So it’s January 29 and I’m wondering how those New Year’s goals are coming along?!

I make goals instead of resolutions because I think a resolution seems to be something you have to keep the whole year and if you get off course, you can’t “start over”.  Whereas a GOAL is something that you can work towards all year and if you have a setback, it’s okay to start over.

I’ve had many days to start over.  It’s like riding a bike…….you fall off, but you don’t quit.  You get back up on the bike and keep riding until you master it.  That’s how our goals need to be.  If it is important to you, then you need to keep working at it.  You need to not let a slip up get you off track.  Don’t let setbacks discourage you to give up.  Keep working!

I don’t know what your goals are but today is START OVER day! I am pronouncing it an official holiday and we get to START OVER!  So if you haven’t done well on your diet.  Or you are behind on your organizing.  Or you haven’t planned the long-awaited trip to Italy you are wanting, then don’t get down on yourself.  START OVER!

It’s great that we have a God that allows each day to be a START OVER day.  He is waiting right there for us to tell him that we have messed up and need to start over.  He is just holding out his arms waiting to give you a big ole hug and send you on your START OVER day!

So I think I will grab a piece of chocolate right before I start my START OVER day! It really is going to be successful this time!  Happy new New Year!