Today is my sister’s birthday.  She would have been 47.  She suffered with cancer for 9 years and gave up the long fight in December, 2014.

She loved doing things for other people.  That is why it seemed appropriate to take the idea of Bucket Buddies Mission and incorporate it in her honor/memory a few months before she died. The mission statement for Bucket Buddies Mission, Inc. is to make a difference to children suffering from cancer and other life threatening conditions by showing the love of Christ through providing gift buckets of kindness to children.

We have been blessed to have delivered over 2,500 buckets to 14 different states plus Canada in just a little over a year and a half.  Hill-Rom, Inc. offered employees across its locations in North America an opportunity to volunteer for this organization in December and we had an overwhelming response.  In just one day, those volunteers filled over 1,300 buckets in 7 states and Canada and delivered to 12 different hospitals or facilities and made a difference to many children.

Thank you to my Hill-Rom family for making a difference. Thank you to all of you who have supported this mission through prayers, donations and words of encouragement.  We continue to try to make a difference to children who are suffering in any way by trying to bring a smile to their faces with a simple bucket of goodies.  Christina was always giving gifts and trying to brighten up someone’s day – especially children.

In honor of Christina today, I encourage you to do something to make a difference to someone.  A smile, a cup of coffee, the good parking spot, a bouquet of flowers.  If we all do something kind today, maybe we really can make a difference in the world. Happy Birthday, Chris!