The World Didn’t Stop For My Broken Heart

A title of a Reba McEntire song……….but so much meaning in that title.

I remember after my mother-in-law passed away we stopped at a restaurant for a sandwich on the way home from the hospital.  Everyone just kept walking around doing their own thing and laughing and talking but our hearts were aching.  Didn’t people know that we had a terrible loss and we were very sad???

I have never forgotten when a friend told me one time at a funeral that it was not now that the family needed us but rather 6 months from now when everyone goes back to living their own lives and the people who have experienced the loss are still sad.

We lost a dear friend last week to cancer and we will never forget him.  And I don’t ever want to forget to remind the family that even though the world goes on, we will still remember.

We should all make it a priority to stop our world, if just for a moment, to remember those who have a broken heart …………and let them know we do remember!


One thought on “The World Didn’t Stop For My Broken Heart

  1. Lisa

    So true Deanna. I remember a few days after a friend’s dad died unexpectedly that she was just stunned when she looked out her window and the “big yellow school bus” had the nerve to pull up, like NORMAL, and pick up the neighborhood kids for school…didn’t it KNOW that she was grieving and that HER world had stopped?!?! I have never forgotten that….what an important reminder to not “leave behind” those who are grieving, but rather to try to find a way to “help them along” as they establish a “new normal”. He will be missed…..


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