean things and tries to get the other kids not to like you.  As you get older these bully-types leave you out of birthday parties and sleepovers on purpose just to watch you cry.  They try to get the other kids to reject you and not invite you to their gatherings.  In the sports arena, condescending words are said to the opposing player trying to bully them into being afraid of you and leaving you alone.

We watch movies where there are bullies on the playground and our hearts break for the one being bullied.  We just hope that the bully gets what’s coming to them and that they feel a little bit of that rejection and meanness that they have dished out.

Have YOU ever been the bully?  Have YOU ever pushed people around or said mean things to get your way?  Have YOU ever rejected people and hoped to hurt them?

If you aren’t living a life that is pleasing to the Lord or you are finding ways to reject Him and ignore Him and leading others to reject Him and His ways, then YOU ARE THE BULLY on the playground of life.  It’s not cool.  God’s not laughing.  His heart is breaking.  He wants you to stop trying to bully Him around and hurt Him and get others not to like Him.  He easily forgives and forgets and wants to hang out with you and get others to hang out with you, too.  All you have to do is ask.

If you are trying to bully God to get your way, stop it now.  Because you know the bully gets what’s coming to Him and when this life is over, we better know God because believe me, we do NOT want what we deserve!  But when we know Him and have a relationship with Him, He welcomes us into His home in heaven.  Don’t be a bully……..be a believer!